How to grow your hair faster naturally

Growing curly hair faster and longer is really difficult than normal or thin hair. It needs more patience and a ton of tasks.

If you have planned to grow out a pixie cut, it needs much more time for short hair to turn longer. On average, typically, hair grows half an inch each month, and also it takes time-based on your hair texture. So, when you are thinking of growing your curly hair so faster, you need to follow some tricks.

Here are 7 ways to grow curly hair faster and longer, maintaining the good health of your hair. We make sure they will be great to grow your curly hair in the desired length.

Understanding the Basics of Hair Growth

what are the stages of hair growth

Before applying the processes, you should pay attention to some basic knowledge. All hair types have a hair growth cycle, and it can go about three to five years to start growing from roots to go some strands. Hair growth has three stages:

  • Anagen: It is the period of hair growth, and it can vary based on the maximum hair length.
  • Catagen: It is the transitional phase that lasts from two to three weeks. During this time, produce the club hairs.
  • Telogen: it is the last stage, and it starts with the resting period of three months. In this stage, club hairs rest, and new hair strands start to grow under it. Now your old hair will start to fall out.

So, what you got from this hair growth cycle. I say, if your hair growth cycle lasts three years and the growth rate is 6-inches, the maximum hair growth is 18.

But the following hair care helps you grow your hair around 30-inches if you are on 5-years hair growth cycle. You can inspire hair growth no matter what cycle the hair is on.  

7 Ways to Grow Curly Hair Faster and longer

If you dream of getting long hair, setting up your mind, and following things, they will help your hair grow faster with healthy hair.

Here the best hair growth treatments which work:

1. Ask A Doctor For Hair-Growth Treatments

First thing is first: If you are more concerned about your hair growth fast, book an appointment with the curly hair expert or dermatologist, or trichologist before trying the below steps. They will prescribe you the best solution with the best treatment plan. In addition, they find out the leading cause of hair loss and will walk the right way you need.

2. Select The Right Hair Care Products

  • Skip Sulfates and Silicone: If you want to achieve healthy longer hair faster, you have to avoid some ingredients. They are sulfate, silicone, parabens, and even polymer, known as hair damage elements.
  • Use Moisturizing Products: Make sure that which hair products you are using include sufficient moisturizer. Otherwise, the wrong products can make your hair dull and limp instead of growing.
  • Use Hair-Growth Vitamins: You can take hair-growth vitamins to grow your hair faster. But I suggest you before getting any vitamins; you have to take advice from your doctor because he or she knows which will better for you. 
  • Minimize Hair Styling Products: Try to minimize hair styling products like hairdryers, shampoo, hair color, and other products.
  • Use Right Hair Care Products: Hair experts always advise curly hair to be very careful to select the hair care products.

3. Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Use Less Shampoo: Less shampoo always works to lock the moisturizer. For healthy curly hair, many people suggest avoiding shampoo. It is most helpful to grow curly hair faster because less shampoo keeps the moisturizer of the hair and helps to multiply. For the best result, you can choose the best dandruff shampoo for African American hair.
  • Use Deep Conditioner: Never avoid leave-in conditioner. Using conditioner after shampoo isn’t an optional part. It is the most important and compulsory, especially for curly hairs. It helps to grow the curly hair faster.

4. Care Of Your Hair Health

hair care routine for healthy hair
  • Avoid Tight Style: Don’t wear your curly hair in any tight style or use any rubber bands or metal scalps. Those things damage the hair very soon and make obstacles to grow longer hair.
  • Try Towel Or Air Dry: Dry the hair using a towel dry, or air dry is the correct way instead of a hairdryer. Towel dry is better than air dry.
  • Use Hooded Dryer: The hooded dryer can be the best friend to dry your curly hair. The hooded dry diffuse the heat source indirectly. So, there is zero chance of heat damage.
  • Use Heat Guard: After some hairstyling, you need to use a heat protection product. For example, after tightening the hairstyle or using a damaging product or hair spray, it is essential to use a heat protection product.
  • Brush Your Wet Hair Carefully: You should be more careful when you will go for brushing your wet curly hair. For example, brushing wet hair more carefully after using the towel to absorb extra water from your hair.
  • Use Wide Tooth Combs: When you go brushing your curly hair, use only wide tooth combs. It helps your hair and saves from damage, breakage, or loss or making it frizzy.
  • Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water: Some hair experts suggest women who belong to curly hair rinse their hair with cold water. Washing the hair with cold water will lay down the outer layer of the hair more softly and smoothly. In addition, it helps to prevent moisture loss and heat damage.
  • Maintain A Night Routine: You should look after your hair at nighttime besides daycare. Make a night routine that helps your curly hair to grow faster.
  • Sleep On Silk Pillowcase: Besides the night hair care routine, you must remember, you need to sleep on the silk or satin pillow cap. It is easier for your hair and helps to skip tangles or breakage the hair.

5. Drink & Food

  • Drink: Drink is the best choice to long your curly hair faster. It is just like for your dry skin. For enough moisturizer, drinking sufficient water. It makes a huge difference in your hair and skin.
  • Food: Like safe and enough drinking water, the right kind of food also plays a vital role in good and healthy hair. Avoid consuming any junk food and having wholesome protein food like eggs, walnuts, all kinds of green vegetables, and fruits. Also, add food items that contain vitamin B12 which gives more strength to curly hair.

6. Try Trim & Caffeine Treatments

  • Trim: For healthy, longer hair, frequent trim is nonnegotiable. Many hair experts suggest about trim to grow the hair; even curly hair grows faster.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is an excellent ingredient when you are trying to grow your curly hair faster. According to the dermatologist, caffeine helps you stimulate the blood flow to the scrap and counteracts DHT, which is responsible for hair fall.

7. Maintain A Healthy and Strong Scalp

how to make scalp healthy

For growing hair scalp is also an important point. When you are trying many ways to grow your curly hair, you should pay attention to your scalp. Then, to maintain a healthy and strong scalp, you should do something.

The two critical layers of your skin related to the scalp are the dermis and another one is the epidermis. Therefore, some proper scalp care routines can impact the average rate of your hair growth with healthy hair.

Wait, you also can massage your scalp for growing the hair amazingly. It will make sure the perfect blood circulation and nutrients for your scalp. You can get oil, mask, and serum for your scalp treatments. You can do it to maintain a hair care routine that helps you not to skip this treat.  

Last Line!

When you are passionately and systematically will follow our 7 ways to grow curly hair faster and longer, there is no doubt that your curly hair will turn gorgeously.

It will grow your hair faster. But remember, you need to be patient to manage the steps, and we guarantee you will get the best result.

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