How to Make Your Own Perfume Oil – Easy Method

how to make your own perfume oil - ibeautyguide

So, you’re a guy who loves to wear sensational perfume. You love to allure others by the splendid never-smelt-before scent flowing all over you. But, with the easy access for people into the Gucci or Versace, you have become sick and tired. So, we have sorted out for you how to make your own perfume …

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7 Reasons and Treatments-Why Do Eyelashes Hurt?

how do eyelashes hurt - ibeautyguide

Why do eyelashes hurt? There are several explanations to this, and right here, we’ll dig into every bit of information in the search for the answer.   Why Do Eyelashes Hurt? The million-dollar question is -Why do eyelashes hurt? Despite their immense benefit to the eye, some people complain of discomfort and pain. Without a …

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How Long Does It Take Eyelashes to Grow Back?


As the saying goes, “I’m addicted to long eyelashes and I think girls just look so pretty with long lashes!”  When it comes to beauty, eyes aren’t something to be left out. Someday, we all look in the mirror, appreciating ourselves, this is a fact and we all do it. Who doesn’t? A woman’s beauty …

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