Manic Panic VS Arctic Fox – Details You Need to Know

In the era of fashion, we all want to experience something new and edgy every day. I think that our hair is the mainframe for making a big change to our look. It is okay to play with your hair.

Color your hair and give it a new look every time you like. Nowadays there is no boundary to fashion so; girls play with their hair with their own sweet will. So here is the question, which color you should use?

If you are struggling between arctic fox vs manic panic; let me guide you to choose the best for you.  Here is a battle of Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox


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Before We Begin….

Both brands are vegan, semi-permanent hair dyes. Manic Panic sells at Php700 per 3oz and Arctic Fox at Php800 per 7oz. Arctic Fox is the cheaper than Manic Panic in this case. Arctic Fox is distributed in large bottles, whereas little tubes are Manic Panic bottles.

I can put it on my hair because the little MP tubes remove the need for color transfers to another container. The colors of Manic Panic are more than 30 and Arctic Fox around 20. While Manic Panic does not have as brightly as Arctic Fox, it is much more colorful than its counterpart. But the bright AF color comes at a price.

There is also much more stain than Manic Panic. That stained my beige nail in blue-gray polish. Yet it lasts longer than Manic Panic with certain washes.

Which is better Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox?

Manic Panic hair dye does not damage the hair and contains restorative properties, which acts as a conditioner for moisturizing and filling processed hair. Manic panic hair dye should also be used in exactly the way it is given and described in the packaging.

Manic Panic Hair Color is a 100% vegan, semi-persistent hair-free color enhanced with moisturizer adding to pre-light hair. These colors are excellent as they also fill pre-illuminated hair. For Manic Panic Hair Color, there are no harmful chemicals.

How long does Manic panic hair dye last? Dye color fade differs between individuals, but darker colors usually last longer than light colors. Manic panic will last between 5 and 7 weeks if you take care of it.

The latest vegan, semi-permanent hair color and hair care innovator that instills long-term and vibrant shades of freedom of expression. For Arctic Fox, a passion for diverse spirits and a love for animals come together in electric harmony.

Arctic Fox hair color probably will not hurt the hair and contains conditioner, which ensures that it will not affect you much longer. Making sure hair is fully dried before sleeping to avoid color bleeding. Arctic Fox is one of the longest durable semi-permanent hair colors on the market, each color lasts for 5-9 weeks, according to your hair care routine.

Which one is Best for Your Hair Manic Panic vs Arctic Fox?

You might have played with fantasy colors before, but wonder which brand will be better for your hair. I think all of us who have changed their hair color from purple to magenta to almost everything else every few weeks have asked ourselves the same question.

Do you want to keep dying your hair fantasy colors, but cannot seem to find the right dye for your hair? Like I mentioned at the outset, the quality of your hair is deciding which brand is the right for you. It must also be noticed that all six of these –

  • Vegan
  • Ammonia
  • Peroxided free
  • Semi-permanent
  • Permanent
  • Temporary

Far sooner, Manic Panic fades. But it is ideal for anyone who wants to try pastel colors because it has a gentle formula not drying the hair. That said, I would recommend Arctic Fox if you’re very porous in your hair. This coloring tends to decrease in porous hair less quickly.

Which Has More Ways to Create Vibrant?

Manic Panic has thirty different options, each as unique and vibrant. If you choose to dye the pastel hue of your hair, first you can bleach, because most pastel shades will not show distinctly on unbleached hair.

NOTE: If you have short hair, one tube of Manic Panic can last for more than three months.

Although Manic Panic offers the broadest range of colors, Arctic Fox is not far behind. It has twenty- five options for your hair. But Arctic Fox has two unique advantages that Manic Panic does not carry with it. This brand has other hair care products as well as color-depositing conditioners that add variety to its color line.

For example, to create a slightly more subtle color, you can mix a product containing color with an uncolored conditioning mask. Custom color creation is a great way.

Which One Pops Up Without Bleaching?

It is practically impossible to change your hair’s dark color without bleaching. Semi-permanent Manic Panic Dyes are vegan creams and have no peroxides of toxic bleach.

On the other side, Arctic Fox can give you a subtle purplish hue, especially in the light of the sun, although it will come consistent with the way it looks on a light brown or natural blonde base.

Which One Can be Faded Easily?

The disappearing color of Manic Panic Hair differs from person to person and even between light and color. Darker colors will last longer than lighter colors. But Classic: Can last at level 6 to 9 blonde hair for up to 5 weeks or more. Expect more glamorous hair results.

Is arctic fox good? You have to remember to turn the heat down when you shower and when you use any heat styling product when you turn the heat to your hair. Heat speeds up the chemicals oxidation in the hair strands, causing the stunning fresh hair color of Arctic Fox to fade quicker.

Final Words

At first, the Manic Panic provides good bright light, but it can be faded very soon as if it never was. The Arctic Fox color lasts much longer, with a glamorous fade that can keep it looking nice. So you can use any of them according to your hair.

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