Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair


Are you feeling your hair is becoming dry and unhealthy? This issue doesn’t create overnight. It is gradually becoming brittle day by day. To recover your damaged hair, you need to get protein treatment. A protein treatment is not only maintaining your black hair health but also strengthen your hair. It also works to remove …

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Should I Shave My Mustache or Not

Should I Shave My Mustache

Trendy mustache is a craze recent to the teenager to the young man? But some teenagers or youth may think like you, “should I shave my mustache?” Well, it’s not a very serious topic, and then it is the question of heart most of the teenagers. We know you are feeling shy and hesitant to …

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Can Straight Hair Turn Curly? Commonly Asking Question

Can Straight Hair Turn Curly

Well! First, you need to be clear about the context. If you are saying ‘Can Straight Hair Turn Curly NATURALLY!’ The answer is NO. It can’t. You will need to take some artificial steps to make curly. And also, many ideas are known about why hair shifts shape. Ironically, the straight hair allele is genetically …

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