High Vs Low Cheekbones – Which Look You Should Choose

As we are aware about this that people should not to judge based on their looks. As the saying goes, elegance is only deep-skin. In that case, somebody’s presence doesn’t tell us how pleasant they are. How trustworthy, though or something else about their personalities.

But the way a person appears, it is difficult to overlook. Something that allows us wants to show them for good looking people. You can’t take a stunning star, actress or designer away from our sight. Elegance, thus, has control over us. What is aristocracy, however?

Facial appearance was observed to be appealing in people, and men desired full lips, high forehead, large jaw, small chin, small nose, thin and slender ears, straight neck, smooth skin and dark eyes.

Anyways, so it’s always been a debate whether high cheekbone looks good or the low one. If you’re confused, this write up will tell you everything you need to know about high vs low cheekbones.


High vs Low Cheekbones? Which is More Attractive?

The pattern of your cheekbone starts just behind or at the upper side of your nose if you have high cheekbones. Large cheekbones are positioned either to the nose bottom or sometimes below. If the larger portion of your face is just below your lips, you also get high cheekbones.

Cheek should not be too high or too low. The profile as well as front should be proportional to the nose and the lower lip. The groove should not be too broad between the cheekbones and the bottom lip. Jawline should be well structured but not too noticeable in jaw angles. Symmetrical cheek bones are beyond eye pleasing.

The zygomatic bone or cheekbones are the leading portion of the face below the eyes that highlight the facial structure. That human being has such bone structures that add to its facial appeal. The distinction is the location of these high or low malar or cheekbones are the leading portion of the face below the eyes.

Let’s Talk About High Cheekbones!

The largest portion of their profile is under their eyes with people with high cheekbones. You are considered to have high cheekbones if your cheekbones are close to your eyes.

If your ears that are subtly bowed beneath their noses, rendering them visible. Sometimes the drop will create a shadow that exposes the malar bones or cheek bones more.

This is one of the fundamental structures in the correlation between beauty and cheekbones: the development of the cheekbone is directly linked to our human growth.

Which are the broad cheekbones known ethnic groups?

European, Asian and Native American ethnic groups have high cheekbones. Most European, Asian and Indian ethnic groups feature high cheekbones. This is just a fun fact I thought you would enjoy. 


Let’s Talk About Low Cheek Bones!

Lower cheekbones correspond to cheekbones which lie closer to your nose’s edge. The frameworks below your skin, including the cheekbones are your cheekbones. If your cheekbones are similar to your jaw, strong cheekbones are called. Lower cheekbones are cheekbones which are similar to the lower end of the nose.

Are You Eager to Improvise Your Facial Structure?

If yes! Then scroll a little bit more for more info.

There’s no need to say something about you with high cheekbones or low cheekbones. Your racial and hereditary heritage plays a significant role in defining your profile. Many cultures value growing facial characteristics as representations of traditional appearance, such as high or low cheekbones.


Surgical Procedure

Implant is a procedure where the physician puts in certain parts of the body tissue or external artifacts to render those components are accessible.

Cheek implants can be extracted and rendered from silicone. The surgeon can also choose to use fillers or equipment solely bound to the cheekbones. Scarring is often a problem with cheek implants as the surgeon may embed the implant in the mouth or in the lower eyelid by an incision.

The key objective of an implant for a cheek bone is to highlight the cheekbones and to help them. The surgeon places an artificial material, like silicone, on the cheek bone throughout that screening process.

Please note that the sub-malar is not the cheekbone implant. The physician implants the metallic substance underneath the cheekbones in a sub-malar injection.

makeup tricks

Makeup Tricks!

Ask a girl who isn’t fond of makeup?

Trust me or not, makeup can do miracle. By using contour powder or bronzer powder, you can easily make your cheekbones pop.

You will need to concentrate on finding the perfect shade of the contour. Hold the brush right up to the end of the eyebrows. Then strike the brush to chisel your cheekbones. But I would suggest you to choose the perfect shade of contour powder to make it look natural.

You now must find a bronzer that is two to three shades darker depending on your complexion. Place the bronzer seamlessly below your hairline, until you hit entire length of your cheekbone. Recall that the contour powder should not reach into the cheekbone region in this stage.

Cosmetic techniques vary from transient and relatively cheap to more extensive and pricey. Keep in mind that high cheekbones or low cheekbones are not a signifier of your appeal.



Botox help to maintain lost volumes to cheekbones or can only be used to be very nicely accentuated.

Basically, it is the plumps, holes and slings that are formed as the fat pad of old-fashioned cheeses. All fillers can do is recover the strength of missing lips, which raises the face up and eliminates wrinkles.

One of the newest discoveries as an asset for Botox is contouring the mouth. Botox will target the master muscles, may them and render the cheek and cheek more flexible. Those with a painted face also use this to get their perfect angular face.

Wrapping Up!

Now that I’ve told you about High VS Low Cheekbones, I’m going to wrap it up by saying that it really doesn’t matter what type of cheek bones you have (high or low).

It’s completely emotional approach of elegance. It actually varies from person to person. It might be attractive for some people but on the other hand it might seem quite normal for others.

So, now if you prefer high cheek bone look, you have already got a ton of ideas about how to locate your cheekbones and surgical methods as well as maquillage strategies to accentuate them.

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