Best Color To Dye Over Blue Hair 2023 | Complete Guide

Changing the hair color is a big challenge though it is the most popular trend in the whole world into the teenage to older stylish person. Maintaining the best condition of the hair dying over blue hair really isn’t an easy task.

For this you have to must select the best hair color. And only the best color to Dye over blue hair can make you this job. This guide will help you find out the best hair color and help you cover blue hair.

Let’s proceed and see the guide .

In A Hurry? HERE’S OUR TOP PICK of the best color to Dye over blue hair

the best Dye over blue hair

Though many people associate feminism with other facts, the most significant object about it is feeling relaxed, complimentary, and exploratory with blue dyed hair.

Though blue hair dyes are right, most people owing to misinformation and unawareness, go for blue hair dyes to bleed speedily and have Ammonia.

By these, plenty of hair that has to have been energetic and gleaming has grown to be damaged because due to destructive stuff blue hair dyes.

Also, it is significant to make a note of blue dyes have, unlike variation. For that why we will take you on a trip of the best Dye over blue hair that is existing. Stay tuned.

1. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye 

arctic fox semi permanent hair dye ingredients

Arctic fox free semi-permanent hair color dye is one of the most vibrant colors in the Arctic fox collections. This semi-permanent blue hair dye is constructed from vegan vegetables. It has high-pigmentation elements.

You can enjoy this hair color without any harsh chemicals that may the cause of your hair damage. It contains conditioning ingredients that will hydrate the hair. It claims to provide a shine, soft, smooth, and vibrancy look to the hair.

You may think about the long-lasting feature of the color. But we speak that this color is so durable and safe for your hair, and you can sue it without any hazard. It is smeared less and comes without peroxide. Ammonia, ethyl alcohol, and PPD. This color can stay 4 to 5 weeks with great shininess.

What Good :

  • Gentle for any types of hair
  • Great consistency
  • It doesn’t leak
  • Spread pleasant fragrance
  • Variant colour levels

What Bad :

  • None


  • Cosmic Sunshine, Frose, Girls night, and other 16 other lovely colors.

What Should Do?

  • Wash with silicone-free and sulfate-free shampoo
  • Rinse off with the cold water
  • Skip high heat styles
  • Avoid swimming
  • Add leftover color to sulfate-free conditioner and use it every time when washing your hair.

2. Punky Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color

blue semi permanent hair dye for dark hair

If you are searching for a well-known manufacturer that you can rely on for excellent service for your hair, the Punky blue semi-permanent hair color will be ideal. It is the most trusted brand for any hair dye. The bright hair color of this brand offers a semi-permanent color.

As the most wanted blue color, it acts just like a head-turner for its vibrancy. You can try this color trend as all over the colors, alternating lowlights and highlights. It brightens your hair from the root that will stay for a long time.

Easy to use, apply, and remove that can’t come off unexpectedly. It adds a lot of pigment without gritty feeling and peroxide. The pigment molecules won’t penetrate your hair shaft. Instead of they hold fats in the hair as a semi-permanent coating outside of your hair shaft.

What Good :

  • Highly-pigmented
  • Perfect of any travel or occasion
  • Salon quality finish
  • Excellent beauty kit addition
  • Made in the USA

What Bad :

  • Not ideal for colour on the colored hair.


Apple green, bright yellow, cotton candy, ebony, fire, and other 17 colors are available.

What Should Do?

  • Shampoo the hair and dry it properly
  • Use baby oil or petroleum jelly outline of the hair.
  • Apply the color carefully.
  • Leave it for 25 minutes and rinse off.
  • Skip using around the eye area.
  • Avoid contacting any skin or clothes.

3. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair color

adore semi permanent hair color on dark hair

Adore is a new and promising product in the industry of hair dye. For stylish and trendy hair color, this brand has become so popular with smart men or women.

This hair color dyes your hair perfectly and spread the color through the whole hair equally and perfectly. It is free from Ammonia, alcohol, and peroxide. Besides coloring your hair, it makes the hair shiny and smooth. Your hair will get a fleecy texture.

