Can You Wet Your Hair After a Perm? Perm Aftercare Tips

Have you noticed the fact that when hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium, it results in salt and nullifies all the acidic effects? I assume you have done this equation in high school. Likewise, when you wet perm hair, the perm goes away and all your effort goes into the drain.

Can You Wet Your Hair After a Perm

‘Can you wet your hair after a perm?’ if this is your question, I am going to give you elaborated guidance about WHAT TO and WHAT NOT TO DO after a perm. Some people dye their hair, permit, straight it, or maybe curl it to get framework done. Nowadays, there is no boundary to fashion so; girls play with their hair with their own sweet will.

If you have aggressively straight hair and nothing can hold a grip onto your hair then I have some tips and tactics for you to achieve the perfect curls that you have always yearned for.

When Can You Wet Your Hair After a Perm?

I suggest you steer clear from shampoo after a perm; at least for 40 to 50 hours. Even from a drop of rain also from the conditioner if you want to keep your perm intact and crisp.

Story Time!!!

To be precise, 3 or 4 months ago I wanted to perm my hair so bad and turn my aggressively straight hair into playful curls. So, I went to the salon and had the most amazing perm that I yearned for. Those curls had their inaudible rhythm which was utterly beautiful. 

After reaching home, I don’t know what in the world made me decide to wash them and tada! I washed them with plain water. No shampoo! No conditioner! Just water! Initially, I did not notice anything.

Eventually, I started noticing that my fun playful curls turned into boring waves. Even it would be an exaggeration if I call them waves. It was terrible and I didn’t have anything to do to fix those and bring them back into the prior state.

So girls, take my suggestion and do not wash them after a perm.

Turn straight hair into fun and playful curls

Have you ever found yourself having the hair texture envy? You may have seen someone on YouTube and loved and praised their hair texture and started wondering if there was any product out there that could make your Straight Hair Turning Curly.

It is possible that puberty or hormonal changes can give you some sort of hair texture even it can result in your straight hair turning curly. But there are so many ways that you change your hairstyle in any way you want.

You can achieve those desired curls with tools and hair products or in natural ways. 

Tools That Can be Used While Perming

  • Hot roller
  • Perming roller
  • Hair Mousse
  • Heat protector

As long as your hair is in good structural shape you can get the curls with a perm with different sized rods. Fully realizing that perms can make hair frizzy and rough, it requires a trim after each perm as they become unmanageable.

After 3 weeks, the curls will also loosen up at least 2-rod size, so if you can withstand it, I strongly suggest you go 2 or 1 and a half rod size smaller than the curl structure you would like to have.

What to Do After Getting a Perm?

  • Do not apply shampoo or even conditioner for 2 days at least.
  • Do not use a flat iron or blow dryer.
  • Do not dye your hair.
  • Stay away from combing your hair.
  • Keep your hair away from water for 2 days straight.

Can You Wet your hair before getting a perm?

Clean hair grips the curls better than dirty hair. It is essential to shampoo your hair before a perm because scalp oil and dirt can prevent your hair from getting those tight curls. So, wash up your hair before going to the salon for a perfect perm.

Can you Perm Your Hair at Home?

Home perms are far simpler to treat than before and the new formulations are much less harmful. A home perm saves you a lot of time and money than a salon perm. However, a salon authorization is your best choice if you want to take advantage of new techniques and strategies.


If you decide to perm your hair at home, you need to take care of a few things; such as

  • Have someone trustworthy for assistance
  • Pick the perm kit wisely because there are ton kits available out there
  • Determine your hair type
  • Research thoroughly before a perm
  • Take damage prevention strategy

Perm it up with tools!

This particular procedure is less time consuming and gives you exactly the look you want for yourself. It is very handy as well. It is almost like, one moment you have strands of straight hair and in a blink of an eye, you have your most desirable curls.

Curling Iron

Until granting the permit, seek to mimic the perfect perm look you know about with a roll or curling iron and genuinely decide whether you plan to hold it for the following months.

Can you Perm Your Hair at Home?

Slather thermal protection into the hair and curl the hair across the board. Keep on to the next branch for around five seconds. Brush hair very gently with a perfect

It is tough to curl with an iron when you have short hair because you cannot braid or create a top bun. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the waves or curls you just need to twist and adjust individual hair strands after shampooing and fastening them with hairpins. Before loosening the ties again, blow dry or air dry. Mold the hair and place hair or wax in shape and you are good to go.

Finish It Off Like a Pro!

Keep your hands away from touching your fresh perms and curls throughout the day and turn your cotton pillowcase into a silk pad at night. I’m not exaggerating. It’s really necessary from perfect curls and also, steer clear from silky serum because it will loosen your perms off.

Can I wet my hair after perm? No, you cannot. The perming process will be avoided anytime you damp your hair or wash your hair with shampoo. If the hair is washed within 50 hours, the water eliminates the chemical results that are needed to keep the perm. Give it scrunch and keep it stylish!

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