How to clip In extensions for African American Hair

African American hair looks pretty for having a unique structure but is fragile. Such hair faces damage and falls easily. Women who have this kind of hair have the worst hair loss and thinning experience. Taking care of and maintaining such hair takes time and effort. 

Sadly, women living in this busy era can’t manage enough time to take care of their hair regularly. Here is when clip-in extensions come for our help. It’s simple to modify your appearance using some clip-in extensions. Make your hair look thicker by adding volume with these useful hair clips. 

If you don’t know how to clip in extensions for African American hair, keep reading the whole article. We will help you learn the process of using them plus tell you more beneficial facts about it. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Learn How to clip In extensions for African American Hair

The way you clip-in extensions might be wrong, or you may have no clue how to clip In extensions. Whatever the reason is, we will teach you the correct procedure with easy steps. Let’s jump into the process, then. 

Make sure to measure your hair length before buying African American hair extensions because if they are too short or too long than your natural hair, they will rather ruin your appearance. 

Step 1. Washing Hair 

Whenever you are about to clip-in extensions, make sure to get your hair washed before. Creating sections on a little wet hair will be easier. You need to also wash off the clip-in extensions before using them every time. 

Step 2. Making Small Sections 

buying African American hair extensions

Determine the number of extensions you will use, and depending on the amount of it, make small sections in your hair. For example, 7 extensions create seven different sections in your hair wherever you attach them. 

When making hair sections, remember to start sectioning from the backside to get your hair sectioned properly. 

Step 3. Clipping in Extensions

best extensions for african american hair

Apply some high-grade hair gel on the sectioned hair to which you want to attach the extension. After applying a little amount of gel well, use your hairbrush and wreck it through the hair so that the gel product can go all the way through your hair. 

Since you have to start clipping in extensions from the back part, it’s a must to use shorter extensions and gradually use longer extensions until you reach the front part. Take one of your two clips and pop those up. Now slowly stick the clips one by one to the first section at the back. 

Step 4. Repeating the Previous Step  

Use two of two clips and two of three clips at the back part and attach them gently following the previous step. When you are done adding hair extensions to the back part of your head, it’s time to clip-in extensions at the front part. 

Step 5. Attaching the Longer Extensions

By following the same process in step number 3, you have to keep clips in the extensions and remember to use the longest clip at the very front part, and boom! You are done adding all the extensions. 

Clip-in Extensions Advantages

 how else clip-in extensions provide us advantages

Maintaining your hair using some hair products seems like a complex challenge. Many ladies fail to grow enough hair for issues like imbalanced diet, hormonal issues, unhealthy lifestyle, or pollution even though they try hard. 

But we have clip-in hair extensions to say goodbye to less volume hair. Let’s get to know how else clip-in extensions provide us advantages. 

Adding Length 

Ladies usually don’t like to have short hair. They keep looking for ways to make their hair appear lengthier. The quickest switch to longer hair is by using clip-in extensions. Also, getting shorter hair using short-length extensions is possible.

It means they can cover you for both going to work or parties. However, only the best clip-in extensions for African American hair can serve you better and longer. 

Adding Volume

Who doesn’t want to have voluminous hair? It’s a dream for every lady to get their hair volumized instantly. Well, it’s 100% possible with clip-in extensions. Adding some extensions can instantly give your hair the boost you want. 


How do you put clip in extensions in black hair

Most clip-in extensions come in black or brown color. But these colors, most of the time, don’t exactly match with the user’s hair color. Now don’t start worrying about it. Because you can dye them with any color, you want to match your hair color and wear them. They will look like real hair. 

Modifying Hairstyle

Modifying hairstyles with clip-in extensions is always trending among hair stylists. Having less volume hair is no longer an issue. Attach these and do any hairstyle you like because they stick well and whether you seat a little or more, they will not come off. This is why these are ideal enough to use in modifying hairstyles for anyone. 

Washing is Easy 

washing clips in extensions

Just like we wash our hair every day, washing clips in extensions after every use is a must. You can wash them just like you wash your hair using shampoo. Leave them to get dry naturally after every wash. 

No Shedding

We know that natural hair sheds. The hair of the clip-in extensions also shed but very little. It’s impossible to stop your hair from shedding but using extensions; you can still make your hair look voluminous. 


1. How long do clip-in extensions last? 

Hair clip-in extensions can last for an extended period because people don’t use and wash them on a daily basis, contrasting the semi-permanent extensions. 

2. Are clip-in hair extensions good? 

Clip-in hair extensions are great since they are simple and give us many solutions to hair problems. Even maintaining them is easier than maintaining natural hair. 

3. Do clip-ins damage black hair? 

Clip-ins don’t contain harmful chemicals, and they also don’t react with either the hair or the scalp. So, they are considered harmless to black hair. 

Closing Remarks 

If you have natural African American hair but with less volume, you can increase the hair volume using clip-in extensions. However, you should know the proper steps of how to clip in extensions for African American hair, or else the extension will come off. 

For this reason, we have shared the step-by-step procedures with details. Follow each step one by one and clip-in extensions perfectly any time.

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