Best Nail Color for Short Nails | Top 6 Colors are Preferable

Often, we see models, celebrities and influencers showing off their pretty long nails with vibrant and chick colors. But if you have short nails, there is nothing to be sad and worried about because you can also make your short nails look amazingly beautiful by choosing the right nail color and designs.

So how can you keep your nails on-fleek even if you have shorter nails? We are here to provide you with all the tips about the best nail color for short nails so that falling in love with your short nails doesn’t get so hard.

Best Nail Color for Short Nails

Long and fancy nails are not practical for our daily life. Because they often create disruption or might break and cause pain in your fingers. If you have very short nails, there is no need to struggle. Because there are dozens of styles and designs to make your short nails look fabulous.

So, how to make short nails look good? Some specific nail colors look prettier and cooler on short nails. They create a visual by which your nails look much longer than they actually are. 

According to nail and manicure experts, dark shaded nail colors are everyday wear for both long and short nails because they look good and perfect on every type of nails. 

On the other hand, light shades and pastel colors are like a blessing for girls having short nails. These are minimal and soothing colors that make your nails look longer.

best nail colors for short nails

Dark Nail Colors

Nothing can go wrong with dark shades of nail colors. If you love dark and gloomy colors, no need to be stressed about because these both types of shades can be styled with your short nails nicely. You can easily glam up your nails with these shades stated below and create a whole shady vibe.

1. Black

A black nail color is like a must-have piece for those who love to wear nail colors frequently. It is one of the best nail colors for short nails. Whether in a gloomy winter or a playful summer, nothing can beat short black shaded nails for a classic and shady vibe. 

Because it goes well with every other color whether to match with your dress, bags, shoes or other accessories. You can also create a contrasting style with a black nail color by styling with a light shaded dress.

2. Burgundy

Often people mix burgundy with red because sometimes it resembles different shades of red. Actually, burgundy is a type of dark red with a touch of brown shade. This is such a color that brings a vintage and classic vibe whether on long or short nails.

You can use it yearlong regardless of different weathers. For daytime, go chick with burgundy nail color styled up with pastel-colored outfits and accessories. But in the night, style with something more classic and dark color while wearing burgundy on your nails.

3. Deep Emerald

If you are in love with dark nail colors but also want something that gives a minimalist vibe, deep emerald is such a color that goes perfectly with your preferences. It is the perfect nail polish for short nails which is a combination of beryl green and a slight bluish tone. This mixture of blue and green is the main thing that gives a dark but minimal look.

Pastel colored outfit styled up with deep emerald nails is a complete look that can make others awestruck by just looking at you. It makes your short nails look visibly long and also adds a classy tone to your manicured hands. You can use this color solely or by adding with any other color creating a pattern or design. 

Light Shaded Nail Colors

best nail colors for short nails 1

Neutral and light colors are the best nail polish colors for short nails, and they are more preferable because they create long nail illusions. These colors are mainly known as short nail colors. 

So, if you like to wear light shades on your nails, try with these colors, and you will definitely be amazed by how they make your nails look so attractive and cool.

1. Nude

If you are searching for the best color for short nails, probably the first one should be nude. Because different shades of nude nail colors including light nude, almost bare nude, and brownish nude are everyone’s favorite whether for summer or winter styling. 

The most amazing fact about nude colors is that they go perfectly fine with nails of every shape and length. For a sweet and soft vibe, nude nail colors are the best. They are available for both glossy and matte finish for different styling. 

You can rock whether in formal or party mode with nude nail color styled up with matching or contrasted outfits.

2. Soft Pink

Who doesn’t like any shade of soft and bare pink? I think it is more than difficult to find such a person who will not be amazed to see soft pink on short nails with chick styled overall outfit. It is one of the most popular cute nail colors for short nails.

Pink is great for casual looks in formal events. Especially in summer, soft pink gives a playful vibe on your short nails with pastel shaded fits and accessories. You can also mix it up with any neon or glittery shade making swirling or patterns.

3. Powder Blue

Want ocean vibes on your nails with a bit of powder bliss? Then you can blindly rely on powder blue because it is the best nail color for short nails to make them look classy and minimal. 

Pastel blue and powder blue are similar to some extent as they got both the shades of light ocean blue. But powder blue has a whitish vibe on it more than the pastel one.

If you want to use any other color with powder blue, you can think of silver and glitter. Stripe pattern or swirl design with glitter and powder blue makes a great combination on short nails.

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French Tips

White and pink French tips are never old for decorating your nails. Most of the girls think that French tips look good only on long nails. But honestly saying, you can also rock French tips on your short nails by combining specific colors.

Mostly, every shade of pink and white is great for French tips because they are the best colors for short nails to give the tips an extended illusion. You can go for either hot pink or soft pink which will give a classic punch on the clear nails.

Final Words

Short nails provide you both advantages of looking pretty, and doing all your tasks with ease. The best nail color for short nails can definitely be your everyday style partner for making your short nails look really attractive, chick, and stylish.

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