Why hairdressing photography ? Everything Need To Know

Not only adorable hairstyles but amazing hairdressing photography. Here, we’ll give you effective tips on how to get the best hair shots.

Why hairdressing photography

If you’re a hairdresser, you can show your expertise and express your creativity by capturing photos of different hairdos and styles for your clientele.

Hairdressing photography is all about style or design that will add value to your profession and attract more customers.

Visual displays of the latest fashion hairstyles will help attract new clients. Your salon photography should be top-notch, and it’s a worthy investment. Here, we’ll slice up everything about hairdressing photography, the tips, and how you can take better pictures. Keep reading…


Photo shooting isn’t just about marketing the hair but may also apply in hairdressing competitions. You may need to produce materials for promotion, such as posters or cover magazines. 

The best photo shoot will catch the eye of evaluators or judges, and you must put the best foot forward to prove you’re the best.

Planning and hairdressing photography may cost you a lot in terms of time, research, and finances. With successful photography, you can gain financially.     

Work with an expert photographer   

What are the duties of a professional photographer

You may have some little knowledge but lack photography skills, especially in shooting and producing clear photos.

For starters, consider engaging a professional photographer who’ll guide on the best posing position. Since they’re experienced, they provide samples and help you along the way. A professional photographer can instruct and guide the model to ensure the features and the hairdo or style are quite clear and visible.  

It may cost you more to get the best photos; therefore, it’s crucial to think about your budget. Some institutions that train in photography offer their students to enroll for internships at a small fee or for free. This option can save you someone and won’t strain your budget. 


Choosing the right background determines the quality of the photo. Hairdressing photos appear best if the background is white or black, but this also depends on the shade of the hair.   

A black background looks better for a cover magazine or poster. The reason for this being, the viewer, will be attracted by the hairstyle, which is the focal point, and in this position, it should be outstanding, clear, and visible.   

Black hair will match with the lighter background while blonde will come out clearly if the background is dark.    


How do you write a proposal for photography

Photography can be expensive if it involves a professional, a clothing stylist, and makeup artist to spruce you up before taking that snap. The most important thing is to take a presentable and clear photograph that will serve the intended purpose. You don’t have to spend a lot without incurring a huge budge by planning for what you can afford.  

Last-minute mishaps can be embarrassing. Plan early and approach clients with custom made structures and fixtures for modeling.

Connect with institutions for students who are willing to with you. It can also be a perfect opportunity to tap into new and fresh talent from best modeling students.


When taking the photo, you need to keep a distance as this will allow you to achieve a clear view. If you’re using a smartphone, avoid the digital zoom on the phone’s camera as this might misrepresent the real image.   

Stay close to the hair in order to have a clear focus and capture the whole hairstyle.  The zoomed focus will make the photo appear grainy or rough.    


The layout of the photo falls into two categories portrait or landscape. Portrait mode emphasizes the object and gives little attention to the background. 

The hairstyle will stand out clearly in portrait than the landscape where the background becomes more dominant.  

If you’re using a smartphone while on the camera app and portrait mode, you’ll be able to pick adequate distance with a better view of the subject concerning lighting and clarity. Snap your photo while in that position.


A dull salon, even with the best photographer, model, or hairstyle, affects your photo. Don’t overlook lighting since it’s the basis for every photograph. Without light, there’s no photo.

Consider front light to light up your client’s face and back lighting to highlight the color of the hair. If your salon has mirrors on the wall all-round, the front lighting will reflect at the back. Therefore, depending on where your client is seated, you won’t need a backlit.   

If your client or model is comfortable taking a photo outside in natural lighting snap outside. It’s worth noting that the best natural light for snaps is close to the sunset rather than when the sun rays are too hot and very bright.              

Hire Models  

How do I find a model to hire

You don’t need to be a model in your hairdressing salon to get the best shots. Quite often, it may not be very easy to get a model unless you approach an agency.

Even so, clients may be hesitant about giving away their models. They may not accept your offer, and some may feel offended. It’s essential to take a tactical approach as you search for models. A more comfortable option is to visit modeling schools that offer their students for free or at a reasonable fee.

If none of the approach work, then consider hiring a model from a modeling agency, taking into account the budget. Better still, try approaching hair models and strike a deal. At the end of it all, you need a model who’ll stand out from the rest irrespective of how much you’ll spend.

Posture and Angling   

In every photography, success is based on shooting from the best angle, and your client is in the best position. Remember your subject here is the hairstyle and not the face so the face shouldn’t be dominant.   

If your client looks directly at the mirror, your focus should shift to the face rather than the hairstyle. The best flattering angle will only show one side of the face. When shooting from behind, maintain the same view.    

Bottom Line

Hairdressing photography can significantly boost your salon revenue. However, it’s vital to ensure you take the right steps to achieve the best photos. Planning ahead helps prevent last-minute mishaps and leads to client satisfaction.

Remember, you’re client will come back and refer you to more customers after getting the best service. The quality of your camera, use of professional models, posture, and background are important in hairdressing photography.

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