If your hair is short in size, you can apply it faster and spread the color in each root of the hair. You don’t think for color lasting because it is the super long-lasting hair color that won’t fade so quickly.

What Good :

  • Long-lasting hair color
  • The color fades gracefully.
  • Conditions the dry hair
  • Portable and pocket-friendly
  • It can’t drip
  • Easy to use and apply

What Bad :

  • Take a little bit more time to show the color than other options.


Indigo blue only one shade is available.

What Should Do?

  • Bleach and wash your hair at first
  • Apply the color carefully.
  • Leave it for some hours or overnight.
  • Use the best shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair damage.

4. Splat Rebellious Semi-Permanent Hair Color

splat blue hair dye instructions

Are you searching for all types of hair and professional use? You can think of splat rebellious semi-permanent hair color. The splat brand hair color contains every significant element that needs for your hair. After coloring your hair, you not only get a lovely and fantastic hair color but also can enjoy a healthy texture.

The unique formula conditions your hair and provides a bright color simply. This product makes sure to get the healthiest, most brilliant hair with the most radiant color. The color is long-lasting, and you don’t need to worry about fade out the hair simply.

How can you apply it? There has no difficult way to use it. You can follow the instruction that you will get with the color kit or try our instructions that discuss here.  If you can’t do this task by yourself, you can take the help of your friend.  

What Good :

  • Gorgeous shade with deep blue
  • Comes with a conditioner and bleacher
  • The color is vibrant.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly Pigmented

What Bad :

  • Color bleeds


Blue envy, Midnight blue, and vibrant blue.

What Should Do?

This complete color kit comes with a widerrange of colors that can also longer up to 30 washes. Just bleach, wash, dry, and apply this color and after 30 minutes, rinse off. This color product presents four types of shades of blue.

5. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

lime crime unicorn hair dye ingredients

Lime crime unicorn hair dye color comes in vibrant rainbow colors that are mostly unique and perky. This provides an eye-catching color and gives healthy hair. It claims to rinse off gracefully and promises to offer you vibrant hair.

This hair color is well for thick and medium length hair. The ultra-conditioning formula can soften your hair quickly. This color comes with a deep conditioner that deposits color and protects strands after leaving the hair silky soft, and smooth. To prolong color, you have to use gentle and sulfate-free shampoo.

It is dye-friendly, and the damage-free formula that is also harsh free. It is safe to use at home. The color is completely ready, and you just apply it straightly on your hair and enjoy your hair new shade of hair. 

What Good :

  • Dye-friendly and budget-friendly
  • Safe for any hair types
  • 100% vegan
  • Pleasant smell
  • Great consistency

What Bad :

  • Not perfect for dark hair.


Candy blue, Anime

What Should Do?

  • Start with washed conditioned dry hair.
  • Wear protective clothing and mix the color in a bowl
  • Section your hair and apply the color properly
  • Leave it for 45-minutes to one hour
  • Rinse the hair but skip shampoo or conditioner

6. Special Effects Blood Red Hair Dye

Special Effects Blood Red Hair Dye

‘Special’ brand brings this semi-permanent bright fashion hair color dye. It is an Avant-grade hair dye that includes punky colors and is pretty quite intriguing. Besides coloring, this dye color claims to condition the hair, and it will last up to 4 to 5 weeks.

You will get this color product completely vegan plus cruelty-free. This color leaves the hair looking so vibrant and illuminated. This item also comes in six different shades of blue. This color product is free from any harsh ingredients.

If your hair is short in levels or medium in size, you can cover it with a single bottle. But if your hair will remain long and so thick, you need to pick two or three bottles to dye your hair properly. This color will spread so fast, and for this, you won’t need to re-color after one time. 

What Good :

  • Fades gracefully
  • Ideal for any types of hair
  • Easy to apply
  • highly pigmented
  • Work best on bleached

What Bad :

  • Little bit expensive


Blood red, apple candy red, devilish, fish bowl, and another lovely 5/6 color.

