10 Best Professional Hair Color To Cover Gray Hair

After a time in our life, gray hair can start appearing, and most people don’t like it. And they are seeking the best professional hair color to cover gray hair witlessly. It is a universal truth in this day. If you are also like them, this buying post is perfect for you. 

Coloring your hair is very risky. If you fail to select the right brand or perfect featured color pack, your hair can be damaged or ruin forever. So it is very tough to select the correct product.

Luckily I have decided today I will introduce to you the best brand hair color pack. From this list, you can easily choose your product, saving your time. It will be a great investment for caring for your hair health as well.

Best Professional Hair Color To Cover Gray Hair

My recommended best hair colors

If you are in a rush, you can check my top listed products below to find the best professional hair color gray for brunettes.    

Best Professional Hair color to cover gray hair

A smart consumer would like to analyze every sector of a product when going to buy. And for hair products, they always remain more careful. 

For example, they focus on weight, shade, size, pros, cons, and even on permanent or semi-permanent facts. I have noticed all significant facts and pick out the best professional hair color brand products.

Read on and check the list of our top picks!

01. Revlon Gray coverage hair dye

REVLON Colorsilk Beautiful Color

Type: Permanent Shades: 41 Item form: Gel Hair Type: Color-treated 

My first selection of this list is 100% gray coverage hair dye by Revlon. It helps you color your hair at home like salon experts, and it will be long-lasting coverage. 

Ingredients: This dyeing pack is enriched with Keratin and nourishing your hair properly because it is also free from ammonia. The silk amino acid and Keratin works to keep your hair in better condition.

3D Gel technology: This advanced technology delivers well-off conditions and natural-looking with a great shine for a long time.

Easy to apply: Change your look or cover your hair simply by following the instruction label process. Here you can follow our tips also. 

  • Ammonia free formulation
  • 3D gel technology
  • Make your hair soft and silky
  • The color is long-lasting
  • It is easy to use
  • A pretty red tone maybe make the color fade

02. L’Oreal Paris Gray hair dye 

LOreal Paris Excellence Creme

Type: Permanent Shades: 17   Item form: Cream Size: 1 Hair Type: Color-treated 

L’Oreal Paris is a worldwide familiar and well-known professional hair color brands. I selected this excellent crème permanent hair color by L’Oreal Paris, which promised to make a completely gorgeous gray coverage. And the great thing is that it is the best hair color for stubborn grays.

Ingredients: This crème formula features a triple protection system including collagen, ceramide, and even pro-keratin complex. All of those materials are good to get healthy, sealing, and nourishing hair.

Permanent stylish hair: You will enjoy this pack for its long-lasting color that can cover gray hairs from top to bottom. 

Super care: The advanced and latest technology with high quality provides super care before and after the hair color.  

  • Triple protection system
  • Pre-color treatment
  • Safety color offer healthy and stylish hair
  • It is grand for combination with natural hair color
  • Non-drip formulation
  • May dry your hair after a long time of use

03. Just For Men Gray hair color

just For Men Shampoo

Type: Permanent Shades: 15   Ingredients: Ammonia-free Hair Type: Stubborn gray 

Ranking third product of my list is the gray hair color by Just For Men. Yes, it is especially for men. The trusted organic formula works best to restore youthful and healthy color by targeting gray hair with a natural appearance than other dyes. 

Ingredients: It comes with a super formulation that includes Keratin with vitamin E, silk protein, and conditioning. You shouldn’t think about the security of your hair because it is  cruelty and ammonia-free dye pack.

Faster and long-lasting formula: Shake and apply on hair but don’t need to leave it up to 5-min. What an easy task. Follow every instruction simply. But it is great that it will last more than 8-weeks. 

  • Working time is very short but lat longer time
  • Amazing hair dye for men to cover 100% gray hair
  • Super formulation to protect and give shiny hair
  • Nice consistency and easy to apply
  • The color can make strains on bath or towel

04. Celeb Luxury Intense color

Celeb Luxury Intense Color

Type: Conditioner-color Shades: 21   Item form: Paste Hair type: Dry

In fourth place has achieved the intense luxury color. You must like this hair color to cover your gray hair 100% because it contains extra features. Yes, it works three in one formula like color and repairs the hair with the condition. 

Easy to action: Follow the instruction of the label of your pack. Use color shampoo and conditioner together to get more hydration. It gives a double bonus that it works to strengthen and repair your hair. 

Cruelty-free: For daily deep moisturizer, this one conditioner color pack is enough. It is a plant-based and healthy hair color. No damage, no cruelty, but 100% vegan.  

