Whitehead vs blackhead | Know the Key Differences

Whitehead vs blackhead! It has turned into a regular topic searching online to the skin conscious peoples. Teenager to older, male to female, none is out from this topic. It has become a familiar topic for everyone nowadays.

Well! Whitehead and blackhead, both of them are worst for our skin. They are sorts of clogged pores that improve as skin pores and become clogged with extra oil, dead skin cell, and other dirt and debris. Both of them are classified as non-inflammatory acne.

But what are the differences between them? Let’s know about it from this post and try to learn the cause of development and treatment of them.

What is Whiteheads?

Whitehead vs blackhead

Whiteheads are pretty small but firm and known as closed comedones. They appear white, yellow, or red on their edges but not appear bigger like papules or inflammatory acne.

When the clogged pores are closed, the dead skin, sebum materials, and bacteria trapped in that pore collects and seems like a firm white bump at your surface of the skin that called whiteheads.

What is Blackhead?

What is Blackhead

Blackheads are really like whiteheads with clogged pores and filled with excess oil, dead skin, bacteria, and sebum materials.

But when the clogged pores remain open, the dead skin cell and sebum reveal to the oxygen. This mixture includes melanin that turns into black, which is known as blackhead or open comedo.

Differences: Whitehead Vs Blackhead

Whitehead Vs blackhead. What is the difference between them? Let’s know. 

1. How Do They Look?

Mostly distinction is appearance. Each of them is looking like an acne that gets their name from their appearance.

Blackhead: A blackhead just looks like small size black dots in the skin. At a glance, it easily makes confusion with dark stubble but remembers that the blackheads can be surrounded by light discoloration.

The acne’s black portion naturally comes from melanin, and it is not impossible because blackhead is not closed off but clogged pores.

Whitehead: It forms similarly, but the acnes aren’t revealed to the air. In this place, its form is closed with follicles, and for this reason, the melanin can’t oxidize, and everything stays white.

In particular, the whiteheads get its name as the sebum increase begins pushing its way towards the closed pore.

2. Where Do They Appear?

Whitehead: A whitehead can appear anywhere on your body like Nose, chin, or forehead that are known as T-zone. The particular oily parts, like your face, can be prone to acne. You also can improve the whiteheads on:

  • Your chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders &
  • Arms

Blackhead: Blackheads typically appear on the body’s surface look like black or dark dots, especially on the face. But they also can be seen in the following parts of your body:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Shoulders

3. What Are The Symptoms?

Contact into the air makes an enormous distinction between whiteheads and blackheads.

Blackheads: Blackheads usually are smaller and buildup with less pressure under your skin. The lack of uneasiness and symptoms lets blackheads to go unseen. If you let gone them alone for a long time, they would increase too much and become large than regular whiteheads.

Whiteheads:  With whiteheads, you will get many symptoms, and you can’t ignore them anyway. The pressure improves closed follicle and can cause swelling, uneasiness, and even headaches.

The second element – increase in force and lack of air exposure that makes them more liable to infection. For this reason, every dermatologist in this world suggests you not to pop them. When you will do it, your skin can breach, and the infection risk goes up extensively.   

Causes: Whitehead Vs Blackhead

Whiteheads and blackheads both of them contain a similar substance, just different in color for the air and caused by similar conditions.

The causes are:

  • Hormones change can improve from excess oils and dead skin than pores can hold; people find whitehead and blackhead.
  • By blocking or covering the pores using excess cosmetic create blackheads.
  • Excessive sweating from exercise, heat, and stress may cause pores.
  • Shaving and other products open the hair follicles.
  • High-humidity and grease
  • A few health conditions, like polycystic ovarian syndrome, make blackheads in our bodies.
  • Medication encourages rapid skin cell turnover.
  • Drugs, alcohol use can be the cause of blackheads.
  • Puberty, hormonal change, and pregnancy are the leading cause of whiteheads and blackheads.

Remove: Whitehead Vs Blackhead


Though it is appealing to pinch and squeeze the skin to remove the whiteheads, it is not the best way to do it. Popping whiteheads without including proper tools and tips can lead to other bacteria into the pores.

Step-1: Use a cleanser

To remove whiteheads, you have to use cleanser your pore clarifying. Salicylic acid is an ideal way to exfoliate the skin and reduce excess oil from your face.

If your skin is oily and creates a lot of sweat during the day, use a perfect cleanser for effective cleansing during the day and at night to avoid extra bacteria on the face.

Step-2: Use scrub      

You can add right scrub lastly and scrub gently for exfoliating your skin. To better the result, you should use it in the weekly routine that helps you to remove dead skin cells and clog your pores. But keep in mind that over-exfoliating can spoil the skin.


Remove blackheads is pretty different from whitehead removal tricks.

Step-1: Cleanser & Strips

Cleaners and exfoliating scrub also can remove blackheads just like whiteheads. But you also should add spore strips in your daily skincare routine to remove blackheads immediately.

Step-2:  Facial Mask

If your blackheads are caused by excess oily skin, you need to add a facial mask with clay in your daily skincare routine.

It helps to absorb the extra oil that creates the blackheads. For the best result you should try the best blackhead removal .

Stop: Whitehead Vs Blackhead


Besides trying to remove whiteheads, you must follow a few tips to stop growing or increasing more whiteheads. For this, you have to track the sequence below.

  • Wash your face regularly but properly
  • To remove excess oil and bacteria, you have to make sure to wash your face morning and night using a face wash.
  • If you have to out for the whole day and have to stay busy, you need to wash your face more often.
  • For cleansing your face correctly, carry a cleansing cloth with you to refresh your skin any time.
  • Avoid touching your skin all time.
  • Maintain a balanced diet with healthy fats and a lot of protein that support your healthy skin


To stop growing or improving blackheads, you have to maintain a few tricks like:

  • You should maintain a daily, weekly, and monthly skincare routine.
  • Focus on removing excess oil, dirt, and dead skin because those three factors are the main reason the blackheads
  • Use cleanser, scrub, and face mask depending on your routine.
  • If you have to stay busy with your daily jobs and don’t have enough time, face normal water thrice or more to remove dirt and oil from your face.
  • To maintain refreshes on your skin, eat healthy food, and drink sufficient water regularly.

Key Takeaway: Whitehead Vs Blackhead

After a brief discussion above about whitehead Vs blackhead, let’s take a quick way:

  • Both of them create for bacteria, sebum elements, and dead skin cells slogging plus irritating the pores.
  • Don’t try to eliminate them by popping your skin.
  • Clean your face using cleanser including salicylic acid two times a day with facial wipes
  • Wear non-comedogenic make up with sunscreen during the day to stop producing from clogging the pores
  • Treat your skin using a facial mask at least two times a week for deep pore cleansing.
  • Pore strip is an ideal way for blackhead removal but works less for whiteheads.

Final Thought!

Well! Thanks for continuing with us, and hope you have enjoyed knowing whitehead Vs blackhead. Now you have known all about both of them and also learn how to deal with them appropriately.

So, make a routine and follow small tips and tricks to keep away from oil, dirt, and bacteria the whole day.

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