Clip in Hair Extensions Before and After African American

Gone are the days when black women had to cover their hair to believe that their hair is not beautiful enough. Wigs and hair extensions paved the way for black women and made them feel more confident and beautiful. 

The clip in extensions gained widespread popularity over the years among African Americans. The extension not only enhances the length of the hair but also makes the hair softer and voluminous. Most highly, it takes short time to fix and easy to continue.

Manufacturers produce the clip in hair extensions before and after African Americans in various sizes and colors using Remy or Yaki hair.

Reasons Why You Should Use It

What are the exact reasons to use the clip in hair extensions before and after African Americans?

Easy to attach

The clip in extensions is easy to install in your head and requires very little time. You can put it in your hair in just a few minutes in the morning and take it off at night.

You can do this at your home and save both time and money.

Low maintenance

The hair extensions for African American hair are effortless and easy to maintain. You need to brush it gently and wash it with a shampoo from time to time for its maintenance. The extensions can last up to a year if you take care of them.

Sturdy and Strong

The extension can’t break your hair if you know how to apply it appropriately. You need to know where to attach the clips; otherwise, you may strain your scalp. Your natural hair will also be away from chemicals, heat, dyes, and hair sprays if you wear hair extensions. Accordingly, there is negligible spoil to the hair.


This is a great option for those who do not want their hair to look boring and monotonous. You can put on the extension in the morning and take it off by night. It allows you to have fun with various hairstyles.


The clip in extensions serves as a savior for those people who are on a budget and do not want to spend much on their hair. You can achieve that playful and gorgeous look at a very affordable price.


The extensions are made using synthetic hair or human hair. In addition, the extensions are available in different textures and colors. Human hair extensions for African Americans blend seamlessly into their hair without making it look fake or unreal.

How to Put on a Clip in Extensions

In recent times, the extensions for African American hair are quite fashionable among women. You can do it install at home if you make out how to accomplish it. In fact, a number of women install the clip in extension.

At first, you need to choose the ideal clip on extensions for African American hair that matches your natural hair’s texture and color.

You have to ensure your hair is clean and let dry ahead of time. You should brush your hair and make it tangle-free before putting on the hair extension.

First – Section the hair

You need to section the hair using a comb or hand. Since you do not want hair strands all over the place, you need to put the top portion into a bun.

Most of the African American hair extensions available in the market have about three wefts for the head’s back part.

Second – Keep fixing

Clip the two sides with the middle part of the hair. Take the extension and place it above the lower part at the back of your head, which you separated earlier.

Secure it in position by closing the clips. Ensure the ones on the side are as secure to your face as it can find. Start at the middle, clip it. Then go to the sides to ensure it’s close to your face.

Go to the subsequently weft, which have to be the second-longest. Use a toothed comb to set the hair in position so that it can blend with the natural hair.

You have to be done by now, but if you silent wish to attach another line goes on. Go after the similar process.

Utilize a hair spray to keep your hair in position and construct it firm and fit.

How to Take Care of the Clip Extension

As the natural hair, you should take care of your hair to make it long-lasting and sustainable. If you also wish for matching the natural hair, you have to spend time for fixing it in set.

Step: 1 – Wash it

It is better to wash the hair after every use. You can use a mild shampoo that is sulfate-free and toxin-free for your hair. Form a wealthy lather with the branded shampoo with use conditioner and wash it off carefully in cool water. Remember to detangle the hair first before shampoo it.

Step: 2 – Condition the Hair

The hair conditioner is a friend when you have intention to use a hair extension. It will help to add moisture and hydration to your hair.

The hair has to condition before starting the detangling. It makes the task easy to untie the knots. Start from the top parts to the bottom sections and make sure that the hair condition consistently.

Step: 3 – Detangle the Hair

The trick for detangling your hair fast is to start from your hair’s ends and work your way to the roots.

Step: 4 – Style the Hair

You can style your hair by dyeing it to your favorite color or curling or straightening it with a heating tool. You can also use hair sprays for styling your hair.

What You Should Know Before Installing It

Clip in extensions African American is a great way to increase your hair’s length and volume or even styling your hair. They come at affordable price and trouble-free to install.

However, there are things you ought to know before put in it in your hair to avoid any scratch to the hair.

You should not use good clip in extensions for black hair on a daily basis. As the clips are attached firmly to your scalp hair, it may cause bald spots gradually. And since the wefts are quiet, it may weigh down your natural hair, and you may experience hair fall.

So, try to use the clip in hair extensions before and after African Americans occasionally and only in situations where you need them.

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