Why Does a Nail Have a Sharp Tip?

Picture this; you get into the subway on your way to work one beautiful morning. As the train eases off the station, you decide to pull out your phone and immerse yourself in a book.

While reaching to open your handbag, you cannot help but notice the lady in the next seat. Something about her hands strikes you. Yes, now you see it. Her nails look neat and healthy. You wish you could undergo a similar transformation.

Soon, there is a crackle in the public address system as a soothing voice announces the next station. Once you alight, you make a mental note to get your nails done similarly.

The Power of a Woman

How do people manage to get their nails done so well? Is it not expensive? Where can one find manicurists for such? If you have these questions ringing over your head, you are on the right track.

The sharp tips that you saw in the morning train are as a result of investment in healthy nails. Such nails make you feel in control as a woman. However, having those tips is a full-time job. Having long and well-manicured nails is neither difficult nor easy.

Mostly, lifestyle habits dictate whether you keep those sharp tips or not. You must kick out some bad habits and why does a nail have a sharp tip.

Nuggets for Nail Care

Why Does a Nail Have a Sharp Tip

#1 Moisturizing

As is the case with other parts of your body, you must exercise strict nail care. A good number of women forget moisturizing. Interestingly, most remember to drink water and other fluids but ignore giving a similar treatment to their nails.

To prevent them from becoming dry and brittle, apply hand lotion. When dapping your skin with oil, pay special attention to the nails. Invest in nail moisturizers such that you have something special instead of using body cream.

#2 Water Exposure

water exposure

On the other hand, reduce contact with water. The same caution you apply where your hair is involved must come into play here. If you think that going forward, you are to wear gloves in the shower or stop washing your hands – far from it.

In the same way that your hair becomes vulnerable when exposed to water, so do your nails. Did you know that your nails absorb more water and at a faster rate than the skin?

#3 Gentleness

don't open hard thing with nail

Treat your nails gently. Using them as a pocketknife to scrape off particles on surfaces is a definitive no. Also, you do not want to impress your friends by opening their soda cans using your nails.

Besides, digging underneath is not only a lazy way of removing dirt but also welcoming bacteria. During the winter, protect your nails by wearing gloves.

#4 Bad Habits

avoid bad habit

Slackened nail growth is a cause for concern. You could, unknowingly, be the reason behind it. Do you have a habit of biting your nails? If you answered yes, then you must stop immediately. As you bite nails, you risk bacterial infections. Luckily, you can eradicate this habit by applying nail polish.

Moreover, when using polish, remember to start with the base coat. This foundation layer protects the polish together with the nail’s surface. As if that is not enough, chipping-off your nail polish peels the nail’s top layer. With time, the nails become weak and start breaking.

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Cracking the Sharp Tip Mystery

Sharp tips on nails are a modern statement. Celebrities love styling their nails using this shape. Fortunately, stiletto nails are not a preserve for pop idols, box office superstars, or red-carpet models. You, too, can adorn these fabulous digits.

The shape makes your nails appear longer. No matter the length and appearance of your fingers, you can still have pointed nails. Do you want to know the mystery behind having nails with a sharp tip? Here are the golden tips:

  • Prep those nails: Use an orange stick to push back the cuticles. Also, trim hangnails using a pair of manicure scissors. Think of it as prepping a wall before painting.
  • Mark the center: Pointed nails must not be crooked. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an amateurish style. Carefully locate and mark the center of each nail. To helps you achieve this, use nail polish or an eyeliner pencil. A tiny dot or mark will suffice.
  • Choose your tools: Here, you will need a file. Choose one with medium grit to avoid breaking or tearing your nails. Glass and cardboard files are the best for shaping nail points. Unless you have tough nails, do not use metal files.
  • Start filing: Before you start, apply a strengthening base and allow it to dry. While filing, do so using upward motions. Keep the strokes going upwards terminating at the center of your nails.

    Also, alternate between the right and the left such that you cover both sides of the nail equally. Sawing back and forth will break the tissue, avoid it.
  • Apply the finishing touch: Having finished, you now need to file smoothly to clean up rough spots. Use a buffer or a file with the finest grit.

    Smoothing prevents your nails from getting caught in clothing fabric or other surfaces. Once satisfied, you may now proceed to apply a topcoat or nail art according to your preference.

To Wrap-Up

Sharp-tipped nails command attention. They always stand out, plus you do not need to apply much nail polish. Beyond this, you can stay without nail art and still retain the aura of being dramatic. The sharp tip is part of the fierce appeal that this style creates.

For the best result, you need long nails. If you file short nails and make them pointy, you will not achieve the stiletto (sharp tip) effect. For that reason, consult your manicurist and get some artificial extensions.

Additionally, after attaining the stiletto look on your hands, nail care does not take a break. You must look after those stiletto tips with the seriousness such as that you attach to hair.

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