12 Interesting Curly Hair Facts You Never Know

Are you thinking your curly hair is a curse and boring for you that spoil your life? They are the main reason for your bad luck.

Oh! You are still staying in the wrong. Let’ think about why you are not right.

You may not know curly hairs is stunning, beautiful, and unique those are trendy and stylish naturally, and you have found them by born though it can be more challenging to manage and take care most of the time.

What a great surprise!

Get ready to know more with some fantastic curly hair facts that you haven’t heard before. We think the facts will turn your curly hair into a blessing to you. 

12 Interesting Curly Hair Facts

  1. Percentages: We will be surprised to know the rate or average head of curly hair that is about 1,00,000 out of 1,20, 000 hair heads. So, you can realize how many percentages of people enjoy their hair though they have curly hair. 
  • Need less shampoo: Yes, curly hair indeed needs less shampoo than straight hair. The cause of it that the scalp or head of the curly hair isn’t as oily as the straight hair, and they don’t need to shampoo much more time like straight hair person. So, if you belong to curly hair, you can’t need to shampoo regularly.
  • Different curl types: If you think only you have curly hair, it won’t right. There are versatile types of curly hair available in the world. Different types of curl patterns have like wavy, corkscrew, or coily. Knowing this information, you have surprised, haven’t you? 
  • Different curly hair in one head:
    What an amazing when will know that one head may have different types of curly hair. Yes, it also has and true for many heads though such kinds of the head don’t see everywhere.
  • Growth stage: Curly hair can grow approximately about six inches per year, just like straight hair. But it is real that you can grow and make healthy your curly hair quickly if you take proper care and maintain a few rules.
  • Curly hair segment: About 90% of curly hair is in the growing segment where the other 10% are in the resting period. The means of it most of the part will grow fast, but a few percents need time to grow properly.
  • Reduction: How much hair will decline when particularly they are curly? Different curly hair has different percentages. For example – if your hair is wavy, it can shrink to 5%, where standard curls reduce up to 30%. What about the oily hair? This type of hair may reduce up to 75%, which is much more than other models. 
  • Reveal your personality: Curly hair isn’t only a hair type. It is also your identity that is unique. It can beg attention to anyone instantly when you are in a crowd. Curly hair people commonly recognize it is as a sign of free-spirited, happy, and even adventurous.
  • High volume: One of the most significant advantages of having curls is that you should never get any pain for the low volume of hair. Curly hair regularly pumps up and can give instant voluminous. Make a braid or curl, you won’t look feeble or dull them anyway.
  • Not difficult to maintain: Yes, if you have curly hair, the maintaining process of this type of hair is not so complicated. Look at them who has straight hair, they need to brush their hair every couple of hours that is such a difficult job.
  • Naturally trendy: Are you thinking still now that your curly hair is so dull, you don’t make stylish hair to go to any party? I guess you have changed your mind, and you should do it because you have born with luxurious hair. To make stylish or trendy, you never use any cream without only a brush to get a gorgeous look.
  • No need excess product: Normally, we know that straight hairs need a lot of products to set or pump them properly. In this case, curly hair can save more investment. You can set your hair with the help of a brush and don’t need to use any cream or jell to pump them.

Curly Hair Facts and Myths

Myth-1: Do you need a regular wash

Fact: Yes, the regular wash is allowed for the curly hair, and it doesn’t make the hair dry up at all; instead is better for the scalp.  If the scalp is clean, the sebum construction stabilizes that can minimize the chance of oily or greasy hair.

Myth-2: Regular shampoo & conditioner allow for curly hair

Fact: No, regular or average shampoo is not allowed for your curls. You have to get 100% sulfate-free or silicone-free shampoo because sulfates can reduce the natural oil from the hair that can damage them so soon. Another point is that you should use shampoo without rubbing them and wash them properly. But don’t skip to use the conditioner that makes the hair soft, shiny, and silky. Besides thees, you can use sulfate free hair mask for curly hair.

Myth-3: What should you do to stop dryness and tangles?

Fact: There have few tips to stop dryness and tangles, like-

  • Use hair moisturizer or rich moisturizing conditioner weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Try to use castor oil or raw shea butter.
  • Skip always silicon or sulfate-based conditioner, shampoo, oils, or butter.

Myth-4: Need brushing curly hair regularly to straighten tresses

Fact: Sure, after proper brushing, the curly hair seems straight or flat a little bit, but it won’t be last longer. In this case, you have to select the right brush according to your hair.

Extremely curly hair or tight curls need finger comb to brush them finely. If you try simple brush, there have a chance to breakage or weaken the hair. 

Myth-5: How to grow long your curls naturally

Fact: Some facts have that works to grow long the curls naturally.

  • Health condition – physical or mental
  • Diet controlling system
  • The regimen of the hair and also scalp
  • Genetics fact

Without the following points, there have some other points to consider that you can exercise regularly and they work most of the time. Create some styles to stretch the curly hair, such as making twist-outs, braid-outs, or roller set.

Final thought

Hopefully, you have learned something new about the curly hair facts from this post that you may not know before. We sure you did!

Now, you may love your hair more than the previous time. Get pleasure from them with the new styles plus new thinking.

Enjoy your days with new looks of your curls.

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