How To Dye Dark Hair Blue Without Bleaching? A Complete Guide

Dye hair is a wow fun now a day. Smart youth girls like to transform their dark hair into different fun colors like blue, violate, indigo, and more. 

As a trend, it is so fashionable. Anyone can do it at home easily. But there has more chance to harm the hair like damaging, breakage, or dropping.  If you would like to dye your hair at home like professional salon-style, you should have some skills. Only some experimented knowledge and experience about dying hair will help you to dye your hair. 

I have come up here today to share with you the experiences that I got after a good study on how to dye dark hair blue without bleaching. 

Read on and learn more news!

How to Dye Dark Hair Blue without Bleaching

how to dye dark hair blue without bleaching

This section will show you different ways how to dye hair blue without bleaching. It is very easy to get blue hair without bleach at home. After reading this part, I hope you will learn dying hair is blue without bleach. 

Let’s proceed!

Preparation: Blue hair dye for dark hair

Before transforming your dark blue hair dye without bleaching, you must have to prepare yourself and gather some essential products at first. 

1. Choose Hair Color

In the first step, you have to find out the right hair color pack. Three types of hair colors are available in the market. Know them and choose what you want!

  • Permanent hair colors: These types of colors contain ammonia and bleach your hair to make a blank image for the color to work.
  • Semi-permanent hair colors: Semi-permanent colors can’t lighten your dark hair because it doesn’t contain ammonia. But it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals to harm your hair. Semi-permanent hair color doesn’t stay for a long time; that can go for 3 to 6 shampoo washes. It is the best color for less damaging hair with different shades like brown hair dyed blue without bleach.  
  • Demi-permanent hair colors: These types of color contains alkaline instead of ammonia. It requires a developer who can help the dye to penetrate your hair shafts. For getting natural color, you need o get some more uniform finish. Demi-permanent hair colors can last longer (20 to 28 shampoo washes) with less damage.

You can select either semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair colors for blue hair dye for black hair without bleach.

2. Gather things need to dye

  • Things for preparing the hair
  1. Clarifying shampoo: This will help to get rid of any stubborn hair styling products or build up the scalp.
  2. Hydrating Conditioner: Sometimes, shampoo may be harsh. So, follow up any hydrating conditioner which needs to nourish your hair strands.
  • Things for hair color
  1. Choose the right hair color.
  2. Takes some hair clips to part and attach the hair
  3. A pair of hand gloves to save your fingers from strain
  4. An old shirt or towel to wrap your body
  5. Shower cap to cover colored hair
  6. Timer to track the right time
  7. A medium-size brush to apply the color
  • Things for after hair color
  1. Conditioner: Select the best conditioner that will suit for colored hair.
  2. Colored hair protection products: If you have any plan to heat-styling your hair, you should use a heat protectant. 

Assemble all those things? Now you can go ahead and follow the next steps.   

Process: How to dye hair blue without bleaching

In this section, you will get several parts, and you have to complete them carefully. 

1. Pick a blue hair color

The majority of the hair colors are made to darken light. There are some types of blue hair dye that can work on your dark hair very well. Check the pack before purchasing like midnight blue, designed for dark hair, or lighten dark hair. Look on the back part of the packet or around the picture to ensure that you picked the right color.


  • If your hair is dark, you should pick dark blue color without using bleach. 
  • If you have used any color before, you should go professional one which suggests you the best. 
  • Avoid using any hair spray to color your dark hair.

2. Wash & condition your hair

  • Shampoo: Wash your hair with the correct shampoo to properly remove any previous color or stylish hair chemicals or dirt.
  • Conditioner: If your shampoo is rough even a little bit, you should apply the conditioner. Then you have to dry your property.
  • Natural hair oil: If you think your hair is very rough or dry, you can apply a few drops of natural hair oil, which also works as a conditioner and protect the hair from damage after dying.


