Best Bleach For Dark Hair Reviews With Ultimate Buying Guide [Top 7 Pick]

Dying dark hair is really painful than Bleach. From dark to light and brown to blonde, Bleach is the right answer. 

But when we think about bleaching our dark hair, we feel pretty nervous about dying, discoloring, and even damaging. This horrible fact happens when you use the incorrect products.

If you handle bleaching with full caution in the right way, you can protect your hair from those bad reputations. And certain brands are reliable on whose you can put this job.   

To help you, here we have enlisted the best bleach for dark hair to get the best-desired results.     


These are our recommended best Bleach for dark hair:

Best For
1High lifting bleachSchwarzkopf  premium Lightener
2Salon valueNioxin Full-size system kit
3Bleach with coloring systemWELLA Color Charm powder Lightener
4Bleach for freehand bleachingLoreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach
5Bleach for black hairMANIC PANIC Flash Lightning hair bleach
6Vegan hair bleachClairol Professional Hair Powder Lightener
7BudgetSally Hansen Etra Strength Crème Bleach

Best Bleach For Dark Hair: Our 7 Picks

Now you can know the basic bleaching dark hair. There are some recommended products if you are seeking the best products to bleach hair black charcoal bleach for hair.

# Rank-1: Best High lifting Bleach

01. Schwarzkopf  premium Lightener 

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond
Specs Summary
Hair TypeNormal
LevelUp to 9-levels of lift
Rating4.7 out of 5

A renowned product among hairstyle, we have selected this as the rank one like the best Bleach. Yes, we are speaking about the well-known brand of hair bleach from Schwarzkopf. This brand offers more than 9-levels of lift which is a great link overall.

It allows the most brilliant blonde appearances even on darker hair. This is gained by applying the integrated Bonding technology that makes interlinks with your hair fibers to enforce the well-built structural bond.

What makes it Unique?

 If you apply this powder lightener, you won’t need to get another layer of blonde. It offers a simple control lift that can reach more than 9 levels of lift. This makes it simple to gain icy to platinum shades. 

Though the formula is effective, it can’t leave the hair with an overpowering bleachy aroma. For getting the best result, use the powder with the developer of this brand. It helps you to keep your hair saved to minimize hair damage or breakage. 

It is crafted to neutralize warmer undertones and remove yellow hues or unnecessary brassy traces from taking over.   

Why we love it

This product comes with a complete package with dust-free bleach powder, developer, mixing tub, brush applicator, cap, and also plastic gloves. It is an easy, effective, and most significantly reasonable bleach product. It is enough for short to long or thin to thicker hair.     

  • Extremely reasonable price
  • Easy to manage shade levels
  • It can be applied without a developer
  • Delivers result in a single session
  • Ideal for sensitive scalp 
  • Potential scalp irritation
  • Brassy tones look in low levels when the Bleach settle in 

User’s Review

Five-star customers reviewed that this product works magically and anyone wants to use it once again after the first time.  

Note: Apply this lightener with the developer from a similar brand for the best result. 

  # Rank-2: Best Salon Value 

02. Nioxin Full-size system kits

Nioxin Full-Size System Kits
Specs Summary
Type Liquid
Hair TypeThin
LevelUp to 7-levels of lift
Rating4.4 out of 5

Our second bleaching hair products are from Nioxin. This is the greatest Bleach to apply on natural thin hair that has not been dyed before. It is pretty gentle and formulates the wonderful for virgin hair. 

This pack comes with shampoo, conditioner, and hair plus scalp treatment color. It is an upgraded design of the old version. If you don’t like powder bleaching, you must love this spray system which is very faster and easier to apply with incredible results.    

What Makes it Unique?

This is the best hair bleaching that offers you professional bleaching at home, just like a salon. And it is perfect for dark hair all the time. Here you should follow three steps shampoo, conditioner, and coloring. It is great that you can get all treatment in one pack and don’t need to go for another product.  

Why we love it

This is a complete ready home kit that you can get at a reasonable price. We like it because it is a professional level kit pack and you will get all things that you need to bleach your dark hair. 

As the professional and exclusive results for dark hair type, it is ideal. For smooth, silky, and healthy hair, this kit comes with an anti-dust formula that makes it safe and secure for your hair and scalp.     

  • Intense and vibrant color results
  • Pocket friendly
  • Provide professional service
  • Three kits for great treatment
  • Gentle for any type of hair
  • Not negative reviews

User’s Review

The customer replies against this product pack that it is an exclusive hair bleaching pack that offers long-lasting bleaching without any damage.     

