Can Straight Hair Turn Curly? Commonly Asking Question

Can Straight Hair Turn Curly - ibeautyguide

Well! First, you need to be clear about the context. If you are saying ‘Can Straight Hair Turn Curly NATURALLY!’ The answer is NO. It can’t. You will need to take some artificial steps to make curly. And also, many ideas are known about why hair shifts shape. Ironically, the straight hair allele is genetically …

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8 Medical Reasons: Why Hair Becoming Curly With Age

Why Hair Becoming Curly With Age

Have you ever woken up to a springy and curly grey hair? It may cause panic or anxiety. Most people freak out and attempt pulling off the hair. Usually, grey hairs signal aging, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. So, to know why hair becoming curly with age you should go through the article. …

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