Low vs High Cheekbones – Best Detail Analysis

Quite often, the structure of the face has been used to describe a person’s beauty. Here, we explore further as to whether low vs. high cheekbones is measures of beauty.

Low vs high cheekbones

In the world today, they are many things that come into play in determining beauty in a person. One crucial factor is the appearance of the cheekbone. Some people consider high cheekbones as attractive and confident.

Others are of the view that a high cheekbone as appealing and an indication of sexual maturity. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to expound on the differences between high cheekbones vs low cheekbones.

We’ll look at the debate low vs. high cheekbones and ways to enhance low cheekbones to make them appealing. Keep reading.


Cheekbones, an overview

The shape or structure of your face is determined by several factors, which include genetic and racial background. The cheekbone structure is classified into two, high cheekbone and low cheekbone.

Every person has bones structures known as malar bones situated below their eyes that accentuate your cheeks. These bones contribute to your attractiveness. The differences come in when the bones are either too low or high.

High cheekbones

Where the line of cheekbone appears below the eye or at the upper part of the nose, you’re classified as having a high cheekbone.    

If your cheekbone is high, the portion beneath your eyes is wide, and the bone structure is noticeable to the observer. The cheeks tend to dip below your cheekbone and may even create a shadow as you turn your eyes down. 

You can look at the mirror to locate your cheekbones. Press your fingers gently from up downwards on either side of your face. If the bone falls directly underneath the eyes and where the nose starts, then you have a high cheekbone.

In other words, the cheekbone’s line appears right below the eye or on the upper part of your nose.

Low cheekbonesĀ Ā 

Where the malar bones rest closer to the bottom of the nose, then, this is a low cheekbone.  

Where the cheekbone lies on the lower part of your nose, then you’ve got a low cheekbone. The malar bone is located towards the tail part of the nose. 

You can locate a check bone through a simple procedure. Using one hand, place your thumb at the tragus part of the ear while the forefinger is directly below your nostrils.

Move the two fingers towards each other until they meet. Your cheekbone is along the line made by these fingers.

Which cheekbone is more attractive?

Low vs high cheekbones, which is more attractive? High cheekbones indicate a more symmetrical face and are widely considered more appealing in both men and women. However, this is not to mean that a person with a low cheekbone is unattractive.Ā Ā 

Some adults with round faces are appealing despite having low cheekbones. Some people with high cheekbones may seem unattractive due to other factors.

These may be due to sagging cheeks, untoned facial skin, or aging. Women with high cheekbones tend to look manlier and have a chisel appeal. That’s why many women with low cheekbones opt to enhance beauty through different procedures. Using ultrasound cavitation machine is one of the safest way to enhance facial beauty.

Significance of high and low cheekbonesĀ  Ā 

Low vs high cheekbones, all depends on how different people and societies interpret. To Asians, high cheekbone is an indicator of energy and strength. Such a group is considered attractive and more gallant to the community.

Americans consider a high cheekbone as an indication of beauty, intelligence, and confidence. The symmetrical face it creates makes an individual stand out significantly as compared to the low cheekbone.

In other places, high cheekbones it implies maturity. In women, it portrays sexual maturity in a woman and her capacity to produce a family.     

Low cheekbone individuals are deemed anti-social and less motivating. Most people with low cheekbones appear as mean and conservative. They seem like people who confine everything to themselves and appreciate what comes out of them.Ā 

How to correct low cheekbones?

Because people view low cheekbones as unattractive, it can lead to low esteem. However, they’re correctable through various procedures.

Correction through implants

An implant is a procedure done at a health facility by a qualified surgeon. The aim is to raise the cheekbones by inserting body tissues or silicone to the lower areas.

It helps in making these parts noticeable and improving appearance. The implant helps highlight the cheekbone while highlighting the cheeks.

A sub malar implant procedure is ideal since the surgeon inserts silicone beneath your cheekbones. Consequently, this increases the volume in your cheeks.

Dermal Filler procedure


This procedure is different from an implant in that it doesn’t involve surgery. It’s less invasive, and the surgeon augments your cheekbones.

The physician injects a filler material inside the cheeks. This filler can be natural, which most people prefer. It can also be a synthetic material.

The filler can last many months or even years, depending on the quality. The advantage of the filler is that it doesn’t dissolve, and therefore it’s safe to use. 

Dermal filler is a delicate procedure that must be carried out by a qualified surgeon. Keep in mind that it’ll change your appearance, and a mistake is not irreversible.

It’s vital to talk to your doctor during the operation if you feel things are not going the right way. You can also use a mirror to keep checking on the progress.

Use of cosmetics

If you’re not sure about the medical procedures, you can enhance the look of your cheekbones by the use of cosmetics.

However, this is just temporary and requires daily contouring. Makeup helps in emphasizing the look of your cheekbones, and contouring shapes the structure of the face.

You may need some foundation cream, a brush, and highlighters. You can visit a beauty parlor so that they can contour your face depending on the location of the cheekbones.

Bottom line

Low vs high cheekbones? Thereā€™s hope for individuals with low cheekbones. With several procedures out there, it’s possible to enhance the appeal of your cheekbones.

Cosmetic products are temporary options. However, for a more permanent solution, a medical procedure is necessary. Before taking any procedure, it’s essential to understand the implications and risks.

There are possible outcomes in that it’ll enhance your appearance. The overall goal is to make you more attractive, besides boosting your confidence level.

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