  • Suitable for daily use
  • Moisturize the hair
  • Coverage gray hair with complete nutrition
  • Provide professional service at home
  • It can make it pretty messy to apply

05. Clairol Nice’n permanent hair dye 

Clairol Nicen Easy Perfect

Type: Permanent Shades: 14   Ingredients: Ammonia-free Time: 10-minutes Size: 2 

For getting professional hair color at home, like a salon, this permanent hair dye is perfect. It provides salon expert texture and tones color which you will discover by your hand. It is amazing to turn your gray hair into a nice looking. 

Why we like it: You just can enjoy a completely rich and vibrant color that is not only ideal to make shiny, youthful, and healthy hair. 

A complete kit: This hair color pack comes with all essential parts to complete the session. Here you will get high gloss cream, a color blend activator, a color seal conditioner, and a pair of hand gloves.   

  • 100% coverage gray hair
  • Cream formula
  • Variable shades
  • Stunning color
  • Some users claims about the short live it

06. John Frieda deep brown-black color 

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

Type: Permanent Shades: 13   Item form: Liquid Hair Type: Normal 

My another excellent selection is this deep brown-black hair color by John Frieda. When the question comes to treating the hair well with covering gray hair, this color pack name always comes to mind. The cause is brilliantly made with a non-drip foam formulation that colors the hair faster from top to bottom.

Color + conditioner: The precision foam color increases the color longevity for its conditioner formulation also. It moisturizes the hair and makes it shinier and long-lasting.  

Nourish the hair: The easy application system helps to get a natural look quickly. But it also is very helpful to nourish and healthy the colored hair.


  • Color steadiness
  • Nourishes and condition the hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with an amazing scent


  • It may make the hair pretty dry
  • Color steadiness
  • Nourishes and condition the hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with an amazing scent
  • It may make the hair pretty dry

07. L’Oreal Paris Shine permanent hair color

LOreal Paris Superior Preference

Type: Permanent Shades: 50   Size: 3 Item form: Gel Lifetime: 8-colors 

Another fantastic hair color from L’Oreal Paris is this permanent hair color option. It comes with a fade-defying formulation that offers a rich and long-lasting result. It helps you to enjoy youthful, gray-free, and shiny hair every day.

Gel formula: This color is made with translucent gel formula, and it efficiently covers all gray strands and saves the hair from dullness. 

Multi-dimensional Color: It is guaranteed to provide bulk dimensional hair color and make sure silky hair by applying antioxidants or camelina oil. 

  • Making the hair silky and shiny for a long time
  • It infused with a conditioning agent and healthy ingredients
  • More than fifty color options
  • Nourishes and condition the hair
  • The drippy formulation can eliminate fast

08. Arctic Fox Semi-permanent hair dye

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty

Type: Semi-Permanent Shades: 22   Size: 8 fl oz cruelty-free: Yes Hair Type: Dry 

Eighteen ranking hair color on my list is a semi-permanent hair dye pack that comes from Arctic Fox. It is the best professional hair color brand in current market. It is also a reliable product to the customers. Let’s see, why do most people love it?

Ingredients: Most consumers always search for chemical-free natural hair dye so that they can skip any risk for their hair. This is just like cruelty and chemical-free hair color. That’s why it has become popular with users. 

Enrich with vegan: It’s a great option that lets you use it without any fear of damage or harm to your hair. Moreover, you can enjoy shiny, healthy, and nice colorful hair. 

  • This dye pack is 100% vegan
  • It is cruelty-free & ammonia-free
  • Hydrating & long-lasting
  • it helps to get a professional hair color
  • Slightly thick consistency

09. Celeb Luxury Intense hair color

celeb Luxury Intense Color

Type: Semi-Permanent Shades: 21   Ingredients: Ammonia & Sulfate-free Hair Type: Normal 

If your scalp is very sensitive and tends to breakage the hair, you love this semi-permanent luxury hair color by Celeb. It is ideal for delicate skin tone and those who have numerous skin issues. 

Damaged blocking technology: It is also designed with advanced technology that helps your hair protect from damage or broken.

Easy to apply: It is very simple to use in the shower. You have to apply it to your wet hair and leave it for three to five min. And then rinse it properly. That’s it.    

  • Crafted with plant-based ingredients
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • damaged block system
  • Moisturize, soften, and smooth your hair
  • It spreads a chemical smell

10. Lazartigue Hair color 

Lazartigue Colouring Emulsion Chestnut

Type: Permanent Shades: 12   Item form: Cream Hair Type: Longhair

My last best professional hair color is chosen from Lazartigue. It is ideal for those people who have long and thick hair, and the hair becomes gray more. Why do I choose it?

Cream form: This form is perfect for long and thick hair, which will give natural, radiant, and expert salon color. It works double like cover the whole stubborn gray hairs and makes them silky and shiny. It protects your hair from damage or breakage.

Permanent formula: You love it because it is a permanent hair color which cruelty-free and 100% vegan, and safe for healthy hair. The vegan formula works to save and nourish dull hair. So, you can remain worry-free before and after coloring your gray hair.  

