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Short hair? Need Flat Iron. Yes, it will be ideal to think of the best mini flat iron for short hair instead of big hair straighter iron.

The flat iron is typically very long and heavy and not suitable for short hair to place into it. So, it will hassle for your short section, and you can’t use it with full comfort and can’t turn your hair what you want.

So, when you are thinking of getting a versatile, stylish, trendy hairstyle with your short hair, only a mini flat iron can help you.  The mini flat iron does this job very perfectly and quickly. Besides, a mini flat iron is suitable for short hair and good for long hair. Because it is travel-friendly, lightweight, and can be managed in your small handbag.

Here, we have shared 8 top branded best mini flat iron for short hair. We have got them after a good research on which you can rely. We have preferred them to depend on the different types of hair so that you can get any hairstyle without any damage.

Let’s go on!   

Why Choose Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair?

Flat irons are just like cloth, and all types of irons are not the same size, which will fit everyone. The size of the flat irons must depend on the length plus thickness of the hair. And the perfect size needs to make the hair strengthen more effectively, decreasing the risk of ruin or damage.

The mini flat iron needs for:
  1. Mini flat irons for short hair are suitable for other short hair people, even men’s hair. The main cause of it that irons work better with this type of hair from close to roots and scalps.
  2. The mini flat irons are also traveling-friendly for their size, which can be a plus point for anyone. 
  3. If you want to fit your hair with complete strengthen and trendy anywhere, you have to choose small flat iron for short hair.
  4. It is smaller, lighter, and easier to reach closer to the scalp and make any style quickly.
  5. For tighter small size curls, the mini flat iron is ideal.
  6. The mini flat iron is perfect for women’s short hair and ideal for styling men’s hair. The mini flat iron will work best for fine or thick short hair efficiently. 

How To Choice The Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair

Though short hair flat iron isn’t very different from a regular flat iron, there have some additional facts. And you have to imagine about them before going to pick anyone. They are different from their purposes, despite having a similar function.

Here are some different features on which you have to pay attention to choosing the best mini straightener for short hair.

Before going to the mini flat iron guide section, you have to clear about some key points.

Keep reading on!

Plate Size

While 2-inch plate sizes are perfect for long hairstyles, it won’t possible for the short hairstyle. The wider plate can’t go closer to the scalp or roots of the short hair smoothly.

But a mini flat iron is suitable for strengthening and tighten hairstyle from the roots of the hair. The chart of plate size will clear your concept about small flat irons for short hair.

Plate SizeHair Types
2-inchBest for sleek and long hair
1 ½-inchBest for thick and coarse or curly hair
1-inchBest for versatile looks such as wave and curl plus many hair types
0.5-inchBest for short and bangs hair

Plate Materials

The plate materials are also a significant matter after plate size. A variety of materials are existed in the current market whose advertise they are all best. In fact, all of this is not true. So, you have to expose the best option.

  • Titanium plate: To do your job easier, we recommend you to get the titanium plate, which is really best for thick and short hair.  This material is perfect for reaching the goal with higher temperature and tame frizz in the textured hair.
  • Ceramic Plate: We also refer to ceramic plates, which great for fine, thick, and coarse hair.
  • Tourmaline plate: Lastly, we recommend this plate material because this plate will make your hair more smooth and moist.   


There are variable temperature settings, and they will help you to make sure the right temperature for the hair plus texture. If you select to go for a single heat setting, ensure the flat iron is planned for the hair type.

Below has a chart for the right temperature based on the hair length and type. From the below chart, you get a clear idea about the hair and right temperature hair.

Hair TypesHair LengthTemperature
Coarse, thick, & curlyAbove shoulder
Shoulder length
350°F – 450°F
Below Shoulder380°F – 450°F
Normal, wavy, & MediumAbove shoulder
Shoulder length
300°F – 350°F
Below Shoulder360°F – 380°F
Fine, thin, natural straight, or damaged hairAny250°F – 300°F
Fragile HairAnyBelow 250°F


The mini flat iron’s biggest advantage is that it can be more accurate and exact for bobs or bangs. Short hairstyle always required much more maneuverability; otherwise, you can’t capable of pulling away from your hair from the head as far or make straight the back over the shoulder.

