5 Best Mini Straightener For Short Hair

Do you want to get a gorgeous cute bob? So, you have to switch up your long straightener. To get stylish and silky short hair, the best mini straightener for short hair is enough.

A one-inch thickness is suitable, and even a travel-sized mini straightener will trick nicely and efficiently. The mini straightener’s round edge works to get a glossy and soft finish and a pretty little wave.

However, you can feel overwhelmed by the various options in the market. We have tracked down the best mini straightener for short hair in this post with buying guide to help you.

best hair straightener for short hair

Scroll down and find out the best one for your next trip.

5 Best Mini straightener for short hair (In order)

The best mini straightener for short hair can get the hair effortlessly. It can dial the perfect temperature that needs for the tiny short hair. Follow our list for the best straightener in the market to make trendy and stylish your short hair.

1. HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Straightener

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Straightener


  • Small and portable
  • Grand cord length
  • The slim plate can reach the hair roots
  • Short heating duration

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If you are thinking of finding out luxurious perform straightener for traveling, we have got this product as grand for all hair types. This small flat iron is suitable to make curls, waves, plus flicks. Thanks to a ceramic heater that glides through your hair for silky, smoother, and snag-free hair styling. 

With this iron, you can control the accurate temperature, which ranges will 140 F to 450F. Short hair but thick, wavy, or thin hair; whatever if the hair is damaged, this hair heater’s temperature is perfect for every inch. This is a very versatile straightener tool. 

Traveling with this mini hair straightener is very easy, and you can adjust it with any condition. It was designed with dual voltage of 110/220 that lets you to take a trip anywhere in the world.

The iron pack with some essential accessories like hand gloves, a hairstyle guide, Argan oil treatment, and a 1-year warranty. So, for short hair, short trips, and easy processes, let you enjoy a new hairstyle every day.

Good For

  • Safety feature: Automatic shut off
  • Easy: Easier for any hair styling
  • Travel: Lightweight and transportable
  • Value: Worth for money

Important Concern

A temperature dial with an on or off button near the plate will have a chance to burn yourself.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron


  • Adjustable heating system
  • 1-year warranty
  • Slim plates
  • Protect color
  • Short heating time

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What is thinking about the mini hair straightener for your new short hair? If you are seeking the best one that will portable budget-friendly, we suggest picking it. It is the most wanted mini hair straightener that people search online frequently.

From rating, it is clear that women or men who have short, thin hair desire to get this one for making their hair sleek, soft, and silky. The use of it most comfortable for lightweight features and dual voltage allow you to use anywhere in the world simply.

It features a short heating time with a 50-heat setting up to 450F, the smooth titanium plate manner ultra-high heat with resist corrosion. It is at ease to hold and easy to operate with compact design is wonderful for any hairstyle type.

Good For

  • Best for short and medium hair
  • Designed with dual sizes
  • Faster heat
  • iHighHigh-performance Professional styling

Important Concern

Don’t give more pressure when using the heater because it can pull the hair.

3. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

Furiden Professional Hair Straightener


  • Perfect for hair types
  • Professional hair straightener
  • Reduce frizz
  • Gold color

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Show your trendy hair every day, but give this responsibility to the reliable brand straightener so that the hair stays safe and secure after getting a lot of styles. Yes, for this, you should trust this flat iron for short hair by Furiden. This brand is well-known just for beauty products where their intention to make you more beautiful with comfort.

The worldwide dual voltage 110 to 240 AC lets it to use anywhere without changing the adapter or voltage. The lock feature and adjustable temperature setting make it easy to use. For the small size, it will be suitable for traveling.

This is an appropriate tool for styling short hair with a flat iron which is better than curling iron. It can adjust at any angle, void the snagging of your hair, and give beautiful curly hair. So, left the curling iron and find your hair as super smooth and silky.  

Good For

  • It is excellent for curling hairstyle
  • 2-years warranty
  • It saves energy and gives last longer result
  • Auto shut off system

Important Concern

Before using this mini hair straightener, you must learn about this iron to handle your hair correctly.

4. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Hair Straightener


  • Automatically shut off the system after 60-minutes of non-use
  • Perfect for all types of hair
  • Titanium floating plate
  • Safety temperature reduction

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If you seek the best mini straightener for short hair for versatile hair styling, this is suitable iron for your hair. It is perfect for straightening, shaping, or curling without tugging. You can operate it no matter what if your hair is thick or thin, long or short.

This hair straightener was designed with a user’s comfort mind, always loving it to use. For professional hairstyles anywhere globally, this tool comes with high-advance technology that makes it more reliable to the users.

An easy process as the electric tool comes with a clear LCD display. A titanium plate is essential to make a tighter press and distribute the heat properly. So, let iron your hair without fizz and enjoy smooth and shiny. 

Good For

  • Universal voltage
  • Luxury and versatile technology
  • LCD display
  • Heats up quickly

Important Concern

Use handle gloves before applying the hold the iron because it becomes hot during use.

5. LOVANI Ceramic Mini Hair Straightener

LOVANI Ceramic Mini Hair Straightener


  • Mini portable flat iron
  • LED indicator
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Fast heating up
  • Lightweight

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Still, you can’t understand which one will be the best mini straightener for short hair; you can stand for this short hair flat iron. Why? Yes, the Lovani brand is more famous for making beauty products worldwide. You can rely on this mini flat iron and can go with this hair styling kit.

