Here is what you should do for you how to remove solar nails?

Solar nails are artificial acrylic nails fixed on natural nails to add beauty. They come in unique designs, shapes, and colors to suit the elegance of an individual. They make the nails have a neat manicure and beautiful and are more popular than the other types of natural nails. 

The most popular color is pink blended with white to make them appear more natural on your fingers. Unlike the other artificial nails, solar nails are not extended to the natural nails but are fixed on top of the natural nail covering it completely. If well done, it appears so natural that only a keen eye can differentiate it from natural nails.    

How To Remove Solar Nails

The advantage of solar nails is that they don’t require regular manicure, which can be costly. Their maintenance is easier since you only need to refill the affected portion without replacing the whole nail.

When you compare to other artificial nails, they’re more costly due to high-quality material, and the cost of maintenance is minimal. Here, we shall explore what you should do for your how to remove solar nails. Keep reading…

Care of Solar Nails   

care of solar nails

Without a doubt, all artificial nails require special care and attention to protect your natural nails from damage. Staying with them on for a long time may damage the texture of your natural nails. 

The nails can easily break as the material may not be very strong and care should be taken to prevent damages. Solar nails are of good quality and make your nails stronger and prevent them from breaking.     

Removal of Solar Nails

removal of solar nails

Removal of artificial nails may be done professionally at the nail salon. These experts are equipped with knowledge and expertise to take care of your nails and ensure no injuries occur during the process. You can also remove them at home if you have the necessary items and skills.

You should never attempt to remove the nails casually if you are not sure of the process. Any attempt may destroy your natural nails. In understanding what one should do when removing solar nails, there’re several methods how to take solar nails off.

Methods of Removing Solar Nails at Home

how to remove solar nails at home

Visiting a nail salon requires preparation and booking. Sometimes your schedule may be tight and may not accommodate. 

It’s prudent to learn simple procedures that may save you on time and cost and are convenient and available at your disposal when in need. The following methods will enable you to remove solar nails at home successfully. 

Soaking Method   

how to remove solar nails with soaking method

This method is simple and easy to learn. Pour the nail polish remover of acetone in a metal or glass container. It’s not advisable to use a plastic container when mixing the solutions. Apply petroleum jelly on the fingertips to prevent the reaction of the solution to your skin.    

Dip your fingertips in the solution for 20 minutes and with the cuticle remover scrap the top layer first. If the solar nails aren’t soft enough to remove, repeat the process until the whole nail layers are entirely out.

Wash the palm with soap and warm water to remove the acetone. Moisturize the palms and buff the nails to make them even and shiny. It’s worth to note that you can remove the solar nails without using acetone. A solar nail removal is an alternative that costs less and is readily available. 

In this method, start by trimming the solar nails. Then, raise the edges of the nails with the help of the pointed tip of a tweezers. Soak the nails in a bowl of nail polish for about 40 minutes or until you feel the nails have loosened.  In the end, pull them gently using tweezers.

Remember to buff your natural nails and moisturizing them to maintain the moisture. 

Soaked Cotton Balls

soaked cotton balls

This method starts by wetting the cotton balls in acetone. Next, cover your fingertips with aluminum foil to prevent acetone from getting into contact with your skin. 

Place the soaked cotton balls on the solar nails to soften them. Cover the whole palm with a towel to protect the skin from the heat. 

Wrap it in a heating pad and turn low heat for 15 minutes. Remove the balls, and if the solar nails aren’t coming off easily, repeat the process again until such a time they’re able to come off easily. 

With good quality material, the solar nails should not take more than half an hour to remove. If stubborn, then you may opt to visit a nail salon for a professional assistant.   

Precautions When Removing Solar Nails

Precautions when removing
solar nails

After removing the solar nails, you should buff your natural nails to ensure they’re even and smooth. During the procedure, your nails may become rough and dry from the acetone or polish remover. 

Wash your hands thoroughly with water and apply cuticle cream on the nails or the moisturizer to restore the natural moisture in the nails and skin around them. 

In this way, your nails will not crack or break and will maintain the natural texture and shape. The filling should be done gently on the nails to prevent injury. 

Pulling or trimming of the cuticles should be carefully done to prevent any possible injury. When cuticles are trimmed or pulled carelessly, it causes infection on the fingers.    


Nail decoration and addition are arts which should be done to improve your beauty and blend with your style. It should be done carefully and should imitate your natural nails. 

Solar nails are made with the appearance of pink and white colors, which are the natural colors of the nails. On your fingers, they don’t appear artificial to an observer unless with keenness. 

They’re easy to maintain and lasts long as long as you follow proper maintenance procedures. Your natural nails remain with the original texture. All that you need is not to let them overstay on your nails for a very long time. They’re made of good quality material, unlike other nails extensions.   

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