Similarly, you need a short flat iron for travel, which can allow you to use, which doesn’t matter where your outlet is placed. So, when you go shopping, look for some options that have swivel and good cords for hair length. 


Another most significant factor is the weight of the iron to consider. Normally mini flat iron is a lightweight tool that is ideal for any short and thin hair. You know you can be able to hold the tool over your head.

But a large and heavy iron won’t be capable to grip all the time. Titanium material is light in weight, and you can use it so faster and easier. 

Other Features

Please note other essential features that you should keep in mind when you pick the best mini flat iron for short hair.

  • Though it is an electric tool, you have to notice the safety features. It is extremely desirable to get the auto-shutoff.
  • Notice that a few irons have a sleep option, which automatically shuts down after 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Check the locking mechanism that works to lock the plates when heating your hair to protect and prevent unnecessary burning during use.

Top Mini Flat Irons for Short Hair

Short and fine hair requires some extra care while you will go for styling them. And only the best product can provide the best service all the time.

Here we have shown you some of the best mini flat iron with some significant features, from where you will get reliable tools easily and quickly.

Let’s look at a glance them before making any final decision.

1.  BaBylissPRO BABNT3050N Mini Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

The BabylissPro is a 6-inch length and 0.5-inch plate size iron. It comes with titanium plates, which can be heated quickly. The plate has designed to provide heat and give your hair sleek plus smooth and soft looks. 

As the smallest flat iron for short hair, it gets very close to your hair roots, which makes sure that your hair sleek from top to bottom. This iron is only 6-ounce in weight, which you can carry anywhere where you want to travel. Lastly, it contains dual voltage, and for this, it is ideal for universal use.

Let’s see some key features:

  • Material: Titanium
  • Dual voltage: 110-220 V
  • Perfect for all types of short hair

2. Kipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat Iron

Throughout year and year, KIPOZI mini flat iron has won the heart of the customers by providing outstanding service for the versatile hairstyle.

But not only for this, we didn’t choose this product, but this mini iron also grabbed the top position for other reasons. This mini iron comes with a 1-inch wide plate that is ideal for strengthening your short hair flawlessly.

Besides, the nano-titanium material enables it to make any hairstyle on any type of hair easily. So, you can flip or twist this small iron for curling and waving purposes without breakage the hair. This hairstyle tool is also perfect for natural to Afro-American hair.

Let’s see some other additional features:

  • Auto shut off aspects after 90-minutes
  • Easy for storage and carry anywhere
  • Dual voltage let you use around the world safely

3. Conair Heat Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair flat iron is another most sought mini iron for any short hair types. It includes ¾-inch floating plates along with a turbo heat boost button.

 So, this level flat iron can produce gentle heat to flatten and strengthen your hair instantly with long-lasting style and shine. The 25 heats setting with 60-second heat will let you make your hair so stylish with a smooth texture.

This Conair flat iron is a top-quality hair care tool that is ideal for women and men.

This blue color iron will be your best guys even in your travel worldwide.

Some key points note:

  • Material: Ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage: 110-220 V
  • 25 variable temperatures

4. MHU Travel Size Mini Flat Iron

MHU Travel Size Mini Flat Iron

This is another flat iron for short hair, which is in demand for professional use. The plate of it is 0.5 inch, and weight is 191g, which you can manage in your handbag simply.

The tourmaline ceramic plates heat up very faster and provide your hair evenly. This plate can give the hair a sleek and silky look without any hazard.

It will adjust with any hair type, whatever if your hair is medium, fine, and coarse. The plates can offer iron with good balance and keep your hair free from frizz. 

The small platelets you make super strengthen your curly and bangs hair perfectly.

The key facts of it are:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Very small and portable
  • Easy to use and professional grade tool

5. HOT TOOLS Micro-Shine Flat Iron

Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve Ionic Salon Hair Flat Iron

The Hot tools micro shine flat iron has the greatest benefit, that is, flexibility. Unlike a lot of other tools, this has limitations for few hairstyles but supper for short and men’s hair.

