What Is Fashion Jewelry?

What is fashion jewelry? It is an amazing substitute for fine jewelry.

Fine jewelry is made from solid gold and diamonds, which are more costly and impossible to purchase for everyone. Besides, fashion jewelry appears the same but less costly.

There has a ton of information online about fashion jewelry normally. But even have discussed how to take care of this jewelry and others in detail. We have made this guide to fill the gaps and explain what you are looking for.

From here, you will know what fashion jewelry, craftsmanship, the metal of it is and how to take care of this jewelry.   

Let’s start!

What Is Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry refers to all jewelry that is made from less expensive metals. Sometimes fashion jewelry is known as costume jewelry made from base metal like brass, copper, and aluminum.

Fashion jewelry is also made with leather and textile or base metals based on precious metals. If a set of fashion jewelry is made from gemstone, it thinks plastic or glass or crystal. 

Fashion jewelry is the latest trend, and this jewelry follows that the most modern style and offers a trendy look without investing in fine jewelry. Fashion jewelry saves your money and gives a classy look just like an expensive one.  

What Is Fashion Jewelry
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Types Of Craftsmanship Of Fashion Jewelry

Craftsmanship is one of the most important factors for fashion jewelry.  The quality of the fashion jewelry depends on the crafts. Most fashion jewelry online can’t control its quality, and they lead with cadmium.

But high-quality fashion jewelry design and crafts their products with professional skill and maintain their top-quality. Another indication of high-quality is a guarantee. It presents that the company is very serious about offering and willing to provide the top-quality product.

Types of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can be fallen under the categories:

  • Costume jewelry: It is cheap and made from simulated and plated metals.
  • High-end fashion Jewelry: It is well-known as fine style jewelry. High-end trend jewelry and fine jewelry are finished of exclusive and expensive materials. High-end approach jewelry maintains the fashion in design and style that is classic. 

Metals Of Fashion Jewelry?

Various metal types are used for fashion jewelry and depend on the metal, and the quality will be different. Fashion jewelry used low prices to semi-precious and common metals.

Before purchasing fashion jewelry, you have to know the types of metal used that help you pick intelligent purchases. 

Base Metal

The base metal is the common metal of fashion jewelry. Sometimes this jewelry cover with gold or other metals but oftentimes made depend on the base metal.

The common base metal contains steel, thin, nickel, brass, bronze, and also aluminum. For the bolder portion which wants a distinctive touch, the designer works with metal such as copper plus pewter. Base metal makes the jewelry top-quality and durable.

Most top-quality fashion jewelry doesn’t end the core metal instead of covering the layer of pure gold.

Let’s go next.

Gold Plating, Vermeil, & filled

Any people who like to purchase fashion jewelry aren’t wanted to get something that appears like cheap metal. So, lots of fashion jewelry add several items- layer the pieces with gold.

There are three essential ways to cover up a piece of gold;

  • Gold Plating: It is the cheapest plus most common metal. It involves coating base metal but a thin sheet of gold.  
  • Gold-filled: This metal always won’t suggest at all. It won’t fill with gold plating with an extra-legal requirement that the piece has to be 1/20th gold in weight. There has no requirement for the thickness of the plate or types of metal used.
  • Gold-vermeil: It is constructed of a silver base plus thick gold coating and making long-lasting, high-quality, and more precious. It is sometimes called demi-fine that makes it different between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Gemstones Are Used In Fashion Jewelry

For the high price of the precious stones, most fashion jewelry uses substitutes that have a similar look without the higher price. Stones are divided into two kinds- synthetic gems and semi-precious stones. 

Synthetic Gems: The first type is synthetic gems, and mostly familiar gems are zirconia. It is made with very heat to create an artificial crystal same as diamond. This gems color and cut look like a diamond. 

Semi-precious Stones

Another chance of fashion jewelry is semi-precious stones. It is not created in the laboratory like synthetic gems. Like other three traditional costly stones like diamond, rubies, and sapphires. The difference among them is that they aren’t scared and so valuable and precious stones.

The most common sorts of semi-precious stones are opal that is ideal for rings. And other kinds of semi-precious gems flourish. Some of the better familiar types are beryl, jade, quartz, and zircon.

