How To Thin Nail Polish At Home | Know All Effective Method

Nail polish tends to become dry or thick very faster. It is one of the greatest beauty products tragedies for nail polish lovers. Over time, the nail polish bottle gets chunky, clumpy, goopy, and thicker that is always an unwelcome fact.

How to thin nail polish?

Thanks to some proven ways to renew the thicker nail polish to make it less sticky and turn fit once again to use.

Keep reading and know how to thin fingernail polish without any hazard. We are also going to help you to revive your nail polish and make it good like new. You will thank us later for it!

How To Thin Out Nail Polish At Home

How to thin nail polish

Thicker nail polish has rough consistency. It is not perfect for applying to your nails. Here are some best ways to thin old nail polish that has gone clumpy, goopy, and not possible to use.   

Method-1: Get Help Mail Polish Thinner

The first solution on how to thin nail polish at home is to use a nail polish thinner. It is always considered the best way to solve nail polish woe and restore the constancy instead of damaging the product. Normally, a lot of nail polish manufacturers have thinner of their own what you can select from.

How to thin nail polish? Let’s see the procedure to use the thinner!


  1. If possible, collect an eyedropper from mixing a drop of thinner into the nail polish bottle.
  2. Open the bottle cap and rub the bottle with your hands to mix the formula. But don’t shake the bottle as it makes air bubbles which can influence the consistency.
  3. Check the constancy of the nail polish applied to your nail.
  4. If you don’t get a perfect thin texture, mix another drop of thinner and rub the bottle again. Now test the texture again. But be careful, don’t mix more drops which will ruin the polish and become useless. 

Method-2: Thin Nail Polish Applying Alcohol

Now, if you don’t like to use nail polish thinner for some reason, you can follow our next option. You can add some isopropyl alcohol to thin your thick nail polish.

So, if you fixed your mind to use alcohol, let’s proceed with full caution.


  1. At first, take an eyedropper and push it into the nail polish bottle with a few drops of alcohol.
  2. Now go ahead and shake your polish bottle properly.
  3. Next, test the nail polish to check the perfect consistency of the nail polish.
  4. If it is not right as your expected thin texture, you need to add a few drops of more alcohol and shake it again.
  5. At last, once the nail polish is the correct consistency, allow rest for 15 to 20 minutes before applying to your nails.   

Method-3: Try Pure Acetone

What is pure acetone

If you don’t like our last two processes, you can try pure acetone to make thin your previous thick nail polish.

Move on and proceed carefully!


  1. Acetone is a common item that you may have at your home normally, right? But ensure that you are using a newly purchased acetone. Keep in mind and the older acetone will damage your nail polish and your nails also.
  2. If you are also out and about, plus you are running low on time, convey the acetone and your most favorite nail polish colors with you! Adding these two materials is easier, and anyone can do it.
  3. Use one or two drops of pure acetone and squeeze it out into your nail polish.
  4. If your nail polishes at the end looking dry after the next pump, mix on more drops.
  5. Rub the polish bottle between your hand’s palms and allow the mixture to improve on its own. Acetone can enter every way to the bottom, and it brings your colors back to life.

Method-4: Use Hot Water

You can try warm water, not much more hot water, to make the nail polish a little bit fluid and make it easier to apply on your fingernails.

Caution: Never put the nail polish bottle near flame because the nail polishes are made of extremely flammable chemicals.

If you think this will be a better option for you at this moment, turn on this method; you can follow the instruction below:


  1. First, you have to shake up the nail polish
  2. Turn the bottle upside down, then flip it ups and downs for a few minutes. This task will revive some portion of the vibrant nail polish.
  3. Warm up your bottle by your hand palms and allow the heat of the hands to warm up the nail polish for two minutes. Now turn on the hot water for a few minutes. The heat helps to make the nail polish a little bit fluid.
  4. But when you put your nail polish bottle onto the hot water, make sure that the lid of the bottle is sealed properly. Otherwise, there has a chance to get the water inside of your bottle.
  5. Lastly, let your nail polish bottle cool down for a while, and then apply the polish. You should leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to turn into a natural temperature. Hot nail polish can make your fingernails hurt, or the polish can damage nails instantly.

How to Put The Nail Polish From Turning Thicker

We hope you have got how to thin out thick nail polish already from our suggested four methods. But it will be better if you know how to save your nail polish to avoid becoming thicker after opening the lid.

From our experienced and well research, we have gathered some tricks that help you to save your fine nail polish become thicker after first-time use.

Move on and check the ways!

  1. Store the nail polish in a breezy or dry place that helps to maintain a consistency of temperature. In this case, you use a drawer to restore the nail polish bottle.
  2. Wipe the neck of the nail polish bottle using a cotton ball that already has soaked in acetone before screwing the lid back on. It also makes it easier to open the bottle for the next time.
  3. Never put the bottle of your nail polish near to the source of heat or direct sunlight.
  4. Don’t restore the bottle of nail polish in your bathroom. The temperature here is constantly changeable and damp, which are the enemies of your nail polish.
  5. Store the polished bottle perfect way by putting them standing. If you keep the bottle upside down or on any side, it can cause a cluster in the procedure and dry the neck of the nail polish bottle.
  6. Skip leaves the cap off of the bottle for a long time than necessary. Exposing the nail polish to air is the top reason for becoming thick with your favorite polish.  

Important Tips For Thinning Nail Polish

When you need to know how to thin thick nail polish, you can just try our above methods that are proven and safe for your fingernails. But if you try a single process of them, you have to remind some safety tips.

Below we discuss some significant bonus tips that you should follow.

Tip-1: Don’t shake the nail polish bottle when you use the thinner to thin your thicker polish. You wouldn’t like the top of the lid to get filled with contraction solvent. Just gently roll the polish bottle to mix the thinner with, the thicker nail polish smoothly!

Tip-2: Try mixing thinner formula with the polish into an open area or well-ventilated room.

Tip-3: Use the polish that combines with the thinner or any alcohol, just for weeks. The ingredients of two products can cause side effects after a long time of use.

Tip-4:  After making thinner the tick nail polish, it can become pretty dry when you restore the bottle. So, when you think to apply again from these bottles, turn the polish bottle upside down and roll it gently on your palms.

Tip-5: When you take your old thicker or dry nail polish to make it thinner again, first check its color. If the color becomes separate, it is very older to revive. So, it will be better to purchase a new one instead of trying to use it. 


Everything has its own lifetime, and your nail polish bottle is nothing different from them. You should know the lifetime of your nail polish. Normally most of the bottle comes with two years expired after the open.

And you can use it freely that time if our store it properly. Sometimes if you need to make the polish thin, you can just follow the above easy methods. That’s our take on how to thin nail polish. What do you do when your nail polish is thicker? Let us know, throwing your comments below.

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