# Rank-3: Best Bleach with coloring system

03. WELLA Color Charm powder Lightener 

WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener
Specs Summary
TimeSemi Permanent
LevelUp to 7-levels of lift
Rating4.7 out of 5

Ever desired you might have light-colored hair as an elfish queen? Well, WELLA dust-free color charm lightener is the right answer for numerous dark hair women and men.

Most time, while you want to get the lightener as a dark, the lightest shade that you would gain is a dark blonde. Forever, Wella powder lightener will help you to go complete platinum. 

What Makes it Unique?

The main ingredients of this hair lightener uses are top-quality. They protect your hair from horrible damage and make it healthy and shiny for a long time. The action of it will gentle what feel your hair smooth and soft to touch. 

This Bleach works just like a salon-quality and affordable that you can get a professional quality service at home. 

Why we love it

It lets to lift your darker hair more than 7-level with this hair bleaching powder. The lightning performance allows you to achieve the best result within one hour. 

It keeps you worry-free about the brassy tones, which can be happened after bleaching. This Bleach is equipped with anti-yellow pigments, which perform to ward off unnecessary warm textures after lightening. 

So, it is the best hair pre-color treatment and also perfect for dramatic highlights when you need lightening to separate contrast.      

  • Short deliver time
  • Lighten the hair more than 7-levels
  • Easy to application
  • Remove uneven brassy textures
  • It can be added with hair developer
  • Some customers claim poor packaging

User’s Review

Let’s listen to what the users said in their reviews. One said, “This is my most favorite hair lightener that is ideal for getting 8.5-level hair to a lovely platinum within one hour.”

Another one gave five stars and reviewed, “It is the best home bleach that thicker than other bleaches and makes the application a lot easier. 

  # Rank-4: Best Bleach for freehand bleaching 

04. Loreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach 

Loreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach
Specs Summary
TimeSemi Permanent
LevelUp to 7-levels of lift
Rating4.7 out of 5

If you desire to use a freehand technique for your dark hair, this Loreal quick blue powder bleach is the right one. It offers up to 7–levels of lift, and the extra thickness of its product minimizes the running and bleeding for the most effective application. It also has filled with pro-Keratin to save your hair from damage.

What Makes it Unique?

This powder bleach is more budget-friendly, and it compensates for giving a few additional nourishes to the hair. The ingredients of this powder bleach are Nuricerides and white beeswax. 

All the ingredients make sure the hair is being taken care of at the time of the lighting process and even after. The best results are smooth, silky, and soft in touch. The formula is also ammonia-free, which is frustrating and stinking smelling than other hair bleach that is ammonia based.

It is a hassle-free kit that allows you to gain shiny results without going to any salon. This kit pack includes three bleach sachets, cream peroxide, hand gloves, (instruction) multi-language, a mixing bowl, and a measurement scoop.      

Why we love it

We like it because it is natural hair bleach that doesn’t require any types of dyed before. It is pretty gentle and makes it ideal for virgin hair. The kit makes the bleaching faster and easier with effective results.   

  • Nice scent of this Bleach
  • Safe Bleach even for sensitive scalp
  • The easy and very simple application process
  • Help to get different shades 
  • Long-lasting Bleach
  • It can be over-drying for a few types of hair, especially for very rough and dry hair

User’s Review

Users reviewed that it is amazing and wonderful Bleach. It is feeling well and getting a professional result like a salon at home. 

# Rank-5: Best Bleach for black hair

05. MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning hair bleach

MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach
Specs Summary
Lasting4 to 6 weeks
TimeSemi permanent
Rating4.5 out of 5

Next on our best Bleach for dark hair list for more reasonable bleach kits is from Manic panic store. It is the most effective Bleach with a lower price on the recent market with trouble-free. What more would you like to get for the bleaching kit?

It is cruelty-free and vegan formulated upgraded by two sisters Tisa and Snooky, in New York. They are well-known for sporting hairdos with bright colors. So, they certainly back up their kits as they use them and boast it on themselves.  

What Makes it Unique?

Manic Panic lightening best hair bleaching for dark hair is a dirt-free product. This pack is a perfect option for those people who want to get darker to a lighter tone. However, it is significant to use bleach with shiny plus healthy hair avoiding damage.

Why we love it

This product continues as the leader of the creative hair DIY revolution. It is a legendary hair color that has remained 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free since its inception. It offers different more shades than any of its imitators.       

