What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses? 12 Effective Ideas

Have you and your husband celebrated your 2nd wedding anniversary recently? Now, are you thinking about what to do with old wedding dresses? Many brides are taking the latest appearance of their wedding dresses post-ceremony to make more lasting memories.

If you are seeking better ways to use your wedding dress-up, we have discovered some best ideas. You will get better ideas and make a list of what to do with your old wedding dresses.   

12 Creative Ideas What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses

What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses
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Let’s proceed and enjoy some amazing ideas which will give great value to your beloved wedding gown.

1. Get Crafty

There have so many kidding ideas for craft ways to use the old wedding dresses. I have chosen some of my favorite features here from dozen of ideas online.

  • Make your favorite jewelry from the nice-looking pieces of your wedding dress. Make a necklace, earring, ring, bracelet, or other jewelry.
  • Make a keepsake garter using the fabric from the wedding dress and pass it on to other brides.
  • You can make a throw pillow with a new design to your old one and decorate your living room with a new pattern.
  • You can make a blessing gown for your child using the fabric from the wedding dress if you want.
  • When you prepare a bouquet or any gift for your family member or friends, you can use the wedding dress’s fabric to wrap.
  • Don’t waste the rest of the parts of your wedding dress after making any items. Other portions use to decorate a photo album or other decoration items.

2. Donate your wedding dress

This option is most common to us to donate our wedding dresses. If you don’t have enough time and energy, you can donate your wedding dress to any local Goodwill and Salvation or other thrift stores to make sure that the gown will find a second life with a few lucky strangers.

If you have enough time in your hand, you can visit a lot of organizations. I suggest you not only donate a single item but also know which organization is very needy. If you want to donate any things anytime then, you don’t need more search again.

Here are some favorite bridal charities:

  • Bridal Across America: It is a bridal charity, and every year about 2,000 gowns come from veterans.
  • Adorned in Grace: This organization accepts all types of formal and informal dresses with any wedding dresses. They work to help remove human trafficking plus support survivors.
  • Bride Against Breast Cancer: This is similar to Adorned in Grace, where resell donated any bridalwear and support breast cancer research systems.
  • Brides for a Cause: This association resells and donates their donated items to other charities focusing on other needy women-oriented associations and problems.

3. Alter your wedding dress

If you don’t like our last two ideas and want to reuse your wedding dress, it can be the best idea. You can make your dress short in and wear it regularly. After altering, the dress will change its look, and if you cut it short, you want to wear it to go out regularly.

4. Dye your wedding dress

Suppose hemming the dress into something some shorter, just not sufficient for you. It’s time to change your dress to another level and dye the dang points.

From creative ideas and repurpose the wedding dresses, it is pretty labor-intensive and can depend on the dress’s fabric. If you feel it older, you need to dye it completely for the wedding dress’s redo. Now, it’s your new dress that you can wear anywhere. 

5. Make a cocktail dress

If you have a better idea of tailoring, so why don’t you custom your wedding old dress into a cocktail one. If you already have a fitting glove, you can wear it in any place after the big debut.

Based on your wedding dress style, you can consider how better the portion will work well with a new short skirt. You can use it anywhere required from the new design and work with the seamstress that will work.

6. Turn it into a work of art

Have you desire to look back at the wedding dress daily? Why don’t you make the dress into a piece of art so that you can hang it in your home?

You can frame the dress as your choice. Choose a shadow box frame in any shape equal or square and frame your dress, slip, veils, or garters as custom arts.

Preserving into the frame all things the happiness of the wedding day comes back every year. If you want, you can think of doing it as a professional service.   

7. Pass your wedding dress on

Put your wedding dress carefully away for at present. When your daughter grows, offer it to her, or you can present it to your friends or other relatives.

Although wearing an heirloom wedding dress has not much more common in modern ages, it can be possible that your daughter wants to wear your dress after reworking in her big days.

8. Make a little gown

Customizing a wedding dress or reworking the gown after the wedding is now a fantastic idea. Most christening gown colors are white and feature the same design with similar elements, so it looks pretty swap.

Now you can make a shorter gown for your little one which she can use at her birthday party.

9. Transform into a new item

Wedding dress includes satin, lace, and tulle, and you can transform them into some completely new items like handbags, pillows, or quilts. Those ideas are perfect to go out on any occasion or party.

10. Sell It

Selling the wedding dress is not acceptable anyway for everyone. But if you feel that the wedding budget was very crunching for you, this idea is for you. If you sell your wedding dress, you will make some cashback that may need after your marriage preparation.

11. Loan it

There has no rule to let somebody borrow your wedding gown. If you have any friends who need a wedding gown, you can lend your dress to them. It will be a great idea for you and your friend or relative.

12. Trash It

Our last idea will be a fun way to send the wedding dress off in the latest style. Trash the dress has developed into a popular trend for any bride to blow off a few steams and have pretty fun after the actual wedding is done.

A bride has swum underwater and played on muddy farms. This happy – trash the dress, how fun it will be to make a little bit of a mess with the wedding dress. So, give the wedding dress one last hurrah by lining up trash the dress’s photoshoot.

Make Your Mind!

So, what are you thinking? What to do with old wedding dresses? Have you fixed your mind to make your older wedding dress into a new pattern?

Hopefully, you have done it! If you think those ideas about turning your old wedding dress into a new form, you can share them with your friends.

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