How To Taper Jeans Without Sewing | 10 Easy Steps To Learn

Have you found pair of old jeans on your cupboard’s bottom shelf? Is it good but doesn’t fit you? So, what do you think about it? Well! You can reuse it, turning it into new stylish jeans pants. It is easy, but before, you have to know how to taper jeans.

Today I think to share some of my experience with you on how to tape my own jeans once. Yeah, a few weeks ago I also got a pair of old jeans pants in my wardrobe. It was very nice to see but loose. And then I thought, why I don’t try to fit it. I don’t have any idea how I can do it.

I research some YouTube tutorials and search in Google much more. After that, I have got a few perfect guides and try them in my own way. Successfully, I DIY my old jeans with a new pattern.

So, I think why I don’t share my process with you to apply on your old jeans pant. Move and talk about how to taper jeans at the ankle.

Why Taper Your Jeans?  

Why Taper Your Jeans

Before going to discuss on how to taper jeans by hand, you should know the exact reasons to taper jeans. Though you already fixed your mind to tape jeans, you must know the causes. It helps you to determine your decision right or wrong.

  • Save your money
  • Don’t store your jeans if they won’t fit
  • Make restyle your old jeans after weight lose
  • Make fashionable the jeans which bottom was widen
  • You can go with DIY tapered in a new style
  • Don’t throw away your old jeans   

Is It Possible To Taper Jeans?

Tapering jeans is really the toughest task but not impossible. There are so many machines and equipment which make it easy to tape your selvedge of baggy jeans. So, it is possible, but you should learn at first how to taper selvedge jeans.

How Much Does It Cost To Taper Jeans

How much to taper jeans? The price of taper mainly depends on few facts like:

  • How jeans are made
  • Fabric of jeans
  • What process needs to taper your jeans pant.

 If you go to any shop for tapering your jeans, it will cost about 3$ to 6$. Some shops charge much more than that rate. You also can do this at home yourself if you can gather essential ingredients. If you don’t have any previous skills, you can follow some tutorials from YouTube. I hope may this complete guide helps you enough.

Things You Need To Taper Jeans

Let’s start our main tasks and learn how to taper jeans without sewing. But at first, gather some essential ingredients that you need to tape your jeans by hand.

Required Tools:

  • Tailor’s chalk or removable fabric marking pen
  • French Curve
  • Sewing Pins
  • Extra-long steel clips
  • Measurement tape
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Seam roll

How to Taper Jeans? Step by Step Process

Now we reached our final section, where you learn how to taper jeans. Scroll and follow every step appropriately. Please don’t skip any one of them to get perfect DIY jeans pants?

Let’s get started to taper pants!

Step-1: Put Your Jeans

Before start making change your jeans, put them on inside out. Pull and squeeze extra fabric around the internal calf with an ankle area where you are thinking much narrow.

When the jeans pant is inside out, doing it is better because you will alter the inside seams to taper your jeans perfectly. 

Step-2: Mark the pinching area

Mark the pinching area

Using a removable fabric marker, mark dots in the straight line in the pinching area. Those dots have to start right below the knees and go on down to the bottom of the legs.

Keep pretty extra room around the thick part of the calf. Would you please not make them too tight to wear or take off?    

Step-3: Pin on dot line

Take off your jeans and pin on the dots line. It will keep both sides together and easy to sewing.

Step-4: Measure the heel

Measure the heel

Measure the foot around the heel. It is the minimum circumstance the pants leg will have to make them easy to put on or off. If you are worth at the ankle of easy taking away, you can make the jeans hem pretty small than the foot or heel measurement. Even if this stretch is denim, the hem won’t stretch as far as the rest of the jeans. 

Step-5 Undo the hem

Seam rips both hems and opens them for 1.5-inches on the line that you drew. Again do it on the new stitching line to the previous line. Then, unfold the hems, continue the traced stitching line down by the hem allowance, and pin it flat. 

Step-6: Stitch the layer

Prepare your needle and add the bobbin color you selected for your jeans pant. Now sew by hand and go straight line what you drew and pinned for effective sewing. Do it carefully so that your finger won’t get any accident for a sharp needle.  

Step-7: Sew the fabric together

Sew the fabric together

Sew the legs of the jeans together where you cut off the old stitched points. Do it slowly so that the finishing of your hand stitch will be looking good though it is pretty tough. But don’t worry, after sewing, it won’t be visible.

Step-8: Sewing both legs

After following the steps, sew both legs of your jeans pant. Try sewing with the right angle and the correct points so that the legs measurement will keep equal and perfect.

Step-9: Sew the hem

Sew the hem

Sew your opened hems. If you don’t have the exact color tread, you can choose a color that won’t appear in the denim color.

Step-10: Iron the whole sewing point

At last, paying a good finishing, iron the sewing line giving pretty pressure. Even you need to iron on the hem what you also sew by your hand. Hurry, you have created new DYI jeans pants. Try it wearing with your favorite t-shirt now. Good luck.

Don’t Do While Tapering Your Jeans.

Well! I have completed sharing my instruction on how to taper pants. And you may get every point, and I hope this guide will increase your interest to try with your older jeans. But you have to avoid some tasks while tapering jeans.


  • During computing how much too slim don’t put on the jeans.
  • Don’t forget to set up sewing pins on only fabric chalks
  • Don’t forget to eliminate the pins during sewing
  • Don’t skip the significance of sewing the outer line in a zigzag way.

Final Thoughts!

Finally, I have shared a complete guide with tips about how to taper jeans; what are you seeking? Now, get perfect fitted jeans simply for you. Following the steps, you will get new stylish and fashionable jeans pants at home without spending a single penny.

Save 30 minutes and save your money finding a bet of your old jeans. Wow!

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