Loc Maintenance Tips: Everything You Should Know

Have you made your mind to grow loc? Are you thinking about loc maintenance? Many people also seeking to get the answer to this topic online like you.

Stop for a while here and get ready to know much more information about loc maintenance that also you haven’t desire or thought. 

Loc is actually versatile and most fashionable hairstyle that has been well-known by the ages and across many different cultures throughout the whole world.

In reality, the process of locking the hair or loc requires a great deal of know-how to Loc maintenance with patience. In this guide, we will make an outline of how to maintenance the loc properly that will help your loc journey.

Tips: Loc Maintenance

Loc maintenance

Different hair types need different tips. The hairs also need daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance routines that ensure perfect condition. So, you should follow the regimen to develop your loc continue.

1.  Wash your loc

After a few days later of loc, you might feel the need to wash your loc though it isn’t an ideal time. so, you have to wait at least for a few weeks after installation and it is good for cleaning your loc. You should ensure the rubber has in place and use a residue-free shampoo that will help your loc to build up.

How to clean your loc properly

  • Sock the loc with water finely
  • Apply the residue-free shampoo that has come with natural ingredients and less harsh on the hair
  • Massage the shampoo in the loc gently
  • Rinse out the shampoo
  • Let the loc hang down in front of you
  • Squeeze out the extra water using your hands then wrap your loc with the clean towel so that moisture left
  • Use air dry instead of the hairdryer to dry the loc

2. Moisturize the loc

Light jojoba, coconut oil, conditioner, or light other applications are ideal for your scalp and won’t weigh down the hair. They will save your scalp from becoming dry or flaky.

But at first, you should know your hair types and then apply or re-apply the moisturizer to the scalp every 3-days of your scalp very dry.

You can maintain a moisturizer routine to get healthy hair roots. It helps you to maintain healthy hair roots that promote growth and will keep the loc soft.

How to moisturize the loc

  • Spraying the loc with water to moisturize.
  • Add natural oil to the water into the spray bottle and spritzed to the loc to further nourish the hair.
  • Shake the spray bottle very well so theta the oil and water mixed properly.
  • After spraying massage the scalp and loc using your fingertips.
  • Cover the loc with a satin cap at night so that the moisturizer can’t lose.

3.  Re-twist & style the loc

Re-twist your loc for the whole head once a month but don’t over. If you wash the hair biweekly, twist the edge, and try to find a safety hairstyle.

The protective style will work to keep the hair from requiring regular maintenance. But a lot of maintenance can pull the loc and put the stress on the hair.  

4.  Wrap the loc at night

Wrap the loc at night using a satin scarf to keep lint from the bedsheet. If you wrap the hair properly, the moisturizer keeps also lock into the hair and keeps safe from dryness. 

5.  Watch the cloth that wears

This is one of the most important tips. If you want the hair look clean, you should watch the cloth that you wear first. This issue mainly creates in the winter when you need to wear a sweater. Many sweaters shed don’t go with your loc. So, wear the cloth that has potential shed and attract your loc.

Routine: Loc Maintenance

A loc maintenance is extremely important that ensure you loc will go for new growth. So, you should daily, weekly, and also monthly maintenance to developing and keep your loc in perfect condition.

1.  Daily Routine

Each couple of days you have to spray rosewater your loc without glycerin. Rosewater spray should become an important part of your daily routine. From here you can get a few benefits.

  • Rosewater will work as a lightweight conditioner that works to promote your loc growth
  • Rosewater has anti-septic and full of properties and helps to reduce scalp inflammation
  • It stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes your hair
  • It has anti-bacterial properties and works to prevent a few forms of your hair loss, dandruff, and stink. 
  • You can use this rosewater at your loc journey stage.

2.  Weekly Routine

  • Check regularly the topical debris from the sweaters or fabric to pluck off
  • Add lightweight oil like coconut oil and massage the edge that works to grow the hair
  • If you work out for a long time in summer your hair will sweaty, you have to shampoo weekly or biweekly.
  • Use an ideal conditioner that works as a moisturizer and doesn’t give your loc to dry anyway and keep shiny and soft.

3.  Monthly Routine

  • You should check your loc monthly for retightening and maintenance
  • Test the build-up condition, lightly scratch the scalp. If you get any issue on the scalp, massage them carefully and clean it with shampoo.
  • Then apply herbal hair rinse

4.  Quarterly Routine

  • You can color your loc in this stage but should use natural hair color in black
  • Try to use normal color so that it remains light in weight, clean with the good smell but don’t make any scalp issue.

5.  Improve Your Own Routine

When you think to improve your own loc maintenance routine to build-up, you should make sure a few things.

  • Don’t retighten the loc over that can the reason for loc damage or breakage.
  • Be careful to use hair products because they can contain chemicals to build-up your loc and you shouldn’t compromise your hair health anyway.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your loc and use proper conditioner
  • Maintain nutritionally complex diet and drink sufficient water that not only helps your body but also well for the loc
  • Note the season because the special care needs your loc in winter than summer or spring
  • Pay your attention to how your loc hair is responding after maintaining routine and try to adjust according to them and massage the loc properly.

Summing Up

Thanks to going through this post where we have shown before you a few tips and loc maintenance guides with routine.

We hope you have gathered a much more unknown idea from here that you can try for your loc. If you follow the tips and routine, you will keep your loc healthy and shiny for a long time.

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