How to Fix Asymmetrical Face – Reasons and Treatments

We have accepted a ton of questions about “How to fix Asymmetrical face” from our audiences. So, thought, we should write our experiences for them about this factor.

Most of the people, including a few of my friends, have asymmetrical faces. Some of them have naturally where a few got it for some reason.

However, our team has spent a lot of time on it and tried to seek the correct solution and has won some practical results.

Below we have shared them with you so that you can also find out the best way to fix asymmetrical face.  

Keep reading and learn several treats of it.

What is Asymmetrical face?

Look your face on photo or mirror; if you notice your features didn’t line up perfectly, your face will be called an asymmetrical face.

How to Fix Asymmetrical Face

What happened?

Look, one ear show bigger than the other; one side of the nose might have sharper than another side. They aren’t showing perfectly in the mirror, and it is called an asymmetrical face.  

Have shocked to hear it the first time?

Wait! It’s not a big issue, and all of us have a few particular angels of asymmetry on our faces. But it is not common when you can see, and some faces are asymmetry for a few unwanted reasons such as injury, stroke, smoking, and like many more factors. Noticeable asymmetry face is the reason for severe conditions.

Reasons for Asymmetrical face

There are various potential reasons for serious asymmetry faces:

  • Aging
  • Stroke
  • Smoking
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Sun damage
  • Getting dental veneers
  • Poor posture during sleeping
  • Genetic also a common reason
  • Stressors during physical improvement
  • Trauma that responsible for breaking the nose

According to medical science, the asymmetrical face is multi-factorial. It is usually connected to a few combinations of variations in facial length, skeletal shape, muscular size, and subcutaneous volume.

How to Fix Asymmetrical Face

1.Cosmetic Procedure Treat

How to fix asymmetrical face? It has no direct treatment or any medical invention. Even so, if anyone so concerns with their asymmetrical front, they can try a few cosmetic procedure treats.


Tissue imbalance or muscle weakness though, isn’t permanent reasons but can eventually fade. Inserting fillers into the face by injection, it can be solved.

Botox is an injection that well-known as a nonsurgical option. Many people use it to raise their eyebrows and to prevent wrinkles though it doesn’t work for wrinkles at all.

Botox, a muscle relaxant, is involved with a toxin produced by bacteria but won’t last without ¾ months only.

Facial Implements

Facial implements can also be considered as another option. If anyone has asymmetrical facial, they can try this option. Surgeons can use implants so that it can give a look of stability in the face. According to the surgeon and medical science, surgeons can work to increase the chin, jaw, and even cheeks.

Facial implements usually contain permanently like silicone, gels, plastics, metals, and proteins.

Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping or a nose job or rhinoplasty option can give an asymmetrical look. Surgeons can carry out some procedure that can do the following jobs:

  • Help anyone to take breathe
  • Accurate the broken nose that has incorrect already
  • Change the look of the nose if it didn’t have any correct shape

The result of this option is permanent for a while. It can be back to the previous shape over time.

2. HomeMade Treatment

An asymmetrical face is a natural appearance, whereas it isn’t responsible for indicating any particular health issue. A few people’s asymmetrical faces can be lead to a low self-value.

Some asymmetrical face is allowed to use home remedies that will give the face much more symmetrical look. Some treat discussed below.


If you are thinking of uneven features, you can try makeup to give a right looking balance. Some makeup techniques like contouring or highlighting, and they will assist you in reducing asymmetries.

Eyelids glue or tape

Variable eyelids are a standard incidence. Using eyelid glue or tape on a sagging eyelid can be able to lift the skin to give symmetry look.

Facial practices

Some people have shared their experience on social media about some facial practice that must help the face to look more symmetrical. Though there has no medical proof, this thinking can work because muscle weakness can remove by facial exercise regularly.

3.  Dental Treat

How to fix asymmetrical face? Dental treatment can work to fix this issue. There are various types of dental procedures available such as underbites, overbites, and jaw expansion.

  • In underbites, the jaw comes forward and will make an unbalanced look.
  • In overbites, the lower lip will come forward and make a gap between the topper and the lower teeth.
  • In jaw, expansion can be the reason of sunken cheeks and narrow jaws.

The dentist can fix facial asymmetry with leaving surgery even for serious cases.

  • Skip Bad Habit

If you are still thinking about how to fix asymmetrical face without any surgery, you have to avoid some bad habits. A few bad habits are responsible for the asymmetrical face. You should skip them such as:

  • Skip chewing foods only one side all the time. If you chew the left side regularly, the muscles of the right side will weaken. Chew the foods equally on both sides.
  • Skip sleeping only one side. Sleeping on the back, and it is the best exercise for your face.
  • Use your hand to give pressure your backbone when you sit on the seat. Skip sit without giving any back.
  • Skip carrying any load using one arm. Use two arms to carry the weight equally.
  • Skip pressuring all the weight of the body on your butt that is uneven too.
  • Skip using the phone for a long time. Poor posture is the result of it. This habit can weaken your neck and face muscles. 


If you are concern about your asymmetrical face and thinking about how to fix the asymmetrical face, we hope you have gotten all satisfactory and from this post.

When you know the main cause of your asymmetrical face, we expect you will get a great solution from the following options.

Don’t worry. Just sit back and think actually what should do you now – cosmetic procedure, home remedies, or dental treatment. 

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