How To Make Baby Hair Grow Faster | 16 Proven Tactics

Every baby comes into this world with unique and adorable characters. Today we are only speaking about the hair of your baby.

You have noticed that babies have different types of hair like straight, curly, wavy, kinky, thin, or thick. So what any types of hair make your baby cute to look. But when your baby has thin hair, you may think about how to make baby hair grow faster. Your thinking is right. You can wait until during first six months to see the growth rate of your baby.

After a few months, you can try some tactics against how to make baby hair grow faster. With some tips and tricks, you can keep the baby’s hair silky, soft, and nourished, which helps to grow the hair.

Keep reading, we will present before you some proven tips that support you to grow your baby’s hair.

How to Make Baby Hair Grow Faster

How to make baby hair grow faster

 If your baby is now six months old but has started losing hair or is thin, you should take some steps. Here are some expert’s experince that you can apply to your baby’s hair without any risk.

1. Eating healthy

After six months, when your baby starts eating solid foods, it is the easiest way what helps the baby’s hair grow. IN this case, you have to make sure your baby’s foods contain essential vitamins that need to help baby hair grow month by month.

The vitamins are iron, Vitamin A, B, D, zinc, and protein. Which foods contain that nutritious? You can feed potatoes, eggs, meat, beans, carrots, and pumpkin.

2. Gelatin

Gelatin is the form of amino acid that is significant for your baby to grow hair and good health. Milk contains sufficient amino acids that make it easy to add to a healthy diet chart.

To massage the baby’s scalp, you even use a gelatin powder mixed with honey and warm water. But you should bathe your baby after the massage.

3. Wash baby’s hair regularly.

A dry scalp can’t grow hair. So, wash your baby’s hair using the right shampoo every two or three days to remove dirt and moisturize the scalp. It helps the hair to keep clean and grow faster.

4. Use baby Coconut oil.

 The best way of baby hair growth is by applying coconut oil that is ideal for the baby’s scalp. Coconut oil is a natural product, and it contains vitamin E that is good for hair growth so faster and also makes it thicker.

5. Use baby shampoo

The best quality baby shampoo is also the best way to grow your baby’s hair. For this, you have to pick 100% natural shampoo so that it can keep your baby’s hair healthy and skin.

6. Deep baby conditioner

After shampooing, it is most important to use a conditioner. But be careful to use the baby’s conditioner. Moisturizing is also needed for the baby’s hair. So, deep conditioning treatment is another way to make baby hair grow.

7. Use Soft towel

Rubbing with a rough towel of your baby’s scalp damages the hair follicles responsible for making thin or losing the hair. So, you should use a soft towel to rub your baby’s wet hair.

8. Apply Natural castor oil

Most babies suffer from the cradle cap that is responsible for hair loss. For dry scalp, you have to natural oil like Castrol oil. Natural Castrol oil is the best for boosting hair growth in babies.

9. Follow protective hairstyles

Some protective hairstyles also can protect your baby’s hair from damaging or breaking. Protective hairstyles help to avoid manipulation of the hair that encourages hair growth.

You can follow some regular styles for your girl baby like strand twists, flat twists, buns, up-dos, and weaves. If the hair is moisturized properly with a protective style, it must flourish.

10. Skip heat damage

Heat damage is actually permanent. Once the baby’s natural hair is heat damaged, so there has no chance to return it to its natural hair. Heat-damaged hair is prone to breakages that make drying the baby’s healthy hair and hair growth difficult. So, try to skip heat on the baby’s hair.

11. Skip hair ties

Sometimes part of how to help baby hair grow faster should do with skipping damage. Always handling your infant’s hair gently, you should avoid using bows on little’s hair.

12. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is beneficial for the hair and skin. So, it is pretty wondering about promoting hair growth. To grow your baby’s hair, you can use aloe vera to wash your baby’s hair growth.

13. Don’t ignore curls

Your baby needs to sleep the majority of the time of 24 hours. It makes small knots at the back of a little’s head. The small knots can break off, leaving plain patches. So, detangle those knots using a wide-tooth hair comb. It also helps with your infant hair growth.

14. Feed dairy products

How long does it take for a baby’s hair to grow? Yes, it can be faster if you can manage your infant hair growth properly. And you have to start it from the food of your kids. Try to add dairy products besides solid foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt into the baby’s daily diet plan chart.

15. Provide weather protection

Like adult hair, a kid’s hair can damage by pollution and direct sunlight. So, when you are going outside at daylight with your kids, cover the infant’s head to reduce coverage to rough weather conditions.  

16. Grooming

Running the best baby comb gently on a kid’s scalp also can improve hair growth. It can develop the blood circulation of the scalp, and perfect blood circulation is mostly significant for hair growth faster.


If your newborn has been born with hair or without hair, it is a normal and common fact for a baby. For hair growth, this event has not any function.

Observe the hair condition and growth rate for at least six months. After that, start taking care of your infant’s hair besides their health. In this time, you should follow the above facts, which will help you to grow your little angel’s hair faster and make it thicker. Thanks for reading this article! If you have a more practical idea, you can share it with us and can leave a comment below.

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