WEAVE VS WIG – Which One to Go For

Experimenting with your hair has never been easier thanks to the extensive range of weaves and wigs on offer these days. So you need solutions to cover your Problems with hair loss? And which one should you go for? Weaves or Wigs? That brings you to Weave VS Wig, right?

Just begin by saying it is all a matter of preference and conditions before we get into the above topic. Wigs are similar but weave serves a different purpose. A shopper must learn how and when to differ so he or she can determine which one would be best for him or her.   

The battle between Weave vs Wig

A wig is an extension full of human hair or synthetic fiber. Put it simply, a wig is like a hat to wear it easily. This has a ball cap that is attached to a hair. Mostly it is like a hat made from human hair. A weave is, twisted hair sewn onto the braid by the ends of the hair elastic.

Weaves are usually cut, stick, or sewn on natural hair by using extra hair from humans. All weaves are generally hair extensions of a type. This is a piece of hair or woven, glued or stitched into one’s hair to make it appear as the person likes.

What are they made of?

Two kinds of wigs are available, human hair and synthetic hair. The natural hair comes almost entirely from India and Asia and costs almost as much as the counterfeit version. The braided hair is sewn down and the extensions of the hair are sewed in the braids.

The whole head can be braided to a full fabric. A weave can consist of certain tracks. The braids are sewn or covered with a net with a complete head weave. And it is then sewn to the braids.

The procedure of entailing Weave vs Wig

To get a wig or a weave, a wig or a weave is built with bundles and a lace system. For weave, first, it will be braided up to allow a flat seamless base, and then bundles are carefully attached using a specialized stitching method to the base. Wigs need a spandex cap to make the wig comfortable and removable.

A temporary retaining gel is then used to fix the lace frontal method, depending upon the type of lace; this is either a full-frontal lace or a splitting.

Weave vs Wig – Pros and Cons

Wigs are certainly the perfect choice for baldness covering up or changing their hairstyle entirely without regular adjustments. It has its pros and cons, such as-


  • Infinite style options: You can wear it to change hairstyles and colors to suit the occasion rather than coloring your natural hair. This can also save your hair from harsh bleach and chemical substances.
  • Lower price: It is affordable.
  • Lasts longer: It will last for a very long time if you properly maintain a wig. In other terms, adjusting a new one saves you a lot of time.
  • Protects your natural hair: Not only does the wig cover the damaged strands fully and give you the perfect hair, but it also gives you time to recover from the damaged strands. Like external factors that could first of all have damaged hair. Active sun, poor products, and hot tools, for instance.
  • Washable: You also can wash it with shampoo.


  • Reinstall: It will be better for you to take it off after every use. There seems to be no good choice to sleep or shower with it.
  • Not enough secure: It is not that much secure as it is not sewn on.

Most people use a weave to permanently alter their hairstyle since it’s not easy only to remove like wigs every day. Weave has some pros like a wig. 


  • Different hairstyle:  it instantly changes your style, without cutting or growing your hair.
  • Secure: Weaves are safer as they are attached to each hair strand.
  • More natural: Your natural hair is worked with them. It provides just extra volume and length.
  • Comfortable: it is much more comfortable because you do not have to take it off daily.
  • Low maintenance: wearing weaves will allow styling your hair in a hurry.  This is perfect for time-crunched mornings.
  • Style as you want: You can color it also you can straighten, curl, dry or air dries it.


  • Hair loss: braiding hair too tightly can cause hair loss.
  • Expensive: it can cost to maintain.
  • Tangled hair: it can cause tangle, shed, or it might look unnatural.

Which one lasts longer Weave or Wig? 

The amount of time you should hold the weave is depending on the style of your hair, the texture of your hair and skin. What kind of wig or weave you are using depends on it.

The weaves only can last four to five weeks. If you keep up with the constant service or reinstallation, wigs will last for four weeks to several years.

How often it can be washed Weave and Wig

It’s a matter of individual preference though it still depends on how much you wear it. If it is a wig, you may need a weekly wash and clean it with shampoo and conditioner if you wear it every day.

It is somewhat different if you choose to weave because it will be recommended to wash less to help avoid the braid base from loosening.

Which one is best for your hair Weave vs Wig?

The decision on whether to choose between weave and wig, it depends on your preferences and condition. In terms of length, volume, longevity, and a realistic look, weave gives similar results. For conditions like hair loss, thin or damaged hair, wigs have been far better. 

End terms:

Have you got a clear idea about which is better Weave vs Wig? So mostly, you can find wigs handy. Also, it is affordable and you can style it in your way. 

If you choose wigs, it can help to hide your baldness, protects UV rays, and gives them time to recover from the damaged strands. Although, weaves are safer as they are attached with each hair strand. It looks more natural and gives your hair extra volumes. Weaves can be a bit expensive but it is worth every penny. 

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