How Long Does Nail Polish Last? Types And Proven Tips

Do you imagine your nail polish would last forever? But, I am sorry to say you are absolutely wrong. The lifespan of nail polish depends on its ingredients plus own shelf life, and it has limitation. After a time, your nail polish will start worse.

So, how long does nail polish last? Well! It’s a good asking, and it is most important to know a nail polish lover. Luckily, I am here today to speak about this topic. I hope this post will be helpful for you where you will get some bonus tips to make your nail last longer. 

How Long Does Nail Polish Last Long?

Basically, the lifespan of any nail polish depends all on its ingredients. The more stronger ingredients, the more last longer. Before going to discuss how long does regular nail polish last long, let’s see actually what is inside of a bottle of nail polish.

Ancient Nail Polish 

Thousands of years ago, the painting idea on fingernails came to stylish women. According to the historical documentation, past women knew how to color their nails using different ingredients.

For example, Egyptian women liked to use henna to paint their fingernails. In contrast, the Chinese women used a little bit of complex color to paint their nails. They used some ingredients like gelatin, beeswax, gum, vegetable dye, and even egg white. They mixed all ingredients and made nice colorful items to color fingernails, but they couldn’t stay a long time. 

Modern Nail Polish

It has gone about ancient nail polish. Today’s nail polish ingredients are much more complex than past. Now there are used two types of ingredients that are working for different intentions. Like pigments used to give nice color and make the polish stick, the polymer resins are well. Resins also give the polish gloss and ensure your nail polish will be more long-lasting on your nail’s bed.

The solvent is another significant ingredient though it has a worse smell. This ingredient works to dry polish on nails quickly. Nitrocellulose makes sure the polish form into thin or hard film, and it doesn’t crack or damage easily. To save from becoming discoloration, thickeners plus ultraviolet blockers are the most important items.         

All of the ingredients play a vital role in making your nail polish the best and long-lasting. Now it’s high time to know how long nail polish lasts on your fingernails or toenails. 

Continue and discover a lot of unknown things! 

How Long Does Nail Polish Last on Your Nails?

How Long Does Nail Polish Last Long

The longevity of your nail polish on the fingernails’ bed mainly depends on two things. First are the high-quality ingredients, and second is the ways of use of your fingers. You may work several types of tasks in your house daily, which can be affected by the polish. It can be damaged or cracks your polish very soon.  

So make sure the quality ingredients polish before use. Plus, know what task you can do with nail polish that won’t harm your nails and polish. 

If you ensure all those facts, your nail polish will shine for two weeks simply. There is some polish that lets you re-polish after some time to reveal glow for a long time. 

How Long Does Nail Polish Last on Toenails?

Nail polish that uses on your toenails can last for two to three weeks before flaking off. It is a surprising fact the lifespan of polish on toenails is short than our finger’s nails. We use our hands for several household works where the toenails can get free from those hazards. But they can’t be durable than fingernail polish.

The toenail has to stay into our shoes most of the time, and that’s why they can’t get sufficient air and light. It is also important to keep the nail polish well and good to make them long-lasting. 

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Last?

Gel nail polish is extremely popular for its durability than other regular nail polish. It is just like a small revolution in the whole world of beauty. By going days, regular nail polish can become dull with a short lifespan. But gel polish make sure the flawlessness and long-lasting.

Gel nail polish comes from methacrylate compounds that make sure stronger and durable. This type of polish can last anywhere more than three weeks.

The gel nail polish ingredients guarantee the last longer hold. The charming mixture of gel polish and UV light makes sure that it will last some weeks. After every use, the nails are placed under an LED lamp that lets the gel harden within a few seconds. Applying the gel polish to healthy nails can last between two and three weeks if you can apply it.      

The Shelf Life of a Bottle of Nail Polish

Like other cosmetic products, a bottle of nail polish has its own shelf life. After opening a bottle, it can be last long at least 1 or 2-years. Feel free to apply your nail polish that you opened six months ago if it still appears very shiny and nice instead of smell funky. 

For more reliability, read out the label of the bottle body and see the manufacturer’s information. The information provides a number like M, which reveals the months. For example, 24M means 1-year. So, the bottle lets you use one year, even after opening.  

how long does regular nail polish last

The Lifespan of Different Types of Nail Polish

How long does nail polish last? Yes, the lifespan of all types of nail polish isn’t similar. The lifespan is as dependent on its quality; they can also differ based on their types.

In this part, I want to show you several types of nail polish and their shelf lifetime. 

There are some different types of nail polish that allow you to choose any form depending on your personal likes. You can choose any type, but you have to be aware of the shelf lifespan of a bottle of nail polish.

Gel nail polish

Most women love this sort of polish for its more durability, shine, and nice different colors. This sort of nail polish does last longer than other regular polish. And they are normally more costly than others. 

Acrylic nail polish

These types of nail polish are considered gel nails, and they are very long-lasting. They can be a great option for those who have to do tough tasks with their hands and also need to take care of healthy nails. But one of the main drawbacks of this sort of nail polish is that you can’t keep this polish for a long time. It can damage your nails. 

Chrome nail polish

It is normal powder-type nail polish. The powder makes a chrome appearance when you use it on your nails. The lifespan of them won’t be much more than gel or acrylic nail polish. But they are also a favorite for their natural nail looks.

Lacquer nail polish

Lacquer nail polish is more popular for its affordability, and anyone gets them easily anywhere. But they are not durable enough like other nail polish. 

So, this section has cleared that if you don’t have any issue with the price, you can pick gel or acrylic nail polish for the last longer. 

Tips to Ensure Longevity

Some secret tips help you to make sure the nail polish will last as long as possible. 

  • Keep the opened bottle in a cool or dry space from direct sunlight
  • Do the nails in batches and do single hand and then apply on another hand’s fingernails.
  • Don’t leave any polish on your nails for a long time than a recommended label. 
  • After doing any task, clean up your nails properly so that your nails save from any harm or damage.
  • Don’t keep your nails in any hot water.
  • Apply base coat using nail polish which helps your polish last longer.

Give importance to the above facts focus on the best use of polish. Take care, and it is most important also for the last longer of your applied nail polish. 

The Takeaway!

How long does nail polish last longer? I hope you will get a perfect idea of this question. Yes, you can enjoy your nail polish for a long time if you focus on some significant points. I think you will agree with me. The facts are the quality, best types of polish, and some careful actions that save your polish and keep it well for a long time. 

So, spend your valuable money on the best nail polish and take care of your nail properly.

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