Setting Powder VS Setting Spray: Which Is Suitable for You

Have you noticed you need to retouch your makeup every hour? Sometimes it becomes fad about halfway by the day? Or does it entirely gone at the end of the day?

Yes? Well, it’s a common issue for every woman, not for only you. You can find a ton of products that are available in the market to fix this issue.

But more efficiency products are setting spray and setting powder. Both of them are benefited to make your makeup long-lasting. Now you can think which one will more efficient according to your skin tone?

Not need to think more. This post will show you setting powder VS setting spray. From here, you can decide what you should do or not.

Let’s take a short journey and see the final.

Setting powder VS setting spray

Below we have discussed setting powder vs setting spray that will help you to know them separately. And you can use them when you want and need to set up your face makeup.

Setting Powder

What is it?

According to beauty experts, your skin creates extra oils that make your makeup spoil within a short time. And setting powder was made to absorb this excess oil and moisture from the face. You can set up your makeup for the last-long using the setting powder that saves your makeup from melting of fading.

setting powder

This powder needs to apply using an airbrushed on your face where you like to matte finish. It works to set up the foundation, cream, and liquid that you have used in your makeup. Several types of shade are available that you can take to warm up your used foundation and lucid versions. 

Who use it?

Most of the time, if our face is oily, we become so upset, and we think makeup is useless for us because oily skin makeup to bleed the whole day. But setting powder has changed this idea of us.   

setting powder for oily skin

The aim of setting powder is to struggle against extra oil. So it is ideal for oily skin tone or combination skin. It works well to hold the foundation in place for a long time. After makeup, if you apply setting powder as a finishing touch, it will work as the best bet for the whole day long.

The experts also suggest that after using the setting powder, your skin becomes much brighter even under eyes. The ingredients of it are great to soft and texture-less effects on your skin.

How to use it?

How to apply it? It is so simple. When you will finish your makeup after applying foundation, blush, highlighter, or any other products, swirl your airbrush gently on the powder and apply it on the face. Brush the powder smoothly with slow motion. But, notice so that it can be used in those areas where tend to create oil like nose side or check.

Setting Spray

What is it?

A setting spray is a liquid material that was designed to keep the makeup in place. It allows you to spray your whole skin, including your eyes and lips. It will provide a soft and dewier effect than the setting powder. It is colorless and can add a minimal texture to your skin.

setting spray

When have you used it? Yes, it is also applied after finishing your makeup completely. This spray is also well for elongates a longer time the makeup to last. It’ll be used to increase the light of your makeup.

The setting spray is so lightweight and can’t feel any irritating to use it. It works to set up your makeup in place for a long time. But it can’t absorb your make up at all.  

Who use it?

Usually, all of our skin tones aren’t the same. Some of our oily and some are dry, and so on. We have already known setting powder is ideal for oily or combination skin tone. But setting spray is ideal for all types of skin tone whatever, it is dry or oily. The aim of setting spray is to infuse any skin complexion and moisture.

setting spray for dry face

There are several types of spray available according to the skin tone. They are ideal for all types’ skin, especially dry skin. If your skin has a tendency to flake or get uneven patches, particularly in winter, the setting spray works to add a layer of moisture on your skin.

Setting spray will also work to control the extra oil of the oily skin or combination skin. It makes your skin so softer and moisturizes that will help your skin to glow and shine much more. If you want to make your makeup longer even the whole day, you can use a setting spray to hold your makeup in place and also cold condition.

How to use it?

Complete your make up at first and then use a setting spray as a final touch overall your face, including eyes, neck, forehead, and even lips also. Don’t worry, and it won’t spoil your lipstick anyway. But keep in mind you should spray from a safe distance, not too closer place. Spray for twice one after one to dry and set the whole makeup perfectly.

So, which will ideal for you?

The Setting powder vs setting spray which one will ideal for you? Well, while setting powder is ideal for oily and combination skin tone, the setting spray is comfortable for dry skin. So, you should know about your skin tone and use anyone. But we recommend you if you desire to set up your makeup for the whole day long, you can apply both of them.

Benefits of Setting powder and setting spray

From setting powder vs setting spray, we have found a few dissimilar between of them. But both of them have a ton of benefits. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • They work to lock up makeup in place for a long time
  • The setting spray keeps your makeup so fresher the whole day without any retouching.
  • Setting powder works to reduce and absorb excess oil from oily skin.
  • Both of them are ideal for making your makeup face to look more mats.
  • Setting spray is a perfect product that works to keep the mascara or eye makeup and lipstick in place.
  • You can be used the setting spray as a highlighter.
  • Setting powder and setting spray both of them will work as a protector against bacteria and various impurities. They can keep your skin well and healthy for a long time.


We think this “setting powder vs setting spray” post has changed your previous idea about the best makeup, and you have learned what you have to do for better and long-lasting makeup. 

Hopefully, you may ready now to enjoy your whole day, whatever you are in your office or any occasion.

We wish you have like our efforts. So, have a good day with long-lasting makeup.

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