For the best travel mini flat iron and portable travel size, this ½ inch dual voltage for universal use with the LED indicator LOVANI hair flat iron is ideal. The ceramic plate makes it more durable and helps you to get a long-lasting result.

So, you don’t go far away to find the best small flat irons. Get this hair iron and enjoy your new styling hair at home like a salon service.  

Good For

  • Safety: Safety features
  • Trusting: 1-year warranty
  • Novice: Simple way to use
  • Styling: Perfect for all types of hairstyle

Important Concern

This mini hair straightener isn’t perfect, thick and long hair anyway.

How to buy small hair straighteners?

How to buy small hair straighteners

To provide a helping hand for purchasing the ideal smallest flat iron for short hair, we have collected all important data. From you can get what will be the best for your hair. So, let’s go ahead with our buying guide.

Plate Length & width

Variety types of plates are available on the mini straightener market. So, when you fixed your mind to purchase the best small flat iron for your short hair, you have to focus on the plate length and width.

It will help you to make your hairstylist from the close of the roots, even in a smaller section at a time. The mini straightener comes with a smaller plate that is perfect for short hair.    


Multiple materials of plates of the mini straightener can come, and each of them has individual advantages and disadvantages with different uses. But from them, most of the recommended best material is a solid ceramic plate. Though this material is more expensive than others, it is of great value to every penny. 

Temperature Setting

Having an adjustable setting option of temperature is most important for the hair straightener without reason of damage. For short hair and thick wavy, thin curly, or thick curly, every type of hair needed a different temperature for the best outcome.

For shorter hair like around the neckline, the straightener temperature setting even goes to the lower level. It will typically 100c, which is enough to straight your short hair without burning.


Most of the time, we can’t notice the weight of the straightener. But it is most significant for suitable hairstyling for the short hair. So, choose the lightweight and smaller straightener so that you can control it to make your short hair so gorgeous.


Maybe you think that the hair straightener usually is straight in shape, which isn’t wholly accurate. Some straighteners come with a flat profile, where some are rounded in shape, which works differently for a different hairstyle.

The small round barrel is the best shape for your short hair. It is the best kit to get the perfect straight from top to bottom of the hair.

Safety Features

After checking all the better features, focus on the safety feature that is most important to use this electric device.  

Additional Features

Finally, check other features such as swivel cord, cord length, dual voltage, and other essential aspects.

Mini Straightener Is Good To Use For Short Hair?

Yeah, of course, though you need some practice to use the straightener on your short hair. So, if you want to make your task easy with full safety, pick the straightener into one inch.

But your hair so short, like a pixie cut, go for the half-inch size straightener. To save your hair from any harm, you have to make sure to put few heat protection sprays or brush it before any styling.

To achieve the best result for your hair with two layers, the top to bottom of the hair. 

How Can You Straight Your Short Hair?

How Can You Straight Your Short Hair

It is so tricky to make any hairstyle for short and thick hair but not impossible to get a sleek look.

Things you need:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Towel
  • Heat protector
  • Hair serum
  • Hair straighteners

The process you should do:

  1. Before making any style, you have to shampoo with conditioner. After washing the hair properly, apply an anti-frizz serum.
  2. Dry your hair using a microfiber towel that helps you to remove the extra water. You can try a hairdryer or let the hair dry in air dry.
  3. Use the hair oil to save your hair from damage. But remember, don’t use excess oil that will make obstacles to straight the hair.
  4. Then brush the dry hair properly, and now your hair is ready to use a straightener to straight.
  5. Make some section of your whole hair that makes the job easy.
  6. Comb your section again and again before applying the heat.
  7. To get the best result, you can use anti-frizz spray
  8. Now apply the straightener tool and place the straightener to the roots of your hair.
  9. Don’t heat the hair repeatedly, which can reason for brittle hair and severe or rough dryness.
  10. Take care of the scalp so that it won’t burn, and enjoy your new hairstyle finally.  

What The Reason Least Damages Your Hair Straightener?

To diminish the harm on the hair, at first, you should do a straightener adapted to the hair texture.

Titanium mini straightener considers as the better option for those people who have thick hair. But for thin or dry hair, I always recommend a ceramic hair straightener. A titanium hair straightener can reach high temperature quickly and straight or make the hair stylish faster.

The thinner or dry hair women should not select a titanium hair heater instead of a ceramic one. Because thin or dry hair can’t absorb high faster heat temperature and can damage the hair quickly.

If you use a hair straightener frequently, you have to use heat protector spray before going to styling. You also can use a repair mask twice or thrice a week.

Wrap up!

The best mini straightener for short hair can have a range of temperatures. Everyone’s hair is not similar in texture and the same length. Plus, everyone’s hair isn’t similar.

So you have to choose the right straightener based on your hair type and texture so that you can straighten your hair from the root.

We hope we have helped you through this post to seek out the best mini straightener for short hair with amazing features. Now you can make a useful purchase for enjoying your silky, sleek, and soft new straight hair.   

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