  • Perfect for sensitive and irritated scalp
  • It is extremely efficient to cover gray hair
  • The color will stay a very long time
  • It makes the hair very silky, soft, and shiny
  • It comes in a soft package, and you should be careful to open it

How choose the best professional hair color for gray hair?

Picking the best professional hair color isn’t an easy task. Though the above items will help you select the best products, you should focus on some facts that help you get the ideal one just for you. 

What? Let’s see!

  • Percentage of gray hair

At first, you should evaluate the percentage of gray hair. Based on it you have to buy your color. If the percentage is 10% to 50%, you are allowed to purchase semi-permanent hair color. But when it reaches 60% or more, the permanent color will be best. When buying permanent hair color, you have to ensure that it guarantees 100% gray coverage.

  • Color

Secondly, you must think about color. Based on this fact, your hair color will be very attractive and look nice. 

The dark color will give your hair a thicker and heavier feeling when lighter colors make you less heavy to feel. If you have a few gray hairs, you should medium brown color. But for more gray hair than black, you have to select light color instead of dark.

Choosing color not only depends on your hair color, but also you have to focus on your skin tone and eye colors. If your eyes are black or brown, you should go for brown color. And the red and blonde colors can make a delightful combination for the blue eyes users.  

For getting a professional look, you need a good experience with hair dye color. 

  • Ingredients of product

For the safety of your hair, look for some good nourishing materials like argan oil plus Keratin. Apart from those, check some other ingredients like ammonia, metallic salts, and even henna. 

  • Product size & price

At last, check the product size. If your hair is longer and thicker, you must pick a big pack instead of a short one. Though I believe the quality doesn’t compare with price, you also think about the price and get the good product into your budget.    

How to prepare your hair for coloring?

Getting the latest hair color will be extremely excited for anyone. It can a different new look which also can increase your confidence more and more than before. 

But before applying the color, you have to know how to prepare your hair for coloring. If you are new in this sector, the below steps will be helpful for you.

  1. Prepare your hair by conditioning with hot oil treatment at least three or two days ago before coloring. But his way, your hair can get the capability to absorb the color smoothly. They can stay for a long time to keep the hair healthy.
  2. Don’t wash your hair the same day when you prepare for coloring. It may remove your essential hair oil. 
  3. To wash your hair, you should make sure you are using a detoxing shampoo. It helps to remove other things that build up in the strands. 
  4. The most important fact is to pick the right color. So, later you can’t blame your hairstylist or maybe asking about the application process.
  5. If you are confused about the shade in your mind, you can get help from an expert hairstylist service. 
  6. Finally, never go for an older marketing gimmick where some attractive pictures inspire you to pick them since their quality is lower. So, you need to choose the best professional hair color brand to cover gray hair.
  7. Test the color at first if you have any allergic or other specific pigment issues. 

Facts to avoid before hair dying

I have already spoken about how to prepare your hair. In this section, I would like to say about some facts you have to avoid and get professional hair dye. You should leave out:

  • Attempt skip sulfate shampoos
  • Avoid using any chemicals
  • Don’t try to scratch the scalp
  • Avoid always stressing the hair using any rubber band or another item. 
  • Try to skip putting on any hair extension

Precautions during application your hair color

You should know some safety precautions, which will give you a good chance to get the best salon hair color for gray hair. Find them below:

  • Read the tag of the package and follow their direction. Keep in mind their every warning or precaution during applying the color.
  • Take a short test to apply the color to your hair. In this regard, apply a little bit of color on your ear and wait for few minutes. If you don’t feel any issue or rash, it is perfect to use. You should do it at least 24-hours before applying the color.
  • Don’t apply the color on your eyebrows or eyelashes. Hair color can be the cause of your blindness.
  • Wash the hair, maintaining the just time that is already mentioned over the pack. 
  • Put the color out of other family members, especially your kids.
  • Before applying the color wear hand gloves and even a dress to save your other organs. If you want, you can use a band on your forehead to save your eyes. 

How often apply the color is safe for the hair?

The best hair color for gray hair must suggest about the use of it. Here you will get your answer perfectly. Then, I can say, according to the experts, you should apply the next hair color after four to six months from the first time. It protects your hair from damage, and your hair also can get a place to widen them. 

The Takeaway!

All the colors listed above are extremely popular among consumers who are searching for the best professional hair color to cover gray hair. You can evaluate them to get that durable, lasts longer, and ideally matches the natural hair color. 

Why trust me?

I have been running a good research project about the beauty industry and regularly writing about beauty on this website. Though I don’t apply those colors to my hair, I have spent a lot of time researching them. I had seen expert’s experience, searched a lot of product reviews, and even input my family and friends ideas when was written this buying article.

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