How to Do a Bow in Your Hair: Learn Step by Step

Hey, girls, do you seeking how to do a bow in your hair? It’s so pretty and attractive chic style for long hair. It can give you a new look though very simple.

It looks like a bow made out of your hair, and you also prefer a more romantic style. Hair bow stylese can give a new funny look to the girls. To make this style, your hair must be longer.

However, today’s post is ready to tell you how to do a bow in your hair without using any hairstyle tools. If you are so interested in creating a bow in hair and taking a pretty hair look, check this tutorial where you will get every essential step.

Are you ready to make a bow hair simply? So, let’s see how.

How to do a bow in your hair?


Two types of hair bow styles are going to show in fronts of you like basic style bow and half-up bow. The basic one drags the whole hair keen on the bow. But if you desire to get an extra dreamy hairstyle, you can attempt the half-bow style. Anyone is helpful; just follow the steps and make bow hair easily.

Method: 1 Create a Basic Bow

classic hair bow

Step-1: Remove Knots

Brush the hair to remove knots that make it easier on straight hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, you have to do it properly. It is essential to make the hair nice and smooth. Without knots, hair makes your work easier.

Step-2: Straight Strands

Straight strands are the best processing for making a lovely hair bow with hair that can showcase your hair’s right direction. Though you don’t need, quickly make straight the hair before beginning the updo.   

Step-3: Smooth the Hair

If your hair is curly or thick, make the hair is smooth. For this, you can use a shiny serum to conciliate it sufficient to be worked with.

Step-4: Looped bun on top

Pull the hair back and the high, then looped a bun on top of the head. To do it, gather the hair and then start to pull it high. Enfold a hair strap just about the ponytail. Most of the time, you should do it to save and secure the hair.

At last, wrap up elastic and pull the ponytail halfway through to make a looped bun. Ensure the roll tightly set against your head, but be careful so that it won’t be the cause of tension.

Step-5: Create Two Loops

Discover the bun into the middle and then divide it into half to make two loops. Pull the left circle to the left side of the head and the right roll loop to the same side. Don’t attach the loops down; it will go harder to follow the next steps.

Step-6: Drag the rest of ponytail

Gather another one of the ponytail, then make them smooth as much as probable. To make a smoothie, you are allowed to use a few water or hairspray. Pull the ponytail up and then over of the top of the bow. Now place the ponytail right side between the dual loops. It can create a midpoint of the bow. This portion of the ponytail includes the few inches hair attaching with the bun.

Step-7: Separate the Ponytail

Separate the ponytail in half and then drag each piece of hair in the loop. Continue removing the ponytail over the top of your bow and split in half. Now catch the left-half one and also skim it in the left side loop to the back of the head. Do it again for the right portion of the ponytail with the right loop.

Step-8: Secure the Ponytail

Take some bobby pin and secure the ponytail using the pin with the hair. Place the pin right-side just behind the loops. Manage the pins with hair to the middle part of the bow that will make the bow pretty and a smoothie.

Step-9: Roll & Tuck the Ponytail

Roll then stuck the ponytail strands in the bow loop. It helps not only to hide the ponytail but also assist to proof out the bow ideally.  

Now just go with the left-side ponytail and roll it strongly. Slide the spin under the left-loop and trapped it with the bow. Do this job again for the right side with the right circle.

Step-10: Set the Bow

Set the bow that you have created with bobby pins, and you can also use the hairspray to set the bow in hair correctly. Buff out the bow loops using your fingers until you can obtain what you require to acquire. Pin the boundary of the bow downstairs, and here you may use more pins. Give style using light hairspray and then permit the hairspray dry to set out correctly.

Method: 2 Create a half-up Bow

how to Create a half-up Bow

If you want to make a half-up bow, you can quickly apply the below process that will need a few minutes to create it.

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Step-1: Brushed the Hair

Brush the hair and remove any knot to smooth the hair that will help you start your journey smoothly. If your hair is straight, this will easy for you. But for wavy or curly hair, you should prepare your hair finely. Otherwise, making a bow will difficult for you.

Step-2: Drag the Hair in Half-up Looped

Assemble the whole hair into a rigid half-up ponytail. Wrap up with a little hair knot just about the ponytail. Finally, enfold the hair by a knot just about the ponytail. Then drag the ponytail halfway to craft a bow loop bun.

Ensure bun is on top of the head, and another one of the ponytails is below the looped bun. If your hair is solid and wants to make a delicate bow, assemble your strings from left to right sides of the face and then on top of the ears.

Step-3: Divide the Bun

Divide the bun into a half to make two loops, one for the left side and the right side. Rotate the molded circle to holes that are facing the floor. The flat section of the looped bun has to be facing the flipside of your head.

Step-4: Fan the Loop

Try to work with a single loop at a time. Use the fingers to fan the circle out and then build a triangle outline. Use bobby pins to attach the bow from the back of the loop to the head’s backside. Repeat this process for another loop.

Step-5: Make a Half-up Flipped Ponytail

Take your ponytail that is already sticking out, starting in the loops. Make a hole into the ponytail between the elastic into your head. Stick the finger up by the hole and catch half of the ponytail. Now drag it downward throughout the gap.

It can build a center point of the bow. If you need to create the thinner it, just split the ponytails in half-up at first before turning over it.

Step-6: Set any Style

To make a trendy style, you have to focus on the bow and the top side of the head. Use hairspray dries to ready to show off the form.

Wrap up!

Do you think those are so simple and easy steps? Yea! Your idea is right. The processing of how to do a bow in your hair is so simple and more comfortable hairstyle.

You can do it after following the methods for the first time. We hope you have a much more exciting idea on the bow. You can present your ideas into the comment box, too.

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