If you are seeking to do bleach or dye with strengthen hair, make curls, or pin curls, you will get adapting to your requirement. All of those are achievable with this small flat iron.

The plates of this iron made combine titanium and ceramic that offer a smooth finish. It lets you glide the tool through your hair without tugging. That means of it that this iron is easy to use which allows you to finish up the task faster.

The key points are:

  • Hair type: Straight
  • Material: Titanium & ceramic
  • Digital LCD display is easy to read to set up.

6. Ghd Professional Classic Styler

Ghd Professional Classic Styler

GHD is a well-known hair tool brand that has very basic but effective iron with this model. This is very easy to use and accomplishes it by offering midrange heat, which works well on each type of hairstyle.

You can combine this iron for a versatile hairstyle. It is very effective for short straighten hair. Among other advanced features, a rounded barrel design and automatic shutdown system make this tool more effective.

The GHD is a professional classic iron that offers universal dual voltage, and you can use it anywhere.   

The key factors are:

  • It includes 1 AA batteries
  • It comes with great technology for safe use
  • 2-years guarantee

7. FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

Now let’s see professional mini flat iron of FURIDEN that is suitable for any type of hairstyling. You can discover it as a 2 in 1 tourmaline ceramic flat iron with a one-step temperature controller system.

The most wanted benefit of it is dual voltage system which makes it ideal to use anyplace in the world without any risk.

For your glamorous curly or mermaid wave hairstyle, this mini flat iron is perfect. Without those hairstyles, it offers endless hairstyles for both men’s and women’s hair.

What are the key points which make it most demanded to the consumers?

The key factors are:

  • Ideal not only short hair but also offer for the endless hairstyle.
  • It is portable and flexible.
  • It is very good looking and help you to get sleek, soft, and smooth hair.

8. CHI G2 Hairstyling Mini Flat Iron

CHI G2 Hairstyling Mini Flat Iron

The CHI G2 mini flat iron is also another most popular brand. This ironworks to achieve sleek, frizz-free, and shiny hair without any damage. The multipurpose function of the plates is the most important to lock your hair for a long time.

The floating titanium and ceramic plat are so long-lasting, rust, and snag-free. This unique plat works very effectively and reduces the time to get and hairstyle. It takes only 25 to 30- minutes to strengthen and tighten your hair every morning.

This mini flat iron will be preset with a mode button that makes easier the temperature selection.

The main facts of this tool are:
  • Color coding digital system
  • Suitable for the home plus professional use
  • Make sure faster straightening with the less singed strand.

How to use Mini Flat Iron To straighten Short Hair

If you didn’t use any flat iron before, the following tips would help to get strengthen your hair effectively.

  1. In this first step, you need to dry your hair. Use the microfiber towel to remove the extra water and let the hair dry into the air normally instead of the hairdryer. 
  2. Use the regular normal hair oil that will save your hair from damage. But don’t use excess oil that will wet your hair.
  3. Section the short hair into several parts with the comb.
  4. Apply the heat and comb before using the irons. Don’t heat repeatedly. It will be responsible for brittle hair and serious dryness of the hair.
  5. Set the hair iron for short hair nearer to the roots of the hair. Be careful so that your scalp can’t burn anyway.   

Our Ideal Choice

From the mentioned mini flat iron tools, the Kipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat Iron (the second option) is the best option for everyone who is seeking the overall best one.

The design, style, and functionality of them are similar to the large size flat iron. They make a larger grip than the plates and can make super comfortable to use.

The plate is made from nano titanium and plastic materials and comes with a 360° Swivel Cord that makes it professional level iron. The swivel cords make it easier to maneuver.

Overall it will be a quality purchase that will provide you a full-size flat iron service in your home. And you must choose it for professional use and must pick for your travel.

The long-lasting durability quality with maneuverability has to serve you best during use it. So, you can pick it with a complete rely on it easily.  

Summing Up!

We have finished this post to help you to seek out the best mini flat iron for short hair. And all of the tools come with super amazing features and functionality that will please you easily.

We recommend those 8-top tools because all of them include great features that make them extremely useful to pick.

Well! Now we can hope that you will discover the best flat iron model from here for your short hair simply.

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