Body Cream Vs Body Lotion – Get 7 Things to Compromise

Body cream Vs Body lotion, which one will be better? When your skin becomes dry or damaged, such more questions will come to your mind.

To repair and moisturize your skin, both formulas are the best always. They are great to keep your body soft, smooth, and healthy.

Therefore, they have pretty different, and you should know them before making any decision.
In this page, we will share with you the difference between body cream and body lotion. Then include one or two in your daily skincare routine.

Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

What is the difference between body cream and body lotion? Well! It is not a big difference. Both of them are body repairing and maintaining products for good skin. But there have some differences between them in functionality.

Scroll and know actually what differ them to use.

Body Cream

The body cream is heavier, thicker, and sticky mixer of water and oil. According to dermatology, the cream contains about 50% water and 50% oil. But the ratio of the cream can vary based on the ingredients like paraffin. Though cream is thicker, it needs to sell in a tube or container.

body cream vs body ltion

Works of cream

Creams penetrate your skin deeply. It makes a barrier on your skin and prevents loss of more moisturize. It tends to feel greasier. The heavier consistency creates a stronger blockade for your skin to keep hydrated.
Hydrated skin can cause safe your skin from wrinkles and helps to keep a natural glow. Body creams are extremely good to absorb your skin and lock the moisturizer which needs for healthy skin.

The body cream is used to treat or prevent dryness or cracked skin. If your skin is so dry, body cream can help your skin to moisturize. Cream supplies a strong blocked and ultra-hydration, giving the best result on dry skin or normal skin, even in winter.

Body cream provides the ultimate relief for dry or cracked skin tone. It helps to repair the damaged skin from the cold weather.

Body Lotion

Body lotions are less thick and sticky than body cream. Because the combination of oil and water of lotions is also less than cream. The lotion contains essential oil, aroma with other natural ingredients. 

Lotions are a moisturizing blend that combines skin-pampering nutrients with essential ingredients. They feel delicate and can absorb easily into our skin.  The lotion is the best choice for warmer weather. This form contains higher water, and so it comes with a bottle that will be poured out into the liquid form.

body lotion

Works of Lotions

The lotion is also good for our healthy skin, which is not dry very much. It is not to have a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin. Like creams, body lotions will make a barrier on the skin and prevent moisturizing loss.

Body lotions are a lighter form, and you can keep them in your daily skincare routine. The best lotions are essential and good for your skin because it feels light and comfortable even for the whole day.

The key fact of body lotion is that you can carry it anywhere and apply it where you need it. It lets you use it at home, in your class, or at your office because it absorbs quickly and easily. However, it takes few seconds to absorb but keeps your skin soft for a long time.

Before going to bed, apply body lotion is very important for getting soft and smooth skin in the morning. You can use it on your knees and elbows area if you notice dryness on those areas. For deeply nourished skin, the lotion is the best option. And for your dry skin, you can try CareVe Moisturizing lotion.

After showering, our skin normally becomes dry, and we lose our normal body moisturizer. At this time, applying body lotion is the best way. But after showering wet skin moisturizer body lotion will better which is specially made for wet skin. After showering, if you apply it, it helps lock your body moisturizer for the whole day long.  

Differences: Body lotion vs body cream

After discussing body cream and body lotion separately, we have understood what they are actually and their task on our skin. They are designed for close tasks means moisturizing our skin in different seasons. 

After all that, there have some differences between them, based on their ingredients, use, and significance.

  1. Difference inconsistency: Body cream is thicker and heavier than body lotion.
  2. Ingredients: Body lotions contain more water or less oil than body cream. Body cream contains more oil and less water, which makes this formula thicker.  
  3. Deeply moisturize: Body lotion is great to moisturize the surface of the skin. But deeply moisturizing, you have to apply a body cream, which is important for the cold area. 
  4. Thickness: Body cream is so thicker and heavier than body lotion. The body lotion is lighter and feels comfortable for a long time. 
  5. Skin protector: To repair dry or damaged skin, body cream and body lotion are the best options.
  6. Function: Apply heavy body cream on your arms, knees, and legs, where your skin tends to be very dry. But you should avoid its use on your face skin unless the face skin is not extremely dry.
  7. Apply based on the season: According to the dermatologist, apply the lighter body lotion in the warmer or summer season. But for the winter season or cold weather, you must choose the best body cream.  

Body cream vs lotion: Which one will be better?

Lotion vs body cream, which one will be better for a better result? It mainly depends on your skin’s requirements. If you need to give deep moisturization to repair your damaged skin, you should use body cream. The dryness or cracking of the skin happens in cold weather when body lotion can’t provide sufficient moisture that your skin needs. 

The body lotion is a lighter formula which hydrates your skin surface only.  We suggest using both of the formulas according to your needs. Both of them are important for skincare. But before going to use, you should pick the right products based on your skin type.


Body cream Vs body lotion. Yes, both are one kind of moisturizer that is the essential item for a regular skincare routine. Though there have not so many differences between them, you should have a clear idea about them before using them.

Well! The main difference between them is that cream is thicker than lotion, and they have to apply depending on season and skin types as well.

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