8 Best Hair Sponge for Curls – Buying Guide

Love curls hair? So, you have to pick the best hair sponge for curls. It’s a popular requirement, though not easy to find out.

Most of the men love curls who done it by using the sponge from a distance. And it is quite hard to build curls where curly hair is one of the best hairstyles nowadays. Each stylish man has started tapping in this fashion.

Using hair twist sponge men or women, both with short hair cut, can quickly achieve curly hair. They are convenient to use and cost-effective.

Keep reading to pick the best hair sponge for curls depending on your requirement, and we suggested considering the feature. 

What types of hair are best for curly hair sponge?

When you start to think about a black hairstyle, you can quickly get several types of tools and products in the market. But when you start to think about getting any style for curly hair, you have to think for sometimes.

In this case, hair sponge is perfect for curly hair, natural, and short hair. In regards to length, thick, and even for straight hair, the sponges aren’t allowed to use. You can try but won’t get the best result, like short hair.

If your hair is so long, thick, or straight, it’ll be impossible to curl sponge. Curl sponge will work well to manipulate the natural texture.

8 Best Hair Sponge for Curls

1. Nudred Mirror Hair Sponge for Curls

Nudred Mirror Hair Sponge for Curls

Key features

  • Color: Silver
  • Style: Convoluted

Want to get the best hair sponge for curls for trendy hairstyles for any time and anywhere? So, the curl sponge natural hair dread sponge brush for curling sponge for men and women. This is an ideal curl sponge brush for coils, curls, and twists.

You will select it for any lifestyle like nurturing, uplifting, divinely, and evolving. You can use the tool for the daily trend and hairstyle. All NuDred curl sponge brush has come from the USA.   

Strong points

  • Easy to use: This curl sponge uses simple and easy. Just apply in a circular motion on the hair and scalp.
  • A favorite tool for barbers: Barbers like to use far and wide. This tool helps them to give the customer a fresh and new look.
  • High-quality: Great materials and superior quality make the sponge a highly qualified tool.

Weak points

  • Not accessible to repeated use

2. Afro hair sponge barber brush for natural hair

Afro hair sponge barber brush for natural hair

Key features

  • Design: 2 in 1 design (Afro and twisting comb) & double-sided design
  • Size: Plastic twist comb- 7.2 x 4.6 inch and hair sponge for curls – 5.71 x 3.66 inch
  • Shape: Oval in shape

The Afro hair twist curl comb for barber hair styling is an ideal tool. You may love it to use for the great combination where you can apply it for some styling products to twist the wave barber tool. 

Just use the hair sponge with gentle motion across the head. But remember, don’t try to press the brush too hard on your hair. Spin in a single direction only. Both sides are easy to grasp and comfortable to hold.

Strong points

  • Great combination: What a combination! You are allowed to use the twist brush curl comb to your hair then moisturise the slightly wet hair.
  • Reliable material: Twist hair sponge has come from authentic elements that make the tool soft and skin-friendly.
  • Durability: Twist hair comb has a long time lifespan and exceptional durability for the sturdy plastic materials.

Weak points

  • Maybe a harsh chemical smell.

3. NuDred the original blue hair/dread sponge

NuDred the original blue hair/dread sponge

Key features

  • Color: Blue
  • Style & design Small holes

The NuDred Curl Sponge Brush is an original hair sponge that is perfect for twisting, coiling, and even curling your hair. All NuDred natural hair movement made in the USA where have used natural and pharmaceutical ingredients.

This tool is the best black, and the natural hair care system provides a much more styling option that is the requirement of everyone after a big shop. Optimal for the natural hair or Ethnic and African with different degree lock and texture. This tool was designed to repair, moisturize, and heal the hair and scalp instead of damage simply.

Strong points

  • Simply use: Don’t think more about how to use it. Just take the brush and use it with gentle motion because it was designed in a comfortable grip.
  • Excellent materials: Amazing products come from significant elements that make the tool durable.
  • Design: The design of it is so excellent. If you think of getting the small holes brush, you can take it.

