How Long Does Nail Polish Take to Dry?

Taking care of your nails is a good thing and it makes you feel complete when it comes to beauty. When it comes to a DIY manicure, most female are outweighed by the time it would take them for their nail polish to dry thoroughly.

When you’re preparing for an appointment, a party or a wedding that caught you off-guard, nail polishing can be a pain to wait for it to dry especially if you’re running out of time; this is why you need to learn super easy ways about how long nail polish take to dry. I’ll also give you the best options and ways to help you dry your nail polish within no time.

It takes about 20 to 60 minutes for nail polish to dry completely, but if you’re looking to learn super easy ways to dry it quickly and thoroughly, you’re at the right place. Keep reading for some easy and super ways to learn about how to dry the nail polish faster.

The Secret of How Long Does Nail Polish Take to Dry :

1. Buy a quick-drying coat

how to buy quick drying coat nail polishes

Buying a clear coat of nail polish that comes to you with formulations that are designed to reduce drying time is a super and easy way to dry your nail polish faster.

The good news is most of these quick-drying coats of nail polishes are even cheaper than regular polishes. If you’re looking to learn about drying your nail polish thoroughly, then you’ve got to buy a quick-drying top coat nail polish, which takes one to two minutes only to dry.

To add to that, these coats add layers of sheen to your nails, which helps you prevent nail chipping while drying in just a minute or two.

2. Ice cold water quick-drying

ice cold water quick drying trick for drying nail polish

This trick is good but does need extra prep preparation before you get started to paint your nails; first, it needs you to fill a bowl with cold water halfway. Afterward, you add about 2 to 5 ice cubes and then keep the bowl close to where you’ll be painting your nails.

After you’re done painting, make sure you give your nails about two minutes for the polish to set in thoroughly, this is to make sure your nails are fully coated.

After two minutes, dip your nails in the cold water and hold there for about 5 minutes. When you remove your feet or hands from the ice-cold water, you’re supposed to see water beading on top of your nail surfaces; this is a sure sign of complete polish drying, as you can see this trick takes you only five minutes.

3. Use a hairdryer

nail polish drying by hairdryer

Well, if you’re not a fan of the first two super and easy ways, here‘s the third one that will still help you dry your nail polish faster and thoroughly. This is what you do with your hairdryer:

Go to the setting and set the “Cool air” section and while you’re painting your nails, use the dryer to pass a stream of cold air on the paint, which usually takes about 2 minutes to completely dry.

4. Oil drying trick

oil drying tick

Baby oil, cooking and olive oil have been used as super easy and faster tricks to help you dry your nail polish within no time.

Place the oil in a medicine dropper or decanter so that you’re able to control the amount of oil you should use on each nail. The thing is you don’t need much oil for this trick that is why a decanter or medicine dropper comes in, once you’ve placed the oil ready for use, get your nails painted then drop a drop or two in each nail and wait for about one or two minutes.

Oil works best to dry your nail polish faster when it sits on top of your nail bed while soaking into the paint. This trick is faster within one or two minutes because the oil thins the paint on your nail, check to confirm it is working within a minute by looking for an oil beading on top of your nail.

When you see the beading, it’s a sign that your nail polish is completely dry.  Wipe the oil with a dry towel and you’ll be fine with thoroughly dry nail polish.

5. Thin coat layer polishing

Thin coat layer nail polish

Well, here’s another way to learn how to dry your nail polish faster and thoroughly, it’s actually one of the tricks that will save you a lot of drying time when done properly. 

By applying thin coats of polish as opposed to applying one of several thick coats, you’ll be giving your nails a chance to dry in between each application.

Let’s know , How To Thin Nail Polish At Home .

The good thing with the thin coating is the fact that it leads to faster finishing as well as quicker and through drying overall. To do this even better, practice by using a large nail surface like your thumb nail and see how you can spread thin painting within no time while giving it a chance to dry quickly.

6. Buy drying drops

buy drying drops

If you’re not interested in any of the above-mentioned ways or you prefer an easy way, this is going to get you sorted. Drying drops can be purchased at any beauty store or even on online sellers; you should also know that this is different from quick-drying coating because drying drops don’t add layers on top of your manicure as drying coats do.

Drying drops are oil –based and they come with conditioning features that dry nails faster, to make sure this method works better, you should give it about 3 minutes because they start at the top of the nails. At the same time, the bottom of manicure needs some additional time; a maximum of 3 minutes is recommended.

Bottom line

When it comes to nail polishing, it is a good thing that adds beauty and looks, but the pain comes where it takes longer to dry completely and thoroughly; this why this article is here to help.

To dry your nail polish faster, use this super easy ways to learn how long does nail polish take to dry your nail polish entirely within no time.

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