Dutch Braid Vs French Braid – Which One Should You Go For

Have you been looking for the perfect braided hairstyle but having a hard time to find the suitable one for you? It’s quite common to get confused when it comes to choosing the right one from Dutch Braid Vs French Braid.

There are two common braided hairstyles one is French braid and other Dutch braids. Let me explain which one might be suitable for your hair.

Dutch Braid Vs French Braid

There are different types of braids that you may use to make your hair look eye-catching. Some braids are suitable for your hair on formal occasion while others are usable for day-to-day uses.

To understand which one is better for you first of all you have to understand the difference between these two. As they both look quite similar so people often confuse these two.

So, today’s the day you get to clarify all the confusion on the Dutch Braid VS French Braid.

French Braid

French Braid

Nowadays French braid has an incredible popularity among the girls even though it’s not the latest hairstyle. This timeless hairstyle is back again and starting from celebrities to fashion-loving girls, everyone is just going crazy over it.

French braid is the basic alteration of standard braid that girls tend to use. However it may seem difficult to achieve on yourself but actually it’s quite easy to learn. All you need is a chunk of practice.

Advantages of French Braid Hair

The French braid has multiple practical advantages. First of all, from the crown of the head, it can hold back hair which is too short to reach the cape of the neck.

It lays out the weight and tension of the braid over a larger section of the scalp. The smooth appearance it boasts is often praised as being neat and sophisticated.

French brad is long lasting. If you are a fan of long-term style, this brad is a good option for you. Also you won’t have to stress out about styling your hair off and on. If you just redo the edges of the braids, it will give your braids a new and fresh look.

Disadvantages of French Braid Hair

French braid is quite difficult to make because of its substantial complication. You’ll need to extend your hand a bit over the neck of your head. This will make sure the tangled hair you’re having will go down the crown.

It needs extended advancement of the hands over the neck of head and it results tangled hair down the crown when loosening. It can cause hair breakage around the edges. If your hairs are already weak and you install the braid too tight then you may end up breaking off your hair.

French braid is usually for long hair so if you have a short hair you might get into trouble. French braid isn’t suitable for short hair because short hair won’t be able to hold the braces tightly.

Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

Almost everyone is quite familiar with Dutch braid hairstyle as they are very popular among girls. Dutch braid hairstyle can change to look of your hair unbelievably. They are not only popular right now but also you won’t face the problem of hair coming out of your face.

If you have a long hair then Dutch braid will look amazing on you. But there are also styles for short hair. This is a classic style and it has a boho chic look. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dutch braids.


Dutch braids require a fair portion of your hair so they won’t cause any damage of your hair. But if you follow the wrong steps then you might face some trouble. As a matter of fact, braiding your hair can lessen the chance of damaging your hair as they stay protected from harmful earth materials.

Dutch braid can give your hair an impression of healthy hair as they give your hair a look like they contain more extent and hefty in appearance.

An amazing matter about Dutch braid is they look great on all types of hair. In case of straight hair Dutch braid is easy to do. Even if your hair is curly still you can do Dutch braid hairstyle. So the length of your hair is not a concern when it comes to Dutch braid.


Dutch braid hairstyle requires special caring. If you fail to do that your hair might get messy often. If your braids are not putted correctly then it might cause traction alopecia (hair loss).

Compare to other braids Dutch braid is quite difficult and time consuming for the beginners. And you will have a hard time in learning how to do it.

Dutch braid requires your hair to be tangled a lot of different angles which might result hair loss and if they are too tightened then it may even cause headache. Because of too much tangling your hair will often get frizzled which will make it appear quite odd at looking.

What to do now?

Truth be told, braiding your hair is not rocket science. It’s quite simple and easy. All you need is a bit of patience and practice. The disadvantages you have read won’t reach you if you follow the proper procedures.

So which hairstyle to choose? Well, without a second thought I would definitely recommend the Dutch braid hairstyle.


Dutch braid will display more of the braid as it is not embedded below the hair like French braids. The look is way more glamorous and dramatic. Dutch braids give you an appealing look as it reveals the fullness of the hair. It also frames your face perfectly.

Dutch braid is suitable for all type of hair where French braid isn’t. Hence, this is a big turn off for French braids. Whether you have long hair or short hair Dutch braid will look good on you. So ultimately it is Dutch braids that will suit you best.

Final Words

Knowing how to braid your hair is an essential skill to learn. It will prove to be useful in your life. People will appreciate you and you will become a likeable figure when you can braid their hair.

After all we all want to be looked beautiful. Now that you know everything on the Dutch Braid Vs French Braid, you’ll have no confusion at all.

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