How to blow dry hair for beginners ?

Do you have no idea how to blow dry your hair? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people struggle with the process of blow-drying their hair, and it can be difficult to know where to start. But you don’t have to be a professional stylist to learn how to blow dry your hair properly and get a great-looking style. With just a few tips and some practice, you can master the art of blow-drying your hair like a pro.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of how to blow dry hair for beginners. We’ll cover the types of blow dryers and other tools you’ll need, the best way to prepare your hair for blow drying, and the techniques you should use for the most even and efficient results. Read on to learn all about how to blow dry hair for beginners.

Can I Dry My Hair With a Blow Dryer?

Yes, you can dry your hair with a blow dryer. Because the blow dryer is an amazing tool, you can also style your hair beautifully with it (curl your hair, get a bob look or tame your locks). Blow dryers are also great because they cut your hair styling time in half i.e. in as little as 5 minutes, you can dry and style your hair.

How To Dry Hair With a Blow Dryer?

How To Dry Hair With a Blow Dryer

Having the right tools and products make drying your hair ten times easier, faster, and more efficient. We have listed the basic items you need to dry your hair with a blow dryer; of course, if you like, you can add a few more products to your list.

1. Blow Dryer

To dry your hair with a blow dryer, you need a blow dryer! See the list. The quality of the hair dryer you get affects your styling game so we suggest picking out a high-quality blow dryer. Quality blow dryers also last longer and wreak less damage on your hair than the cheap drug-store blow dryers.

For best results, get a dryer that has a few attachments like nozzles and a diffuser. Nozzles help direct hair to a precise part of your head while diffusers, on the other hand, help to spread the heat evenly around your hair. Together, they ensure you get a voluminous, professional-looking blowout in the shortest time possible.

2. Heat Protectant

Blow drying utilizes heat to suck up moisture from your hair, tame your frizz and give you that fresh, clean look. However, all of this is impossible without a heat protectant spray. The heat protectant fortifies your hair against the heat and minimizes the damage you experience. In essence, this spray makes your hair resilient to heat and helps you avoid the resulting split ends.

3. Hair Clips

For proper drying, you will need to section your hair and hold them in place. That’s where hair clips come in. They hold the hair sections in place and allow you to work on manageable bits of your hair at a time. You can get duckbill or crocodile hair bills; they work like magic.

4. Hair Brush

A round or barrel brush will make a load of difference in the finish of your styles. You can get one with a large surface area and vents to speed up the drying process.

How to Master Blow Drying Your Hair

How to Master Blow Drying Your Hair

We have provided an ABC guide on how to dry your hair with a blow dryer below.

1. Wash and Condition Your Hair Thoroughly

how to wash and condition your hair properly

For best results, we advise that you wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of the oil and dirt that may have accumulated on your strands. If left, this build-up can give your hair a dull, lifeless appearance. You can use a moisturizing shampoo to ensure your hair locks up all the juicy moisture.

Another thing to do is condition your hair once a week to ensure that your scalp is well nourished. You can get great products at fair prices in the market or local shops around you.

2. Towel- Dry Your Hair

Mop off the excess water with a lint-free towel or an old cotton T-shirt to ensure your hair doesn’t frizz. Gather your hair gently with the towel and squeeze gently to get the water out. Continue this until your hair is about 80% dry.

3. Detangle and Divide Your Hair into Smaller Sections

After towel-drying your hair, apply heat protectant on it and work it into your hair. Next, section off your hair evenly into manageable sections and detangle each section gently. You can use your fingers to detangle the hair or use a wide-tooth comb.

After detangling your hair thoroughly, hold the sections in place with a hair clip. Remember, the more dense your hair is, the more the number of sections. If your hair is not so dense, you can settle for four even sections.

4. Set Up Your Blow Dryer

Now that you have prepared your hair, it is time to begin drying it with your blow dryer. First, attach the nozzle to your dryer. Next, unclip one section of your hair and divide it into smaller bits; you will brush this bit and follow up with the dryer. It is always best to angle the dryer in the direction of the hair growth.

When you finish with that section, unclip another one and continue until you have dried off every part of your hair.

5. Finishing

Wondering how to make the hair remain frizz-free for as long as possible? The solution is to finish off your hair with a blast of cold air. The cold air keeps the hair in place and helps it remain silky and frizz-free.

Spritz some hair spray on your hair and brush it into the hair gently. If you want a little more volume, get a volumizing hairspray. Viola! You have achieved a salon-worthy blowout from the comfort of your bed!

7 Tips on Blow Drying Your Hair

  • Always start with clean, detangled hair
  • Don’t blow dry dripping wet hair
  • Always use a conditioner to ensure your hair is well-nourished
  • Apply a good heat protectant to protect your hair
  • Divide your hair into manageable sections to make it easier
  • Get a dryer with the necessary attachments (nozzle and diffuser)


You can dry your hair with a blow dryer in less than 30 minutes at home. The key is prepping your hair adequately for the process. Trust us, once you have a great blow dryer and the necessary products, your blowout is going to be fast, efficient, and beautiful.

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