  • It comes with a cream developer
  • Dust-free bleach powder
  • Ammonia and cruelty-free
  • Safe for hair and scalp
  • Avoid hair damage
  • Nothing negative review

User’s Review

Most users replied that they bought this hair bleaching pack several times last year, and they also love to continue with this product. Because they rely on it and feel comfortable using it at home. 

# Rank-6: Best Vegan hair bleach

06 Clairol Professional Hair Powder Lightener

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder
Specs Summary
Hair TypeAll
Rating4.5 out of 5

Considered the strongest Bleach in the recent market for dark hair, Clairol is everything you are looking for. This hair lightener is ideal for dark hair that is crafted for additional lightening strong and guaranteed to lift the darker of hair.

It is believed to offer you the best control over the bleaching process though it can take some time to gain the different shades. On top of that, it is also an affordable bleaching product.      

What makes it good?

Clairol professional bleach is a sturdy and strong lightning powder that will give you complete creative control over the processing. It is ideal for scalp and hair that avoid damage to the hair after bleaching. 

The basic white lightening balanced perfect lightening for highlights when the BW2 formula is dedusted to reduce powder fly-away. The blonde trend to take a very shorter time and soothing can be without more effort to gain with easy to handle formula.   

Why we love it

We love this pack for its quick, reliable, and professional best result at home. The top-quality formula makes it user-friendly and offers perfect balance lighting. 

  • Lightening & highlights
  • Extra strength dust-free formula
  • Dust and ammonia-free
  • Perfect for any type of hair
  • No drip formula added
  • A strong smell may be disturbing you

User’s Review

Most women recommend this Bleach to their relatives and friends for the best future results. 

# Rank-7: Best for budget

07. Sally Hansen Etra Strength Crème Bleach 

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Bleach
Specs Summary
LevelUp to 8-levels of lift
Rating4.6 out of 5

 Our last list ranking bleach products is from the Sally Hansen store. If you are seeking that Bleach can’t damage your scalp and hair in the future, this is the best Bleach at sally’s for your hair. So, we chose this product which will be the best new Bleach for you. And your hair can’t feel dry and bumpy.

Given the reality that bleaches strip hair with its regular moisturizer. It is good to get one that is formulated with great taming ingredients to replenish or nourish what is lost. The powder form with top ingredients works well to nourish your hair Vitamin B5.  

What makes it good?

It is a pack of cream bleach that weighs about 5.28 ounces. As the best bleaching product for black hair, it doesn’t tend to stick to hair. It contains moisturizer sealing humectants that won’t dry your hair anyway. It offers a vibrant color on your hair, controlling the hair lightening treatment.    

Why we love it

The benefit of this hair bleaching kit for dark hair is its pretty almond smell. Bleaching is a time-consuming process, so most professionals consider this product with zero odor smell for their salon. Chemical-free smell feeling the users more comfortable and like to use again after the first time.       

  • Sweat almond aroma
  • Long-lasting result
  • Dust and ammonia-free
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Someone claims it is not perfect for thick hairs

User’s Review

Many professional salon owners reviewed that they always like it for their customers because their customers love it to use with the most comfort. 

Tips for Bleaching Dark Hair

Using safe bleaching for dark hair can result in some type of unfortunate accident if you can’t use it properly. For this reason, the following tips can make sure that the tub of the hair bleach performs as the best hair lightener.

  • Pre-preparation before Bleach 

At first, have to make sure that your black hair is ready to use the professional Bleach. That means, your hair is nourished well and moisturized before applying any type of hair color with bleaching kits. 

  • Don’t wash your hair during Dying.

Before using bleach on your hair, you have to keep your hair dry. Washing hair before black hair bleaching strips away the regular or natural oil formation on the scalp; applying the Bleach can make your hair get dry and damaged.

  • Wear protective kit

When you are ready to use your new bleaching on your dark hair, you must wear some protective kits. For example, you can wear an old shirt and gloves to save your clothes and neck from bleaching cream.

  • Use professional brand bleach.

Using Bleach for balk hair at home is the most important to get the best bleach kit as a professional salon quality. And that’s why you should get the well-known brand bleach. In this case, you can follow our enlisted products which are most reliable and got from famous brands.    

Final Thought!

Now you can prepare yourself to pick the best bleach for dark hair. Above, we have discussed a complete buying guide with the most demandable products and some significant tips. We know all the tips and tricks will help you bleach your hair at home like a professional process. 

So what, it is your first time bleaching at home. Just get the best bleach kit and complete the task following the tips. We hope you can do it successfully.

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