7 Reasons and Treatments-Why Do Eyelashes Hurt?

Why do eyelashes hurt? There are several explanations to this, and right here, we’ll dig into every bit of information in the search for the answer.


Why Do Eyelashes Hurt?

The million-dollar question is -Why do eyelashes hurt? Despite their immense benefit to the eye, some people complain of discomfort and pain.

Without a doubt, eyelashes are the epitome of beauty and alter the way our faces look or appear. Besides, they protect the eye from rubbles, dust, and small particle.

They are sensitive to touch and whisker away objects. We’ll look at reasons why eyelashes hurt and how you can prevent pain or discomfort. Let’s get started.

Why Do Eyelashes Hurt

Artificial eyelashes

Sophisticated eyelashes are popular with the modern woman. While artificial eyelashes enhance your beauty, it is essential to note they can hurt. You may be wondering why do eyelashes hurt when you have extensions.

Usually, artificial eyelashes are made of synthetic material or human hair. They’re glued to your natural lashes to give a more beautiful, longer lash look. If you remove them in a hurry, they’ll pull the skin and cause the natural eyelash to rip off, thereby causing pain.

Use of make up

Failure to remove all your eye makeup or waterproof mascara before going to bed can make it stick to the skin. 

When makeup overstays on your face, it can lead to the build-up of bacteria, which can increase the chance of an infection. Due to this, your eyelashes may hurt.

Blepharitis condition

blepharitis eye condition

Some people suffer from the problem of eyelashes falling out. This condition is known as blepharitis in medical terms. When this happens, you’re likely to experience swelling and flakes around the eye. The eyelashes will hurt, and you’ll feel pain and discomfort.

Failure to seek treatment can lead to a pink eye condition, and the pain may not go away quickly.


Exposure to bacterial or viral infection around the eye can be dangerous. Symptoms caused by the bacterial infection escalate, causing a lot of pain to the eyes and eyelashes. Any infection requires immediate medical attention and treatment after that.

Notably, the infection in a worst-case scenario could lead to loss of vision and hearing loss. It can also cause blood clotting around the brain. This situation can be fatal.


Most people experience cyclical and environmental allergies, which are beyond. These are a common cause of eyelashes discomfort and pain. When you’re exposed to allergens, your eyelashes may hurt.

Allergens interact with your immune system and irritate the eyelashes. Staying away from allergens protects your eyelashes from unnecessary pain and discomfort due to soreness.

Sometimes it may not be very easy to avoid allergens. However, you can take medications. Take antihistamines or decongestants to help minimize the pain. Also, get rid of those things likely to cause irritation to the eyes, such as woolen clothes.

Dry eyes

Most of the people with dry eyes might feel heaviness in their eyes. They also get constant irritations. It’s not surprising that the causes of dry eye have to do with the moisture content of the eyes.

It may cause the eyelashes to hurt. In addition, the lack of enough nutrients may cause dry eyes since your eyeballs will lack sufficient moisture. Also, tears evaporate too fast, leaving the eyes dry.

Dryness will cause your eyelashes to hurt. Ensure to lubricate your eyes with eye drops and take a break from a computer screen.


Why do eyelashes hurt? Part of the reason could be due to inflammation of the eyelashes. It can be caused by conditions such as sty and conjunctivitis.

A sty causes a lump in the eyelid, often near the eyelashes, and it can be painful. This lump can occur due to a clogged oil duct that gets infected by bacteria. The bump appears at the edge of your eyelid, then it bursts and causes your eyelashes to hurt. Sometimes it may be so severe to necessitate medical attention.

Conjunctivitis, on the other hand, is an inflammation of the lining of the eyelids. It results in eyelid swelling, and this hurts the eyelashes. Bacteria or viruses cause it. The eye and eyelid may have irritations, and the eyelashes will hurt. When a virus causes this condition, it can be contagious.

How to prevent eyelashes pain

Treating eyelashes infections can take time. Unfortunately, failure to treat could lead to irreversible damages. While some of these infections are unavoidable, simple sanitary practices could go a long way, ensuring your eyelashes are free from pain.

Below here, we highlight some of the precautionary measures. It’s essential to practice them to avoid damaging your eyelashes.

  • When the symptoms appear, visit your doctor without delay. Get checked to rule out any underlying issues and begin treatment immediately.
  • Always wash your face, hands, and remove makeups well. Use the recommended detergents designed for sensitive skin to avoid containing your eyelashes.
  • Remove your makeup every night before bed by using a hydrating makeup remover. Ensure you rub to take off stubborn mascara and eyeliner since they’re significant causes of eyelashes infections.
  • Use eye drops or cool cloths to soothe itchy eyes.

Treatment options 

If you’re in this kind of condition where the eyelashes are infected, you’ll be put on a treatment plan. Your eye doctor may give a number recommendation to relieve the eyelash pain. Generally, antibiotics treat such infections. 

Other possible treatments may include warm compresses, Antibiotic eye drops, and surgical procedures, and anti-inflammatory injection. Your doctor may also recommend quick procedures to relieve pain.

If your eyelashes hurt, then our vision may be at stake. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment. The conditions as mentioned earlier that cause eyelashes to hurt can lead to blindness.


Why do eyelashes hurt? Stinging or irritating eyelashes can add to your discomfort. They also deter you from getting adequate rest at night.

An excellent place to start is by researching why eyelashes hurt, and it’s possible to treat. If your eyelashes persistently irritate.

It can mean a severe underlying condition whenever your eyelashes hurt to consult your eye doctor to diagnose the condition.

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