How to Use a Wave Iron? Best Tips & Tricks

Struggling for styling hair is a regular fight for every smart woman when they want to get instant stylish hair before going to the office. Thanks to modern technology, it provides a lot of advanced devices that can be the best friend to the fighter woman specifically for curling tools. So, more folks want to know how to use a wave iron.

The hair wavers iron helps the users to gain ideal curls and waves with less effort. With this simple tool, you also can get the trendy hair instantly that so attractive. The beautiful and luxurious hair can impress anyone quickly.

However, let turn to the point and know how to use a wave iron and get stylish curly hair immediately.


What is waver iron?

Before use, you should know ideally about waver iron. If you are one of the many people who don’t have an idea precisely a waver iron, you have to know about it to know basic knowledge. 

It is a triple barrel waver iron that is a unique tool to work to make wave hair easily. According to the barrel size plus the styling technique, you can choose and use it to gain several types of wave hair from beachy look to tighter.  

Structurally, wave iron is too different from other curling iron tools, though it comes from the same technology in styling hair that is different in the physical design curl portion. This makes the job easier and quicker than other irons. The three-barrel gives pressure to achieve instant curly hair.

How to Use a Wave Iron?

To complete a scheme with a wave iron, follow the steps gradually and see instant magic. They let you inform how to use a wave iron from the beginning.

Let’s move.

Part-1: Select the Correct Tool

Step-1: Choose ideal barrel size

Depending on the hairstyle, you have to select the right barrel size. The first section of selecting an ideal tool outlines the look. You are going for and then select the best-suited size for better result.

Don’t desire to make a beachy wave? Just want to gain a natural look? Pick medium or large barrel sizes right to measure 1-2 inches. It is the best for creating loose plus free-flowing waves.

Step-2: Receive the exact barrel

Heat styling machine like a triple-barrel wave iron tool comes with several types of materials. You must pick the correct material tool because it is the key to gain an instant good look with less effort without damage the locks.

  • Ceramic is the best material for medium hair. Look for 100% ceramic instead of ceramic coating.
  • Titanium provides intense heat that is the best for coarse hair styling.
  • Tourmaline device helps to reduce frizz.

Step-3: Think for a versatile heat setting

Some styling devices only offer a single heat setting option that can cause hair damage because it provides too hot for the hair.

  • Look for such a tool with several heats setting options like low, medium, and high so that you can use it depending need.
  • Low-temperature setting if fine for thin hair
  • A medium or high setting option is useful to create a style of thick hair.

Part-2: Prepare Your Hair

Prepare your hair before using the wave iron tool, which is the best step for the scheme.

Step-1: Prep your hair

Take sufficient time to prepare your hair that can save hair well and lead to the best styling effect with improved hair later.

Step-2: Wash your hair

Wash your hair the day-night before styling instead washing the same day.

  • Don’t wash instantly when you are going to get the style. To gain a wavy fashion, washed dry hair need so that the product works quickly.
  • So, you should wash the hair the previous night and let dry without using a hairdryer. Skip the dryer tool because taking a wavy hairstyle, your hair has to make a large amount of heat.

Step-3: Start with your dry hair

Keep in mind wet hair is always weak hair even for the comb. If you start with damp hair, the hair can cause breakage and damage.

  • Ensure your hair dry appropriately before using the triple barrel waver.

Step-4: Add Heat protection

There has a variety of products like serum and spray to protect the hair from the stubborn effects of heat, mod tools. 

Look for the heat protecting and silicone base product to make a protective coat around your hair shaft. It helps to save your hair and make healthy.

Step-5: Use the curl enhancer

The curl enhancer products designed to assist the hair hold curl and wave. You are applying the curl enhancer ingredients before starting styling it to assist the look stay integral longer.

Part-3: Styling the Hair

Step-1: Section off the hair

It will easier to add waves to hair one section at a time and move from one side to another.

  • Pull the top off of the hair and secure it with a large-size clip to hold.
  • Grip each section of the hair from one side of the head and move the rest part of the hair out of the way.

Step-2: Construct waves

With the hottest section of the triple barrel on the foot, just compress the barrel down at the crown of every inch part to work on.

  • If you want to gain a beachy look, start from right distant to the hair’s roots. 
  • If you desire to make a vintage wave, you can begin from closer to the roots from where you feel comfortable.

Step-3: Grip the waver down

After creating waves at the starting point, hold the iron down for four to five seconds.

  • Don’t skip holding the machine in one situate for a long time. To work in the right direction, you have to continue the waver for a few seconds in a single place.
  • Keep continuous to move from one lay to another in the right direction.

Step-4: Move around & then up

Work from one side to another and continue to section out per inch parts of your hair. Do it again until the n of the hair will finish and then again move to the upper section.

Step-5: Finish the look

When you have finished and get style all of your hair, spray it lightly with your regular hairspray to set the elegant look.

Skip10-mistake To curl hair.

If you got a clear direction on how to use a wave iron to achieve curly hair instantly, you must keep in mind a few mistakes that can happen, unfortunately.

  • Don’t take wrong size barrel
  • Let not frying your hair
  • Don’t forget to set heat protection
  • Don’t make a significant section of your hair to use wave iron
  • Don’t curl away from your face
  • Don’t hold your iron machine wrong way
  • Don’t brush the hair before cooled the curled hair
  • Don’t forget to use hands glove to save
  • Don’t take short barrel for long hair
  • Don’t skip to take texture spray

The Bottom Line

Honestly, learning how to use a wave iron mainly, a three-barrel waver machine is easy. Just intimidating, and it is easier than other hair curling tools. You can try it at home yourself with full brave without going salon.

So, get instant curly hair and enjoy the whole day at the office or party!

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