iBeautyGuide.com is a platform to keep our users who are mainly beauty fanatics up to date with the current happenings and trends in the designing, modeling, and beauty-focused industry. We have captured and studied decades of data based on beauty trends on a regional level.

We have also studied the growth of beauty magazines, businesses, and esteemed personalities within this domain. All this data has been analyzed with scrutiny and assisted us in recognizing and predicting the most happening beauty trends pf this generation.

Our desire and role on the internet

Expect to see some fascinating and eye-catching visuals. From hairstyles, nail art, and dressing sense we have sections for each sub-field. iBeautyGuide desires to exploit the knowledge of the cosmetic and looks-focused industry by spreading information for all the beauty-oriented freaks over the globe.

Be it embroidery compatibility based on nationality and skin color, or be it makeup for people in diverse cities, pertaining to their culture and trends. iBeautyGuide showcases a list of articles, blogs, and video blogs that have been gathered by our passionate and hard-working workforce from different parts of the world, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or Nollywood.

Some fields of fashion and beauty trends that we lay immense emphasis on are –

  • Overall beautification trends – We have curated and will continue to curate lists of trends related to tailoring styles that top the elegant design charts. To look dashing, people use products, nail-paints, and work on their expressions
  • Celebrities and Cosmetic – When it boils down to beauticians, there are thousands of individuals and companies in the industry that thrive on celebrity choices because of their attractive and mesmerizing looks. From stylish handbags to indulgent makeup kits and designs for street clothing trends/developments.

We also cover the proven and effective cosmetics industry, whether for hair, skin, or body color toning. Join us on our journey, and let’s study some beautiful faces, figures, and elegant personalities.

  • Diverse beauty inducing techniques – In this developing and intricately connected internet generation, beauty trends find their way up the social channel in no time. The next thing you know that Niki Minaj’s new hairstyle or Jennifer Aniston’s facial cream has popped up a brand that has earned millions worldwide.

    Our iBeautyGuide writers and artistic team deep dive into the nitty-gritty of beautification. Use them for dates, weddings, music concerts or your wedding anniversary.
  • Pattern making – Almost everything in the beauty domain and design industry consist of patterns. We cover the most in-demand and sought-after pattern maker profiles along with a detailed visual and textual description.

    Their idea, motivation, process, and methodological concepts are converted to words that, once read, will induce a visual cue of the beauty in their designs.

The Purpose of IBeautyGuide

Through our journey in this field, we have developed a sense of humor with our words that synchronizes what our customers are seeking in our work.

Masterclass male dressings with a chic twist or thick fury brown boot patterns with medium waist pieces of denim – either way, the beauty pour out. Our amalgamation of desirable female dressing diversities and depth of various color palette works assures that you to be left wanting more.

While providing you news and updates throughout the beauty spectrum, we intend to drop an information overload bomb on our customers when it comes to perfumes, beauty salons, and unique cosmetic surgeries.

Our aim and intention

We believe in maintaining open interaction and communicating with our followers and customers with a broad-minded perspective. Our commenting features allow any reader to share their opinions, ideas, thoughts, or even possible alterations to the concepts mentioned.

We encourage discussions and knowledgeable conversations on posts because we believe that inculcation and collaboration with 3rd parties help us all grow.

Are you addicted to beauty trends like we are? Do you want to take a dip in the rich beauty pool within this industry? – We cover aestheticians, massage therapists, and hairstylists.

Do you believe that at some point, you will step foot into the beauty world with your kept-in concepts and knowledge? If you say yes to any of the above questions, then this is it, join us on our journey and let us explore the industry together.

Our Team :

Lisa H Cooley

Lisa H Cooley

Author /Writer

Hi guys, It is Lisa H Cooley.

I came from a fashion designer family, and my mother was a beautician. Inspired by my parent, I became a health and beauty specialist. From childhood to still in my life, beauty, style, fashion, and health-related treatment are my goals.

And now, I am an expert, experienced entrepreneur, and health, fashion, and beauty enthusiast. I would like to express myself worldwide and love to share my all experience with everyone. That’s why I have created this blog for every health-conscious and beauty or fashion lover to achieve their goal. 

Once I was writing in a local Magazine because I wanted to ensure you were fit, healthy, and leading a beautiful and gorgeous life. And that’s why I have created this blog for every health-conscious and beauty or fashion lover to achieve their goal.  

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Jane Warner

Jane Warner


Hi, I’m Jane Warner; deeply passionate about writing and am the editor of this blog site. I am a freelance writer and enjoy writing about health, lifestyle, and beauty.

I have been working on variable writing projects for several stories like healthcare, beauty tips, and trending lifestyles. I love to thrive on creating beautiful and gorgeous beauty guides with health-conscious to praise my client’s traits and offer excellent service.

I am also a health, fashion, and beauty enthusiast. It made me progress an interest in content creation which I have been dashing throughout my fashion career.

That aside, you will find me telling and sharing my experience with beauty and fashion-related articles. Sometimes I will come before you with twisted facts that impress with the latest ideas. I hope you stay with me and share all new news about health and beauty if I missed anything.