Weak points

  • Don’t use it for thick hair.

4. Hair sponge brush with small hole sponges

Hair sponge brush with small hole sponges

Key features

  • Size: 32-Small Holes
  • Hair sponge size: 1.45cm x 9.5cm x 5.5cm

Do you think to pick a magic twist hair sponge brush? Don’t need to think more about other hair sponge, and this tool will perfect for you. The perfect palm size with enough holes makes the brush mostly usable. You must love it to use for a reasonable price, and it is reusable, portable, and feel so comfortable.

It is ideal for barber, travel, salon, and men with all suitable women. It’ll give you a natural look with a real texture that makes you simple beautiful and also give you a very trendy and stylish look.  So, you can get a professional look at home quickly.

Strong points

  • Comfortable use: Spin the new curl sponge after applying gel gently on the wet hair.
  • Environmental protective materials: This is a reliable tool for its environmental protective materials with dual side design.
  • Professional look: Do professional barber look by you.  

Weak points

  • Not suitable for long hair.

5. AUHOKY premium – magic hair twist sponge brush

Best hair sponge for curls

Key features

  • 32 hole each side
  • Eco-friendly and reusable plus light in weight
  • Sponge size: 5.7 x 3.7 x 2.2 –inch

Dual side sponge and one more pcs in a packet is a great offer for every hair sponge lover. This hair sponge is ideal for them that are followed advanced technology, soft and skin-friendly. You should not go out to make your hair curl if you use it properly.

Just apply the gel on the hair slightly but must use on wet hair and then spin the twist hair sponge. After a few minutes, get a barber’s fashion and stylish look by yourself. Give texture to natural hair that will help to bring out a new curl hair fashion by yourself. This is ideal curling sponge for men and women.   

Strong points

  • Simple using system: This tool works best to use your favourite styling product with the sponge.
  • Get personalised and convenient: Great way to find dreads and the twists. Let’s discover something new and personalised without going to the barber.

Weak points

  • A little bit hard to handle

6. Barber curl twist sponge glove

Barber curl twist sponge glove

Key features

  • Pack: one hand glove and three hair twist sponges
  • Eco material

Are you searching the best curl sponge glove? You can select this fantastic pack where you can get a hand glove with three hair sponges. How to use the curl sponge glove? Just like a regular twist, sponges use the glove-wearing it to twist hair.

Save your time, money with less effort to get an excellent hairstyle at home using the glove or hair sponge easily. Don’t need to think for the best compelling twist. Just use and apply the sponges as your requirement that maybe give new experience to you.

Strong points

  • Versatile use: Get your twisted hair from anywhere anytime. It is ideal for men, women, and even kids.
  • Magic effective: Add styling gel and get the latest hairstyle just like barbershops.
  • Considerable eco-material: No damage and save the hair and scalp. It is ideal for healthy hair care.

Weak points

  • Release chemical smells

7. HALLO big holes barber hair brush sponge

HALLO big holes barber hair brush sponge

Key features

  • Size: 20/32 Big hole with a small wave
  • Weight: 2-hair curl sponge that 22g

100% high-quality, reliable, and brand new hair twist sponge for curly hair is an excellent wanted hair curl sponge. One pack included two pcs hair sponge that can use for the twist styling and lock the latest gel to get slightly damp hair.

This pack is popular in Africa for the best operating wet hair. It can smear on the sponge where you can apply any product. The dual side design is a popular and famous design for the sponge lover. Apply the sponge with the circular motion, not give press pressure. Depending on the length and the hair texture takes your time.     

Strong points

  • Versatile use: This pack is perfect for men, women, and kids.
  • Useful materials: Environment protective material and dual using design you can get at a reasonable price.
  • Portable: With the most excellent size, they are reusable, portable, and suitable for home travel and perfect for stylish people.