Organic Gemstones

The last type of gemstone is an organic gemstone that isn’t mineral material but organic used in fashion jewelry. The gemstone is used organic materials that do not come from the laboratory but created from living creatures.

This material is made by saltwater clams and freshwater mussels, amber, coral, and from mother of pearl.

How To Take Care & Clean Fashion Jewelry

So, have you decided what types of fashion jewelry you want? And have you picked it already?


Now it’s important to know how to take care and keep clean your new jewelry and use it for a long time. To save some times for caring your jewelry is an excellent idea.

Within a few seconds, we can cover very tips to keep clean your new fashion jewelry. Summarized below with two simple but most significant tips:

  • Store new fashion jewelry carefully to save from damage it from scratching or rust.
  • Please stay it in a dehydrated and dust-free put while attractive the jewelry off.
  • If you don’t use it repeatedly, you have to make sure the jewelry after assembly it clean.

How To Wear Fashion Jewelry

This portion may be surprised you because we know how to wear our fashionable jewelry.


We know, but some points are unknown to us. After knowing them you will be surprised like me, I am sure. Because they are simple and most of known to us but not concern about them

Let’s see what they are:

  1. Don’t allow your jewelry to wet anyway, even sweating. It will cause corrosion and is the key point to spoil the lifespan of the jewelry.
  2. Don’t put on jewelry when you are in a lake or taking a bathe.
  3. Take off your jewelry before washing dishes or clothes, even while taking the clothes from the washing machine.
  4. Most damaging or harmful factors to allow the jewelry to come into near any chemicals. For example, lotions, perfumes, hairspray, or any other beauty products.
  5. Don’t go to bed with the jewelry, which must harm your jewelry when you sleep.
  6. If you want to properly take care of your gold vermeil, you have to skip wool, felt, and latex.
  7. And at last, it is a better idea not to wear the same jewelry all time. After using it, again and again, every day, the lifespan of particular jewelry will reduce.

How To Stock Up Fashion Jewelry

We have mentioned above to keep the jewelry dry while you are using it or store it. But some instructions are significant to keep in your mind and must compel you to do them and store the jewelry properly.

  • Keep an eyeglass cleaning cloth or a soft cloth and wipe out the jewelry before storage it.
  • Store all jewelry individually to avoid scratching.
  • Store all jewelry at a comfortable temperature because over hot or over cold will damage the jewelry’s color and metal.
  • Take a Ziploc bag or airtight container to hold the moisturizer of the jewelry.
  • If you are leaving near the saltwater area, use a silica pack to store your fashion jewelry. 
  • Finally, if you feel affection for tour a lot, it is better idea to spend in a travel case.

How To Clean Fashion Jewelry

Clean, jewelry clean is not an easy task for everyone when you don’t know the proper way.

Let’s know what you need to do and what are not.

First, know what should not do:

  1. Don’t try to clean your jewelry using jewelry cleaners. It is one type of chemical which will destroy the surface of the gold vermeil.
  2. Skip using any acid, alcohol, or ammonia
  3. Some recommend using baking soda and toothpaste, but we always against them because they are harsh for your jewelry. They are good for silver, gold, or abrasive metals but not for fashion jewelry.

Now we have understood what we have to avoid cleaning our fashion jewelry.

Let’s start with how to clean our fashion jewelry.

  1. The best process is to maintain the jewelry.
  2. After taking off the jewelry, wipe it down.
  3. Check the jewelry twice or thrice a week if possible without dirt, scratch, or stones.
  4. To remove dust or debris, use a soft cloth or cotton and don’t pressure to do this task.
  5. If it is urgent to deep clean, you can try warm water with a gentle soap to remove deep dust. After cleaning, dry the jewelry perfectly and store it safely.

Our Final Words!

Hopefully, you have got what fashion jewelry is, how they look, how to wear them, and lastly, how to clean them. Every section has been discussed here and inform you more that may be unknown to you.

Have we missed anything? If you know, please left comments below? If you think it is a useful guide about fashion jewelry, share with your friends who need it. 

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