Should I Shave My Mustache or Not

Trendy mustache is a craze recent to the teenager to the young man? But some teenagers or youth may think like you, “should I shave my mustache?”

Well, it’s not a very serious topic, and then it is the question of heart most of the teenagers. We know you are feeling shy and hesitant to ask other family members or friends but search on the internet.

Thinking about it, we have decided to share some experience with you that faced in our real-life when we have crossed your stage.

Below we try to give some answers about different ages boys so that you can understand when and what you have to do actually with your mustache.

Let’s make a short journey and gather new knowledge.

Should I shave my mustache

Should I shave my mustache? You can think it when you can see little mustache for the first time. When you were baby, you were the hairiest one, so you will get a thick mustache. For this reason, you have to conscious about it. Don’t take any decision becoming so crazy.

Should I Shave My Mustache

Below we have discussed some age requirements and try to give a few ideal suggestions. Continue to know much more exciting experiences.

When should you shave your mustache?

When you are – In Grade-6

In grade-6, when little mustache wants to grow, you should not allow it. We think it is not a perfect time for a growing boy. In this time, you have to start shaving to try to keep your face tame.

You can choose a trendy mustache for you when you turned on 24/25. Now you can allow your hair to grow, and it starts to change your life from now. You are also allowed all facial hair, including trimming, shaving, and styling eyebrows.  

If you don’t like mustache even in this stage, you can shave off honestly. Keep mustache is a fashion you can like it or not; it is a completely personal point because of your face, your choice.

When you are – In 12

When you are in 12, a little mustache becomes appearance in your face. You can feel so funny when you will see the face in the mirror. You can feel shilly-shally and want to shave it every day.

Yes, it is a good decision for this age. But mind it a good practice of shaving with the perfect style will give a great future mustache for you.

When you are – In 14

Age-14 is the best time to grow mustache because it is high time to change all structures of the whole body, and it is a natural factor. But now a question comes again in your mind should I shave my mustache?

We recommend you for shaving the fuzzy wispy mustache. It isn’t a perfect time for you, and you don’t look good. On the other hand, you can’t handle it properly, and you become so funny just like a ate peanut butter with a dirty rag before your friends and family. So, shave the hair until they grow correctly. 

When you are – In 16

You are in 16, you have a thick mustache, and people point it out always. So, we suggest you shave it now. In this age mustache appearance the means of it you are growing and becoming a young man very soon. If you let the mustache grow now, you will look so ugly because you can’t maintain it properly. 

However, if you think of allowing it to grow, you can do it. But we advise you before making a final decision to ask your friends you look normal with a mustache or not. If you are thinking of shaving it, read the post continuously, and learn how to shave and how often.

Should I shave my mustache?

Deciding when should I shave my mustache, basically depend on how you feel with the hair, if you aren’t ready to stay with it, and you feel look bother you can start shaving.

How often should you shave?

It depends on how faster the hair grows and how darker it looks. A few guys, saving once in a week is OK for the first time where some other has to shave for twice or thrice. As you will become grown-up, your mustache gets thicker, and you feel you need to shave more often.

When should you start shaving?

If you are thinking of shaving, finally, at first, talk with some men of you, your family. Perhaps your father or your elder brother can help you better. But you should take this decision when you have more thick and long hair on your face. The darker hair on your upper lips will allow you to shave.

How should you shave?

For safety shaving, you have to learn a few tips. They are:

  1. Select razor: electric razor or disposable razor will be ideal for you
  2. After taking a warm bath is the best time for shaving that makes your skin soft.
  3. Before applying shaving cream splash warm water on your face
  4. Apply shaving cream with alcohol so that it can protect your skin also.
  5. Start shaving with the grain of the hair not against. Shave from downward not upward that can create red bumps
  6. Let the razor work and shave slowly and gently.
  7. Don’t push pressure on the razor. It can cut your face.
  8. Use short stroke on your around the lips or jaw.
  9. Avoid dull blade razors immediately. It can irritate your skin and make a rush.
  10. Ask your father to use safety antiseptic cream or lotion to stop bleeding instantly if you cut while shaving.
  11. After complete shaving use soap and water to wash your face finally
  12. Use some moisturizer products or lotions after shaving to save your skin from drying.

Finally, what can you say?

Should I shave my mustache? Yes, depending on your age and your fashion or trend, you can shave your mustache. It is usually a personal matter for the older men, but we recommend the young men that if you are not ready to maintain it, you should shave.

If you start your shaving journey for the first time, you have to take help from your father or elder brother, who has a better experience of it.

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