  • If your hair is extremely knotty, you have to use a detangling spray to get relief from the ties.
  • You should shampoo at least 48 hours ago before applying new blue color. 
  • Don’t scrub the scalp during shampooing.

3. Wear safety cloths

Before starting the main part, wear some safety cloth. We know hair dying trends to make pretty messy the floor where you apply the color. So, you should wear an old shirt or use an old towel to wrap your neck to your belly or more. Wear a pair of hand gloves to save from strain. 


  • Apply some petroleum jelly or coconut oil around your forehead, neck, hairline, and ears to save from color. 
  • If, unfortunately, color fall on your skin, you don’t need to worry. It will fade or remove after a few washes.
  • Apply the color such a place where has sufficient natural air moving and the place can be washed after messy like on tiles.

4. Prepare the hair for dying

  • Brush your hair: Use a wide-tooth hairbrush or comb to remove every single knot from the hair. It helps you to apply the color from top to bottom properly on your hair. It makes it easier to spread the color over the hair and make sure that the strands are evenly coated with dye.
  • Part of the hair: Part of Your hair into sections depends on your hair thickness and length. If your hair is thicker and longer, you have to make several sections. In a word, you need to take some hair so that you can apply color properly. Now tie every part with the hair clips.

5. Mix color and developer together

Open the pack of your hair color dye and developer. Read out the instruction manual to know the measurement of how you have to mix. Shake the color bottle for a few minutes before taking it for mixing. Take a disposable bowl, pour the dying color and developer, and then mix properly to make a thick and perfect mixer. 


  • Don’t put the color directly without shaking
  • Don’t use your regular use bowl
  • Mix the color what you need, not less, not more
  • Use a brush to apply the color

6. Apply the color

Now coat the color carefully with the help of the brush on every section of your hair that you made one by one. Focus on your hair all the time and notice the color can be applied or not. If you don’t do this lonely, you can get the help of another person in your family.


  • Start from the front side of your head and work slowly. You can message the color with your hands from front to back of your head. 
  • Try to brush from root to downwards of the hair.
  •  You can use a mirror as the helping hand to see the overall dying position.

7. Cover the hair & Set the timer

After coating the color on the whole head, now it is time to cover the head with a shower cap. Leave it for 45 to 50 minutes. Though it’s a long time, you can set your timer, reminding you how much you have spent. 


  • Don’t’ leave your colored head without covering a cap.
  • Maintain the timer; otherwise, your hair can damage 

8. Take a shower to wash the product

Remove the cap and take a shower. Use room temperature or regular water to wash the color. Don’t try to use any shampoo to wash the dying head and hair. If you want, allow conditioner. It can protect your hair from damage. 


  • Avoid using hot water that can be responsible for ruining your hair
  • Wash the oil or jell that you have used before dying around your head

9. Dry your hair

When you have taken your shower, you now need to leave your hair normally dry instead of using any hairdryer. Leave the hair for sometimes and don’t try to combat that time.


  • If you want to get any style, you allow a heat protectant.

Aftercare: Dye blue hair without bleaching

Hair dying is complete, but your duty hasn’t been done. Now you need to take care of your colored hair properly. Below have some tips that you follow to keep your hair strong and well-colored all the time.

  • Use color-protection products: When you have dyed your hair, you have to take extra care of your dying hair. In this situation, you need to use hair color-protective products always. It helps you save the color, make the dying for a longer time, and get more and more style. 
  • Skip regular hair wash: If you love to keep your color for a longer time, you must avoid regular hair washing or swimming. 
  • Avoid sunlight: Don’t go to sunlight directly. It is not a good idea for your colored hair. The UV rays will fade the color. So, cover your head when you are going outside. It also saves your hair from dust.  


How to dye dark hair blue without bleaching? Now it is up to your hand. Yes, after reading this article, I hope you have understood how to color your hair. I think this post has cleared about dying what you may think is complex to do at home.

So, have fun with your blue hair and enjoy your next party!

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