wearing a wig for the first time – Everything You Need to Know

Sit back, relax, and have a cup of coffee or tea whatever you prefer! This article is going to be a fun tour of fashion and new trends. In this era of fashion, women are drawn towards experimenting with new things every day; just like wearing a wig! Well! This is not an easy task to be done. Even the experienced fashionistas struggle when it comes to wigs.

If you don’t wear it perfectly, it turns into a disaster trust me! But if you get a good hang of wearing wig, you are the star of the show.

Here I am going to give you some useful tips and tricks on how to wear a wig without any difficulties. Are you ready? Then follow my lead!

wearing a wig for the first time
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Beginners Tips on Wearing Wig

If you are a newbie, wearing a perk is a frightful experience. Even most girls with experience can be clumsy when it comes to wearing a wig. It is okay to not be able to wear perfectly at your first attempt. Honestly, it takes quite a while to be skilled.

But you don’t need to worry about it at all. You can easily join your beautiful new wig with the right tips, wig experience, and style expertise. My first suggestion for wig wearers is to have patience and I will ensure that you reach your very own simple look and trustfully wear it.

Things you need to know before wearing a wig

  • Wig cap
  • Trimming wig lace
  • Split or parting the hair of the wig
  • Make it look natural
  • Get a perfect sized wig cap

You may want an artful transformation between your natural hair color and pattern, if you wear a wig for the first time try choosing something similar as possible to your hair color and cut and that will make you feel a bit more accustomed to the new framework. After you master the tactics you can try out new styles.

The perfect measurement is very important to make the wig more natural. In terms of size, the average is our most prevalent choice. Roughly 85 percent of consumers go for an average cap size of 20 to 23. Even if you don’t fall into this rigorous fit, all of our ladies’ wigs come with modifiable pull bands that provide you with around an inch or two either way so that your wig can be constricted or slackened to fit your head effortlessly.

So, don’t forget to check on at the wig size guide to discover the full range of wig sizes and get you the perfect fit.

Benefits of Wearing a Wig

  • Saves money of hair salon
  • You can change your style anytime & anyway
  • The wig is easily washable
  • You can color it without any hesitation
  • You can trim it or keep a long length
  • A wig is not very pricey
  • Saves your time
  • Wig protects your natural hair & scalp

Many people find it handy when it comes to wearing a wig because wigs have their perk. It prevents hair fall & protects hair from heat, dirt, and UV rays. The trend for all wig issues comes from social media. It is an irreplaceable source for preachers, producers, and suppliers, as you can see their promotion splendidly.  

Some people find it very fascinating and it is certainly for its perk, for instance, when you go to the store or a social event, you can quickly put on a wig alongside you can wear a wig on daily basis, maybe for a photo shoot or even at home.

If you aim to wear wigs every day, you might want to have more than 2 sets of wigs. So, you have a backup when you wash one particular set. Also, you can switch and swap your wigs thus; you have a new hairstyle every day because the more you wear a wig the more it gets dull and if you use styling tools like hair iron or curling iron it will get damaged eventually. Moreover, you can choose from different styles to keep things interesting.

Types of wigs

Before purchasing a wig, you might want to consider what sort of wigs you prefer because every type of wigs has its perks so look into every nook and cranny before getting your hands on them.

  • Natural human hair
  • Synthetic hair
  • Heat protecting hair wig

Facts about Wearing Wig

It is not easy to choose the one suitable for you, where there is an enormous variety of daily wear wigs on the market. But you have to be cautious before buying wigs, you should to be vigilant; after all, it will give your face a new framework.

The appearance of the wig is not only the prime factor; style, quality, duration, and so many more things comes to the consideration.

Set it like a pro!

Do not an entire day to position your wig into the right place. Glide your wig on your head, use wig clips to keep it attached for a long time. If you do this procedure wrong, your wig may look unnatural & artificial.

Ear tabs are contained within on wigs to chaperon your wig’s placement. If the tabs on both sides of your face are at the same place, your wig placement is probably accurate. Besides, ear tabs are typically metal or plastic parts that can help you to attach your wig. If the sections adhere to both sides, please even out them with a hair comb or brush for the most realistic look according to your face.

Use concealer close to your skin color to the partition or hairline of your wig. It will add a skin-like effect to your wig and give an illusion of a real scalp.

Then again, if you want it to look more natural give a flyaway look by pressing your fingers down the top on the wig. It will also add volume & fluffiness.

End Terms

Do you still think the wearing wig is a very tough job? I assume you don’t! It is not rocket science. You just need to gather some knowledge & practice to get a good hang of it. Pay a little heed to the detailing and you are good to go.

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