What Should Do?

  • Don’t apply it without wearing hand gloves
  • After washing and drying the hair, prepare your hair
  • Apply the color carefully
  • Avoid the eye area
  • Follow the instruction of the products

7. Clairol Color Crave Semi-permanent Hair Color

clairol color crave semi-permanent hair color rose gold

Clairol color is the semi-permanent hair color that will give you bold plus vibrant hair. It will last for up to 15 to 20 washes. It comes with an application brush that helps you to mix and apply the color easily.

It’s a direct dye formula that doesn’t need to mix beforehand, and it is convenient to use without any professional expert. If your hair is light and not so thick, you don’t need to bleach before dying. The indigo shade color will look best on light bond hair.    

This product contains some ingredients that can cause irritation in your skin. If you have allergic, it will be risky for you. Don’t contact the color anyway. For safety and secure use, you have to read out the instruction carefully.

What Good :

  • Prepared dye hair color
  • You don’t need bleach before dying.
  • Last long up to 20 washes
  • Damage-free
  • Included applying brush

What Bad :

  • Not ideal for dark hair


Candy apple, Indigo, Daffodil, Emerald, and the other five colors let you select your desired color easily.

What Should Do?

  • Wash your hair and dry the hair properly.
  • Wearing gloves before applying color, selecting your color with your hands, or included brush
  • Leave the hair for 20-25 minutes to set up the color.
  • Rinse off after fixing times.

8. Ion Sky Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Color

how long does ion semi permanent hair dye last

Have you been searching for the blue hair dye that is dynamic in effects? In this case, you have been seeking blue hair dye, and it is top-quality. You shouldn’t wait any longer, and the ion sky blue semi-permanent blue hair dye is here.

If you have an interest in blue hair color, you can mix the color with a hair conditioner. It is the most famous versatile blue hair dye colors. So, it will give you an excellent opportunity to customize the hair color as your desire.

To show authenticity, the color of the Dye can’t bleed after washing the hair twice or thrice. If you want to save your hair after dyeing, use a dry shampoo every week. This color will give you a bouncy feeling and makes your hair healthy.

What Good :

  • Amazingly intense hair color
  • Already ready to use and apply.
  • Gentle for any types of hair
  • Spread pleasant fragrance
  • Variant color levels

What Bad :

  • It is perfect for only short hair. For a huge volume, you have to pick two or three packs.


There are 29 colors available n this series color like sky blue, blood orange, etc.

What Should Do?

For better results, you can follow two ways to dyeing your hair.

  • For best results, apply pre-lightened hair.
  • Pre-lighten with Ion color brilliant Ammonia free powder lightener will bring you the wanted result.

9. Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color 

is sparks hair dye permanent

What Good :

  • Great to provide bright and healthy hair
  • Great consistency
  • Dye-friendly
  • Endless color creativity
  • Spread pleasant fragrance
  • Variant color levels

What Bad :

  • Little bit expensive


With crystal clear color, there have several colors available in this product series. You can select any one from them as your desire.

What Should Do?

Just follow the instruction that we discuss here or the instruction guide has with this colorful pack.

Have you been searching for blue dye hair that doesn’t bleed simply? So, you can think about this long-lasting bright hair color. It is available in the market that will help you to select any trendy color as your fashion.

It is ideal for those who are so busy and have to maintain a family, office, and relative occasion or friend’s party. Just take the pack and put the color on the bowl and apply on the hair for 25 minutes and enjoy a new stylish hair before going out or any occasion.

10. Garnier Nourishing Hair Color Creme

garnier nutrisse nourishing hair color creme instructions

Garnier hair color is an older brand that has been running for more years ago with customer satisfaction. It makes sure to booster and bold the color and give you moisturize, nourish, and healthy hair.

Select from various familiar colors, and you can choose the deep color as your trend and fashion. Ultra lighten brown helps you get ¾ shades lighter and brighter cool texture and hair tones.

