How to Use Twist Sponge for Natural Hair

Last some years, twist sponge for natural hair has developed into gradually more popular. A few years before, it was presented only at the hair shows. Now it can be picked from any beauty suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, and many other online trailers.

By the hair sponge, women or men with type-3 or type-4 can get twist, curls, and even start dreads quickly.

There have some hairstyles that need many more times to reduce that hair sponge can do within a short time. Nowadays, smart guys love to hair sponge to define their kinky hair before everybody.

The hair sponge is familiar as the magical twist sponge and a sponge brush. It works to achieve a versatile hairstyle on your natural short hair.

This post provides you a comprehensive overview of twist sponge for a natural hairstyle.

Let’s go in-depth.

What is a hair sponge? 

What is a hair sponge

The hair sponge is a popular hand-held tool. They contain holes or ridges and also can be used for natural short hair. The hair sponges are accessible with versatile editions.

This tool looks like a sponge that would be used for cleaning the house, but the hair sponge has come with several types of holes in it.

For short hair, the sponge comes with smaller holes that are the best, giving you extremely tight and small curls. If you have longer and larger hair, there has a larger option that will make larger curls and coils easily.

There are different sizes of holes like small, large, oval, round, and rectangular, and you choose any one of them depending on your hair.

Most of the sponge tool has featured according to the design that can be fitted by your hand with full comfy.

How does hair sponge work?

How does hair sponge work

The hair sponge works steadfastly. So, rub the sponge softly on the hair with a circular motion to build the twist or curl of your natural hair.

But the works of the hair sponge aren’t the same. It can differ according to the hair sponge hole, shape, and also vary depending on the hair length.  

1.  The hole

The hole into the hair sponge, tied with the hand movement, and make a small twist in your hair. Using the sponge to generate the twist is faster than if you were complete it with the hand.

2.  The shape

Some sponges come with a pyramid-shaped with more holes that can add volume with texture to the natural hair. There have double-sided sponges that have a groove on one side and shaft on another side.  

3.  Damp hair

The hair sponges work the best on the damp hair. You can add the favorite cream or gel with water before using the hair sponge to your hair. You especially can use any product from the countless items.

4.  Short hair

If you have short hair, luckily, you can achieve the desired look within a short time. Rub the sponge on your hair for 5-minutes to 10 minutes and get your twist hair as you want. The time outline mostly depends on the quality and the length of your hair.

5.  Mini hair

You are free to use the twist sponge for the first course of loc or if your hair is mini in size. If you haven’t any previous experience, you can go to any skilled person or any salon who is an expert to complete this action.

For this type of hair, you can use pyramid-shape grooves that are ideal for getting a natural curl, coil, or kinky hair textures. This hair sponge can be used for short natural for wavy hair. 

6.  Straight hair

A hair sponge also will perfect for your straight hair, and you can get the same result. It won’t spoil your trying, but bear in mind the hair sponge tool tends to work the best for your curly or kinky hair.

7.  Long hair

Generally, the hair sponge will work the best for short hair. In this case, it’ll be amazing when it works for long hair also. But for long hair, you have to take large holes hair sponge for getting the better result.

8.  Longer hair

If your hair is longer or 6 to 7-inch long, the hair sponge won’t work well. If your hair is longer, we encourage you to do an experiment using the hair sponge; either you can make you any hairstyle as your desire.

What is the best hair sponge?

What is the best hair sponge

To figure out what types of sponge will work well on your hair, you should think about the result that you will try to achieve.

Previously, we have also discussed that the hair sponge’s small holes work the best for the short hair. This type of sponge can make uniform, tight, and little curls, depending on the hair texture.

But for the long or longer hair texture, you have to select the hair sponges that have larger holes and can make large curls.

Finally, when you go for the hair sponge for your hair, consider a few things like hole size, sponge size, sponge shape, and the durability of the tools.

How to use a hair sponge

Most of the hair sponge is an ideal tool for both men and women who have short hair. Women who have hacked and want to get a short twist hairstyle should take the help of a sponge brush. The hair sponger will better that will easy way to add curly hair texture.

Below a few steps that teach you to use the twist sponge for natural hair.

  • Use your hair sponge for your short or damp hair to make any trendy hairstyle, and apply the tool on your dry hair can cause damage.
  • Apply to leave-in conditioner that will help your hair top get a moisturizer, and it needs for the shiny hairstyle.
  • Don’t try to use more products. Apply water or gel on the whole head.
  • Use the sponge and rub it on the hair in the circular motion instead of giving a more pressure son to achieve the desired look.

What should not do

  • Don’t try to use straight hair. This tool specifically better for coarse hair.
  • Skip to use on dry hair because it can damage and breakage your hair
  • Avoid pressing the tool slowly on your hair.
  • Don’t turn in a single direction. Try to spin throughout the whole head directly.

Wrap up

Finally, we have shared our experience with you about twist sponge for natural hair. We know you have a better idea about it but hope you have the best information.

We can think if you have any confusion has finished, and you can now enjoy your short hair with the sponge for making stylish twist hair. 

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