How To Use A Bath Bomb? – 8 Easy Steps You Should Follow

We can quickly learn what does a bath bomb comprise of, how does it react with water and other characteristics of bath bombs, but the real question is how to use a bath bomb?

First, let’s explore – what is a bath bomb?

A bath bomb is a tight packet amalgamation of several ingredients that, when immersed in the water, begin to contribute to the formation of fizz. It primarily consists of a bicarbonate base and a weak acid which are unreactive when in a dry state. But when dissolved in water, they react vigorously and consistently fizz for 7 to 10 minutes. 

how to use a bath bomb

Ninety percent of bath bombs have ingredients that have been added to impart a pleasant fragrance and color to the water. Once you are done using a bath bomb, there is no need to shower. Except for if the bath bomb comprised of flower petals, intense color, and oils – you can have a quick 2-minute shower to wash off the remnants.

Keep in mind that bath bombs do contribute to the cleansing of your skin due to its emollients and softeners. The majority of ingredients will leave a positive effect but will also leave the skin pampered and wanting more.

Step by step how to use a bath bomb

Step 1

Choose a bath bomb that suits your vibe, requirement, and ambiance. They come in spherical shapes along with either shea butter, colored flower petals, glitter, or lavender scents. Whether you want a specific color, fragrance, shape, or size (larger bath bombs can be sliced for usage several times), they are all available. 

Many bath bombs contain oil like almond oils and butter, such as cocoa butter in the insides; these additional ingredients help in softening and smoothening of the skin.

These additional ingredient bath bombs are usually made for people with dry skin, as the extra moisture contributes to regaining their skin’s natural texture.

Few common ingredients you will find in bath bombs are :

  • Herbs and powdered salts that help in nourishment and moisturization of the skin.
  • Butters like shea butter, almond butter, cocoa butter, and skin texture revamping oils such as coconut oil and almond oil.
  • For setting the perfect ambiance and inducing an aura of peace and relaxation, attractive and mood uplifting additives such as flower petals and mild glitter can be present.
  • While in the bathtub, why not treat yourself with a dose of aromatherapy? Look out for bath bombs that inculcate the usage of positivity-inducing oils such as rose, chamomile, cinnamon, and lavender.

Step 2

Keep in mind, the whole purpose of adding flower petals is not focused on ensuring they float in the water while you bathe, this can lead to difficulty in draining the water post-bath.

The actual reason flower petals are added to bath bombs is because they release a rose-like fragrance that hovers around the bathroom and builds up to a very relaxing and awakening atmosphere.

To make sure that no petals get stuck in the drain, simply wrap the bath bomb in a nylon stocking or cloth. This lets the oils, scents, and ingredients seep out through the pores of the fabric and mix with the water.

After finishing your bath, simply dispose of the bag or attempt recycling it.

Step 3

Bath bombs can be a costly affair, especially when you purchase a high-end one that imparts wonderful and mesmerizing fragrances while also fizzing by just the perfect amount. No more wondering about how to use a bath bomb? You have a choice to be economical by chopping the bath bomb in half using a sharp-knife and storing it in a jar for your next bath.

Ensure the jar is airtight and has no moisture present, as this will lead to the fizzing process to begin in the jar itself.

Step 4

If you are setting up the bathtub for yourself, then choose a temperature and water level that suits your wants. Do not make the water too hot or too cold; neither should you maintain a water level that is too shallow or too elevated.

If you take frequent naps while bathing in a bathtub, then please consider filling lesser than usual water. This is because the fizz generated by the bath bomb leads to a higher liquid level in the tub, and in case you fall asleep, and it becomes straightforward to drown.

Step 5

Now you can finally drop the bath bomb in the water. You will notice that it has automatically begun fizzing and bubbling by far. Give it a few minutes, and you will see that it has already started to breakdown and is slowly disintegrating in the water.

In another few moments, you can enter the bathtub and enjoy the pleasures that the bubbles and excessive fizz contribute to. By now, the salts, oils, butter, and fragrance would all be active and mixed with the water.

Step 6

You can enter the bathtub either after the bath bomb has completely dissolved, or even while it is yet fizzing and you can notice that its effects are not entirely in play.

Lay back in a comfortable position or as you please. Read a book, grab a snack, have a drink, or scroll on your smartphone while the magical ingredients do the job on your body.

Step 7

Once the water begins to cool down, you must leave the bathtub and begin to drain the water. If you stay in the water for too long, then wrinkle formation will occur. It is not necessary to shower once you are out of the bathtub, but if there was intense color or glitter used, then you can consider a shower for a couple of minutes.

Step 8

Once you are out of the bathtub and have completed the optional shower, you can rinse your tub with a sponge to scrub off the dye residues and colors, if any.

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Conclusion & Additional Uses

This is how to use a bath bomb. If followed, expect no problems and hassle-free bathing experience. You can also use a bath bomb for other purposes such as setting up a spa vibe, clearing sinus, aromatherapy, or as a bathroom air freshener.

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