What Good :

  • Nourishing hair color
  • Permanent hair dye
  • Hair developer cream
  • Cleanse, repair, and moisturize your hair

What Bad :

  • None


About 19 colors are available with this series of hair color.

What Should Do?

This hair color can cause an allergic reaction. If your scalp skin is so sensitive and has the risk of itchy or damaging, you have to avoid this color. Always follow the dyeing instruction process to dye the hair properly.

How To Color Over Blue Hair

how to color over blue hair

If you are a new in this sector, a question can normally come to your mind about how to color over blue hair? To make your task easy with finding the best color to Dye over blue hair, we consider sharing some simple process of dying over blue hair at home easily.

If you think that can you dye wet hair, you must know about it before going to the next step.

Start with the best shampoo.

A clarifying shampoo can remove the last hair dye and swelling residue from the hair. 

Bleach the hair

When you want to get the blue shade hair that you choose, just bleach the locks; this step is relevant if the hair is only dark in color. 

Wear gloves & a cape

Those extra clothes need to prevent staining. Apply petroleum jelly outside of the hairline to skip staining the skin.

Prepare the Dye color.

Take a medium-size bowl and a perfect hairbrush. Mix the selected hair color properly.

Apply The Color

Divide your whole hair into several sections and lock them with the clips. Now start coloring your hair from the bottom section of the hair. Use the fingers or brush to get the dye color and apply it to the hair.

Leave to set

After coloring the whole hair and each section, leave it for 25 to 30 minutes. Or you can follow the instruction mentioned on the body of the color tube.

Rinse out

Don’t’ use hot or cold water; just take lukewarm water to wash the colored hair. This type of water helps you to keep the color intact.

How To Decide The Best Color To Dye Over Blue Hair

Have you been select any blue hair dyes, and they also have been bleeding so fast? You would be that want durable blue dye hair. Whichever your situation is, you should know how to select the blue hair dye that will work best for your hair. In choosing the best color to Dye over blue hair, some facts have to be considered.

The facts are:

Fading Effect & Color Bleeding

In selecting the best blue dye hair, it is very important to think. This is due to temporary color tends to fade after some weeks as the pigment deposits on the surface of your hair.

Obviously, you don’t desire to waste your valuable money that fades away after washing it a couple of times. For this reason, it is significant to know how easily the color you desire to find can fade before finding it.


Selecting the hair dye that included elements that hydrate your hair is recommended for the people who plan to dye their lovely hair often. For this reason, normally, the hair dye includes strong chemical content that may rid of the moisture.

That is why hair dyes that contain hydrating ingredients are suggested. It is significant equally to find the hair dyes that are free from Ammonia with paraben.  

Easy Apply Process

It is suggested that they find a color cream instead of other Dye for those ways that love dyeing their beloved hair themselves. It is due to a watery dye that may smear anything, thereby cause a mess.

Hair colors are consistent to a more thinkable extent to remove dripping given coverage. If you smear the hair dye on the clothes by any accident, you may take it out with any soapy water

FAQs: Best Color To Dye Over Blue Hair

1. Does blue hair dye bleed so fast?

It is so vital to stress that blue dye hair can vary in types. There are a few bleeds quickly when there are a few that don’t. You can depend on the preference and even on your economic capacity.

2. Does blue hair dye reason damage your hair?

There have several types of blue hair dyes. We suggest that to remove any harm from coming to the hair. But blue color hair dyes are free from Ammonia.

3. To apply blue hair bleach is essential?

Of course, bleach is a normal and first step before dyeing. You should bleach it first and then follow the next steps, one by one.

4. Can you use a hair conditioner when dyeing your hair?

No, you can’t use any conditioner every time when your hair dye blue color. It can make an elegant color.

5. Does blue dye hair need any developers?

No, not at all. There has no need for any developer with your blue dye hair.

Final Words!

To sum up on the topic – the best color to Dye over blue hair, we have come to the final decision that helps us to get a conclusion after reviewing the best color. So, go hair crazy with the blue shades by purchasing an ideal product from our following list.

Let’s know about your previous experience if you have it in our comment box section below.

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