Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair

Are you feeling your hair is becoming dry and unhealthy? This issue doesn’t create overnight. It is gradually becoming brittle day by day. To recover your damaged hair, you need to get protein treatment.

A protein treatment is not only maintaining your black hair health but also strengthen your hair. It also works to remove breakage and restore the electricity. This treatment is principally helpful in chemically treated problems like color-treated or relaxed hair.

But all types of protein treatment aren’t right. So, you have to select the best protein treatment for relaxed hair.

Continue this post to know more information with homemade and simple protein treatments that are simple and made you crazy and satisfy.

The benefits of Protein Treatment

Protein contains amino acids that are essential elements for the human body. About 90% of your hair can be comprised of proteins that are Keratin.

When your hair is exposed to pollution, heat, or chemicals, the protein will break down. If your hair treated chemically like a relaxer, heated using tools color, and even strengthen, your hair would damage or break.

The leading cause is to lose elasticity, and as a result, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Only protein treatment can make a protective barrier to the hair.

The additional proteins snatch on the hair follicle and fill the hole in the cuticle. The result of it is to make stronger hair with an extra protection layer from damaging ingredients. It looks the hair much healthier than before.   

Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Hair

1. Light Protein Treatment

The intention of light protein treatment is routine care and maintains the hair. This type is ideal for relaxed hair or colored hair that hasn’t been damaged or breakage still now.

You can apply this treatment at least two or three times every month with a better result. It can be connived with protein deep conditioners for relaxed hair and can prevent dryness and recover the damaged hair.

2. Protein Treatment for Serious hair damage

If your hair damaged severely by using chemicals, this type of treatment will ideal for this type of hair. As this treatment, you should need intense protein for relaxed hair that assists you in restoring plus repairing your harm hair.

If you don’t have more ideas about the right product for this treatment, you have to take help from any professional who knows the right product for repairing the scratch hair.


3. Homemade protein Treatment

Below has excellent homemade protein treatments that can assist in restoring the good health and protein of the hair.

A.  EGG & Almond Oil

This is one kind of conditioner homemade protein treatment.

For this you need some essential ingredients:

  • Egg: 1or 2 depending on the hair length
  • Plain yogurt
  • Olive oil: 1-tablespoon
  • Almond oil: 1/2 –teaspoon

Mix them into a bowl and apply the mixer into the damp hair.

Olive and almond oil work to moisture the hair that needs to work as a conditioner after relaxed hair.

Egg white portion is an excellent source of protein, and the yolk portion provides sufficient healthy fats. They deeply nourish your hair and increase the shine of your hair.

If your scalp is oily, you can skip the yolk portion of the egg.

B.  Avocado & Mayonnaise

To make this protein treatment, you have to collect some ingredients:

  • Mayonnaise; 2-tablespoon
  • Avocado: 1-teaspoon

Mix both of the ingredients until they turn into a smooth cream. After making a sound mixer applies it into the hair. You should utilize it from the root to the ending of your hair and rinse after 5 minutes. But don’t shampoo it instantly. Leave the hair till morning, and then take your regular shower with shampoo.

Mayonnaise that comes from egg and oil can provide rich protein and moisture the hair accurately. They also protect the hair from damage or breakage.

Avocado has oil, protein, and amino acids with essential vitamins. It can supply good stuff your hair and make the hair and scalp healthy and smooth.

C.  Banana & Yogurt

There need three ingredients to make this additional mixer, and those elements regularly have in your kitchen. So, you can collect them easily.

  • Banana: 1-large (depending on your hair length)
  • Egg: 1 or 2 (skip yolk if oily hair)
  • Plain yogurt: 2-tablespoon

Mix them well to make an excellent smooth cream and apply it from the root to the end of the hair. Then wash it after 15-20 minutes later.

Banana contains potassium and natural oil with vitamins that need to soften the hair and protect its elasticity from saving from breakage. 

This treatment is also better to control dandruff. With egg, the yogurt benefits your hair to give sufficient protein and fats that need to provide shine and for less damage.

D.  Coconut milk

Take your homemade coconut oil depending on your hair and apply it then massage it for 5-8 minutes finely. Leave your hair with oil for 5-minutes. Then rinse and use regular shampoo.

Coconuts oil, why is protein treatment for relaxed hair? Yes, this is another best protein treatment because this milk contains fatty acid and vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, with iron plus lauric acid.   

Pre-thinking of protein treatment

If you are thinking of getting the best protein treatment for relaxed hair, you have to remind a few tips.

  • Before applying protein, you should determine there have sufficient moisturizer and protein that your hair needs.
  • Protein treatment, especially, is essential for relaxed application hair. So this treatment is suitable to moisturize your hair.
  • To make your hair soften, apply conditioner to moisturize after taking protein treatment.
  • Rinse the hair with cold water that needs to seal the cuticle and add shine.
  • Try to apply homemade protein treatment if you desire to avoid damaged hair.
  • Skip overload or overuse the homemade or other protein treatment that can dry your hair much more instead of repair.

Final words

When it comes to the best protein treatment for relaxed hair, selecting the right product can be challenging. We think if you are failed to choose the ideal product to treat your relaxed hair, you can get a chance to use homemade protein treatment.

They have no side effect; on the other hand, will provide good nursing for your damaged hair.

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