Weak points

  • Falls overtime

8. WORGATE Small and Big Hole Hair Sponge

WORGATE Small and Big Hole Hair Sponge

Key features

  • Size: Small and big 12/19 holes mixed
  • Weight: 20g each

Small and big holes mixed and the quantity of them are 12/19 holes, and the size of the holes is 0.32/0.35 inch in size that is so light in weight to use. You feel so comfortable and relaxed when you will use it to get a stylish hair twist.

The small sizes are suitable for the side and for the black hair that also fit in the standard pocket and ideal for travel. A best hair sponge includes double-sided that maintain environment-friendly materials. It can promote head blood circulation and help to a long term used for growth hair and improve hair quality.    

Strong points

  • Money-back guarantee: If you won’t like or be happy with the new pack, there is a money-back guarantee that is a great opportunity.
  • Environment-friendly materials: environment protective equipment makes the brush safe to use.
  • Healthy: Good for healthy hair and scalp.

Weak points

Buying advice for the best hair sponge for curls

Before selecting the best sponge for curly hair, follow this buying advice. Several significant points need to know before going to get the best tools must and should learn how to use twist sponge for natural hair. They will assist you to discover the best product quickly.

Hole size

When you are thinking about the sponge twist natural hair, you have to consider the hole size. It is one of the essential factors, and you should know about it. But you have to keep in mind that the hole size makes the outcome of the hair curls.

The small hole will perfect for short hair. The large hole will work the best to make looser curls. In the same manner, the larger hole size also is the best if you have the longer or thick curls. 

Sponge size

If you genuinely want to start with the right sponge size as a beginner, you have to select the best options. If you have short hair, you can pick a mini size curl sponge. The texture and quality of your hair sponge according to how you prep the hair, your hair will be going to turn out the same manner.

You have to desire to master the system at first. For this reason, you should start with a smaller size brush, and it can be the best idea. The smaller size sponge contains fewer holes and can work well in a small area at a time.

When you are ready to pick the larger-sized hair sponge, consider how much hair you have. The hair twist sponge sizes depend on hair length and quantity. 

Palm & hand size

If you want to pick to use at home, you have to use the sponge yourself. So, you ought to select the sponge that fits properly on the palm. If your hands are small and work with the larger sponge, you need to be a bit tricky.

You can pick depending on the shape that you desire. A rounded hair sponge will work as the best hair product for sponge curls and easily create quick curls. However, if you want to get another shape, it is must essential for you to check your comfortability.


The curl sponge hair brush twists coils come with three types in shape like oval, rectangular, plus round. According to your need, you can choose anyone from here. 

Oval shape: This is the most preferred that can fit comfortably in your hand, and you feel so comfortable as well as convenient to use. But it is a possible choice for you. Other shapes: Rectangular and round shape can also be used as your need and your choice.


The best sponge for curly hair is a fragile hair tool; it becomes so important to check if the tools are going to last. You can break down the first session and the second session. So, check how durable the hair sponge and to check it, you can squeeze it gently. If the hair sponge is soft and squeezes like a spring, it can’t be the best curl sponge hairbrush for twists.

Select the hair sponge that is firm and also a little bit springy when you squeeze it. Another way has which you can apply to check the durability of the tool. Place the tools over a flat surface and press the center of it. If the tool will go down below an inch and become very soft, it won’t use for last-long.

Customer reviews

When you go for buying the hair sponge to select the best hair sponge for curls, you should read the customer reviews always. From the reviews or customer comments, you can get a better idea about the products that will inspire you to pick the tools.

Readout what the audiences want to say what their reflections about the exact products are. If they give positive comments than negative, you can select the product confidently.

Final Words

The best hair sponge for curls only can help to transform your hair into a curl sponge if it is short and natural. There are a ton of options in the market, even online, where all of them aren’t reliable. And it is not an easy task.

In this case, you can follow our list, where we enlisted the best tools item that will help you get the best one for your short hair.

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