How to Get Nail Polish out of Hair? 6 Useful Tips and Tricks

Messing around with a bottle of nail polish and looking all fab when suddenly you feel a coarse feeling along with the locks of your hair. Wondering why a portion of your hair feels rough, you quickly look into the mirror and see patches of bright pink stuck to your hair. You realize that you have gravely messed up big time. Concerned and panicked you wonder how to get nail polish out of hair.

Amidst such panic, don’t fret. We got your back in these easy and simple ways to help you out in times of need. Here are our prime tips for you to try on how to remove nail polish naturally from the hair. Stick around, and see what you can do to fix the the situation.

how to get nail polish out of hair

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Hair Naturally?

As there may be many out there who are more leaned towards natural remedies. Here is what we have in store to suggest for you. Knowing if you use certain ingredients, can cause breakage. 

Using Coconut Oil

Our first option to use would be coconut oil. Coconut oil acts as a great emulsifying agent to remove nail polish naturally.

You can also take the help using lukewarm water and gently scrap it with your fingers so that the nail polish begins to chip off. 

Continue to do so slowly for a bit until it starts cracking out of your hair. 

Once that crumbles off properly, make sure to nicely rinse your hair with a softening shampoo and use a conditioner to regain that softness of your hair.

Given that you already may know these tricks, we got some things to talk about before that. Worst case scenario is that if your hair is stuck with a thick consistency of hair then it is advised to chop the ends off from your nearest salons as you alone may not be able to bring it to a shape. 

Using Hair Polish Remover

Another most curious question that roams around in most of our minds is that what happens if you use nail polish remover on hair. Although results may vary, what does it really do? Here is a small technique that you can try.

Make sure to part and separate the side of the hair that has the nail polish stuck to it.

Then gently rub the partitioned hair with some acetone-based nail polish remover.

Use a wet wipe or dampen the wipes with some nail polish remover.

Slowly dab and start wiping it off.

Finally, rinse your hair with some shampoo.

Removing nail polish from your hair can be quite a tedious process as well. Too much scrubbing of your hair may strip it off from moisture. 

Acetone is also flammable so make sure you are well away from exposed flames as well as the kitchen. Removing nail polish out of hair may ultimately lead to untimely damage of your hair too, and may cause breakage.

Rubbing Alcohol

In case of not want to resort to using acetone, you can easily use rubbing alcohol. The solution is less concentrated, and is more likely to evaporate. 

Be always careful not to get either acetone or rubbing alcohol in your eyes to avoid harm. It can be used on fabric as well. Especially fabric that contains fuzzy hair-like texture. Such as a fur rug. 


There are conditioners in the market that have cleansing properties that allow it to remove any sort of pigment that nail polishes tend to stick to any porous surface such as your hair.

If you got nail polish in hair, this is the most common way of removing it even though it’s not fully natural.

Aloe Vera Gel 

Although aloe vera gel may be a bit gross and slimy to handle, many variations are meant only to be applied on hair. You can try these to help you out in separating the areas of your hair.

In case you are too much in a mess you may want to or need to seek expert help from a professional hair expert or a salon to get your hair back in shape if it is far from being fixed.

Micellar Water

Micellar water can me used to remove the colored dyes that nailpolish has. It will also be a lot more milder to your hair as it is ideal for removing makeup too.

How to Remove Nail Polish from the Hair of a Child?

If you are wondering how to get fingernail polish out of hair of your kid, nothing to worry about as you can easily help yourself there. 

Children’s hair is quite soft and also fragile. Here, it is recommended to use nothing else other than something oil-based to stop it from solidifying. Softening shampoo is also good to remove the pigment of nailpolish


1. Can nail polish be used to dye certain parts of my hair?

Absolutely not! You must never use it as a hair product as you may damage and ultimately lose your hair if your hair is heavily covered with nail polish. 

2. Will peel-off nail polish react the same way as regular nail polish?

No, peeling off nail polish can be pulled straight off your hair gently with time or you can just rinse it away with oil or shampoo.


We understand how much of a hassle it can be especially because of the constant worry of wondering how to get nail polish out of your hair. Let us face it, we are always one step away from messing up, and that is too, big time!

But no longer will you have to worry as we got your back without tips and tricks to help you out with your nail polish ordeal.No more fretting and worrying as we got everything you can try in this last-ditch effort. With this article of ours, you’ll no doubt be sure to know the dos and don’ts on how to get nail polish out of hair.

Lastly, always remember that nail polish belongs on nails and is called “nail polish” for a reason after all. So always be careful.

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