How Many Amps Does A Blow Dryer Use? Top 3 Points You Should Know

How many amps does a blow dryer use? If you use a dryer, it is important to know how much electric bill you should count at the end of the month. 

Most people search it on the internet before using this device. But sometimes, they can understand the actual measurement of amps, volts, or watts. That’s why they can’t know how many amps does a hairdryer use?

Here, I will discuss how many amps does a blow or hairdryer use? How to bring amps from wattage and voltage? What is the difference between a blow dryer and a hairdryer and so much more? Let’s processed it!

How Many Amps Does A Blow Dryer Use

Understand Voltage, Wattage, & Ampere

Before going to the main point, I think we should know what volt, watt, and amps are.

  • Voltage: Voltages are the unit to measure the pressure required to create the electrical current flow. In hose parallel, the voltage would be the water force. Most North American households use 120 volts, while 240 voltages are normal across other countries. 
  • Wattage: Wattages stand for the quantity of power produced by amps (water volume) plus volts (water pressure) working together. The wattages are the power or energy result that gives you multiplied amps by volts. Wattage indicates how many electrons have been pushed by an electric device to produce its work. It is actually what the electric bill shows you.
  • Amperes: Amperes is a unit that measures electrical current. It will be useful to see electrical current in a hose. In this parallel, the amount of water would be the amperes.   

How Many Wattages Make Amps?

Well, it depends on the voltage. 

  • At 120 voltages: 1-amp is equal to 120V
  • At 240 voltages: 1-amp is equal to 240V

How to Convert Wattages to Amps?

If you want to convert watts to amps at fixed volts, you should apply a variation of Watt’s Law Formula. For example:

Power = Current x Voltage


Amps = Watts ÷ Volts

How Many Amps Does a Blow Dryer Use? 

Let’s go to the key points that how many amps are hairdryer usage? 

Well, all dryers need to take 30 amps to give proper service. But a low dryer requires 15 amps. So, just ensure that any large-size appliances aren’t used at the same time. Skip operating big electric devices like a microwave, water heater, air conditioner, or hairdryer. You do not have to blow any breakers if you are so careful. 

The amps can vary based on power consumption. Below has a chart to give a clear concept.

Power consumptionAmps on 120V (USA)Amps on 240V (UK)
1100w9.2 amps4.6 amps
1600w13.3 amps6.7 amps
1875w15.63 amps7.8 amps

How Many Amps Does a 1200 Watt Hair Dryer Use? 

There are has huge hairdryers with 1200 wattage in the market. Most people like 1800 to 1200 wattages dryer for more power, and they mayn’t how many amps the dryer use. Those wattages use 16-amps. 

Do many hair dryer users ask how many amps does a 1875w hairdryer use? A lot of dryers need about 1875 watts that use 15-amps of power. That’s why; it is easier to blow a circuit by plugging the hairdryer in. But you have to be conscious of how many amps the circuit in your house can manage before plugging your device. 

How many amps will a 240V hairdryer use?

Normally, a 240V hairdryer will push watts as they need fewer amps to supply this compared to 120V units. A 1200W dryer on a 120V circuit can draw 10-amps, while a similar dryer wired for 240V will draw 5-amps. Typically, a 240V dryer can draw anywhere 5-amps to 15-amps based on the maximum wattages rating of the device.  

How many amps does a blow dryer use 1

What is the Difference Between a Hairdryer and a Blow Dryer?

To know the right amps, we must know the difference between a blow dryer and a hairdryer. 

  • Origination of term

The basic dissimilarity between blow dryer and hairdryer is that the term hairdryer comes from British English. The term blow dryer comes from American English. 

  • Usage

A dryer was designed to use for any parts of your body, including your hair. But personally, I used to dry my wet hair. If you want to use specific facts, you can use a hairdryer. 

  • Temperature

The temperature blow dryer and hairdryer can vary. Blow dryer drives out air which is more determined. The temperature of the hairdryer is less than the blow dryer. 

Tips to be careful to use the hairdryer

  • Don’t soak the hairdryer in water to clean it
  • If your hairdryer drops into the water, don’t try to remove it instantly. At first, unplug it from the outlet, drain its water, and set out of it safely.
  • Don’t use your dryer that fell into the water.
  • Skip using a defective dryer.
  • Save energy using low wattage hairdryer.
  • For better safety use, you should read out the manual properly so that you can use it carefully. 
  • Know the safety features before using it

Final Words!

How many amps does a dryer use? I think you have got the perfect answer from this post. If you have got all information about hair dryer or blow dryer power consumption, you can use your dryer perfectly.

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