How To Style Baby Hair | A Complete Hair Style Guide

Not only we but our baby girl, has also right to get nice and stylish hair. But most mothers regularly search for the latest hairstyle to give a beautiful look to their little angel with their short hair. Many parents sometimes become confused about how to style baby hair.

Everyone faces a lot of questions about maintaining and caring for their baby’s hair which is a really hard task. It needs proper care, patience, and even so much knowledge to protect from damage. 

Today, we are going to show how to style baby hair edges not only for short but also for curly hair.     

How To Style Baby Hair

How to style baby hair?

There are a lot of hair products we use to make our hair stylish. All of them are not allowed to be used for our little hairs because they are not for their hair. 

Before making any stylish hairstyle of your little baby’s hair, you should know what is allowed to prepare the hair. What actually you have to do before making a fashionable hairstyle.

Spray the baby hair with water

For some specific style, you need to wet the hair. In this situation, spray just normal water without hair products. It makes your task easy. But don’t spray the whole hair; just do it which part you need.

Use warm or cool air to dry hair.

After making the hair, let dry hair. But don’t use a hairdryer to do it. Let dry the hair with warm or cooling air. It is safe for your baby’s health.

    Use Less hairspray

    If you need to use hairspray o set up the hair, you can use it but less. Don’t use it more, which won’t be good for your baby’s skin. If you don’t like to use it, you can apply hair cream or gel but not much more. Use it also just a little bit.

      Use baby hair products

      For making stylish hair arts, you need to use some baby hair products. Use baby hair products like shampoo, conditioner, cream, oil, or other accessories which are available in the market. Never try your hair products that are for adults only.    

      How to style baby girl curly hair

      How to style baby girl curly hair?

      If your little angel’s hair is curly, you have to take some special tricks. So, know how to style black baby girl hair. Below has a shared some attractive hairstyles for baby girl curly hair.

        Top Knot

        The babies who have enough hair, it is good to make a knot. It makes the baby very nice to look at. Pull the hair back and tighten it with a little bun, hairband, or knot. 

        To get the hair back, you can take the help of your finger. Use a soft or baby comb with a little but wide tooth. Here, coconut oil can be used for the good setting of the hair.


          Pigtails are the most favorite classic hairstyle for curly hairs. It will be a twist knot. You have to make two parts and turn their front section. Now tight the knots with a little hairband and looks like pigtails. It gives an extra cuteness to your baby.

            Curly bangs

            Curly bangs are another sweet hairstyle. You can try this style for your little and tiny baby girl. How can you do it? 

            Comb baby’s hair backs with a soft tooth comb, make a ponytail and then tighten it up. If your baby has curly hair but is very short and unsuitable for making bangs, you can use fake bangs.

              Side Cornrows

              Another great way to keep the hair away from your baby’s face without hurting them is to give side rows on two sides, and it is very easy to do. 

              At first, divide the hair in the middle and twist the first part of hair from every side. Comb another side make another cornrow. 

                Mini Knots

                Mini knots are just like little twists. Separate the hair into some sections and tight them up into little knots. You can make knots two to four based on the baby’s hair. 

                How to style short baby girl hair?

                For short hair, you need to know how to style baby girl hair. We show some of the best short hairstyles for short girls.

                  Pixie cut

                  If your baby has short hair, pixie is ideal and comfortable cut. This haircut is suitable for summer and sweet kids. It is a very short, pretty haircut that will cover the forehead and grow to the eyebrow level.

                    Pony Style

                    It is another short hairstyle that can be best for short and medium hair. This style is good for winter. This style changes your baby’s appearance.

                      Dutch braids hairstyle

                      Dutch braids hairstyle is another cute style for your girl baby. Here, the little girl’s curly hairstyle will be sported in this way where she will be braided on top. The sides are set aside open to form bang. 

                      It is a good process to enhance out bangs. A floral attachment or accessories can make it look and more appealing. It is a simple hairstyle for a little girl with short hair.

                        Chic Bob haircut

                        This haircut is pretty classy, stylish, and even elegant to look at. Try this simple and comfortable style that feels your baby special. 

                          Asymmetric pixie hairstyle

                          This is our last and classic hairstyle which will be made your girl more appealing. The proportion of your baby’s hair isn’t similar all over the head. If your little girl has wide hair, it is the best suited for your baby.   


                          • Baby girl’s hair needs similar attention as ours.
                          • Ensure the style don’t make her neglected
                          • For short, don’t get more over shampoo for a nice styling
                          • Use good brand baby oil every week and take care of the hair properly
                          • Never apply adult products
                          • Protect your baby hair from pollution
                          • Make comfortable and suitable hairstyle which makes her so cute.

                          At Last!

                          Hope you have enjoyed this guide and learn how to style baby hair. All presented hairstyles are suitable for your baby’s hair, and they also feel comfortable with those hairstyles. They are also sweet and pretty. We are sure that your sweet little baby will love them very much. 

                          Try them out, and let us know how your girl baby replies to it.

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