7 Best Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts (For Men & Women)

How is your daily experience with electric or manual razors to get rid of unwanted hair? I hope it is not good at all. As an amazing solution from the regular disgusting razor, you must want to get some easy resolution.

Yeap! I am telling you about the best hair removal cream for private parts. It is the safest and easiest way to remove hair from private parts. Ask me whether the hair remover creams are reliable for soft and sensitive skin. The answer to it is yes.

If you want to give your skin freedom from useless hair and lead a nice joyful life, you should try the best hair removal cream.Below is a list of the best hair removal cream for private parts! All the products are tested and come from trustworthy sources. So, you get one of them without going away more. 

These are our recommended best hair removal creams for private parts male & female:

Best Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts
  • Best Overall: Veet 9-Pack Gel hair remover cream
  • Best Bulk Buy: Everteen Bikini line hair remover Creme
  • Best Fast Acting: Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair
  • Best removal cream: Nair 7-pack Hair Remover cream
  • Best for sensitive skin: Neomen hair removal cream
  • Best for males: Veet hair removal cream for private parts
  • Best for males & females: Veet 3-pack hair removal cream for Men

7 Best Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts

Here is our top listed hair removal cream for private parts can be used for female & male. Go through the article and find our your choice easily.

1. Veet 9-pack Gel Hair Remover Cream

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream Sensitive Formula

Veet is the number one best hair removal cream worldwide. Yes, at first, we will speak out of the Veet gel hair remover cream formulated for sensitive skin.

This veet 3 in 1 gel cream is the best way of painful and time-consuming that will leave from any serious after-effects such as redness and inflammation. 

It doesn’t stimulate delivers an economical and hygienic application. But, removes the hair effectively and faster! So, you can enjoy the whole day with visibly smooth skin.  

Veet gel hair remover cream formulated for sensitive skin
  • Gel cream formul
  • Dermatolgis tested
  • Removing time 5 minutes
  • For sensitive skin

What makes it good

Gentle formula

The safer hair removal formula rich in natural essence nourishes and moisturizes your skin deeply. The ingredients balance between regulated oil and water in your body. So, it doesn’t make you dry and doesn’t feel irritation or other skin issues.

Safer & Pain-free

This is the best hair removal cream for private parts; sensitive skin is gentle enough for a safer and painless method. The epilation object goes through deeper in the hair follicle and dissolves the hair, then opens the pain-free hair loss and repairing the pores again.

Easy & quick

It is very simple to use. Just apply depilatory gel cream to the private areas from where you wish you remove the hair, leave it for 5 minutes. Now rains off and remove the hair. Feel soft and smooth skin and tanks to silky and gentle technology that effectively gets rid of unwanted hair to soothing skin.  

Pros :

  • 3 in 1 action
  • Works for all types of hair
  • Contain natural ingredients
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Convenient package


  • This is not for men

Why Suit it

The veet cream is the best alternative to remove hair, avoiding nick and cutting with the razor. The formula of the hair remover cream acts closer to the root and removes even very short hair. Re-growth of the hair is very slow and difficult to increase hair within a short time.   


You can apply this hair remover to private parts like the bikini, arms, legs, toes, and armpits. It is ideal for personal or families. Before use, you should apply it a little bit on your hands or legs for an allergy test. If you don’t get any issues, you can use it. 

2. Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream

Everteen creme hair remover bikini line

The Bikini Zone Crème is our second product that experts also test. This is the best private hair removal cream and ideal for even sensitive skin. It takes a very short time to remove unexpected hair and give soft skin.

This evergreen hair remover cream is specially made for sensitive skin areas like bikini line plus underarms. It is prepared with 100% natural extract. So, it offers to get soft and smooth cleaning without itching or irritation. It removes private area hair without skin burning effectively.

Bikini Zone Crème
  • 100% natural extract
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Removal Time: 5 minutes
  • For Bikini area

What makes it good 

Great result

Most women love to use it for bikini line hair as it helps to get soothing results instead of shaving pain. This cream does not only helps you to get rid of extra hair but also prevents the risk of ingrown hairs.

Standard Cream

It is not an ordinary cream at all. About every hair remover cream comes on the market for eliminating body hair around legs and arms. But it is formulated for flimsy skin of the bikini area. When normal hair remover cream can affect the skin color, you can save your skin from burning using it.         

Pros :

  • No rash, no burns
  • Confident booster
  • No itching & no marks
  • Easy can remove hair
  • Reduce ingrown hair


  • Some women claim for pretty bad smell

Why Suit it

This cream for bikini zone is a brilliant choice for women or girls who frequently get themselves pressured for a while comes the question for beauty routine. It is originally anti-inflammatory plus gentle and ideal for sensitive skin.  


Good product forever and brilliant for those who are searching the hair removal cream for the bikini area. The result is better for a longer time than shaving even waxing. It is the easiest, works best, and takes less time than shaving. Thin, thick, or coarse hair whatever, this hair removal cream works with all!

3. Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair 

Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair Remover Body Cream

We rate Nair hair remover on our list for its higher demand to men for its natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. 

According to Healthline and experts, hyaluronic acid, known as hyaluronan that is a clear material. It is produced by our body naturally. It is the key function to retain water and keep the tissue of the body well moist.  

Nair Hair Remover for Men
  • Shower cream
  • For men
  • Last for a week
  • Well formulated

What makes it good 

Premium formula

Nair hair remover for men contains premium formulas like vitamin E, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and baby oil responsible for feeling the skin soft and smooth. All ingredients also moisturize the whole body and get free from any irritations. It is highly suited for pubic hair leaving the skin looking nice.

Dermatologist tested

An expert dermatologist tests all formulas of this cream. They certified that it is dye and paraben-free but include an odor-neutralizing technology. Nair’s shower power formula is even painless, easy to use, and even long-lasting result. Bets formulation leaves the skin smooth, bump-free, and nick less for a week.   

Pros :

  • Effective on coarse and thick hair
  • Faster and easier to use
  • Works well on back, chest, arms, and legs
  • Smooth skin for a few days
  • Clean looking


  • Some men aren’t like it for their allergic issues

Why Suit it

Within five minutes, the quick-acting formula works well to remove hair closer to the root for a longer time, and it is also pain-free and stubble-free. It not only helps you to avoid razors but also can’t leave bumps. And a bonus is its dripless formula that is ideal for the shower.   

Nair suggests you follow the user direction before use. You need to keep in mind that allergy can trigger if you have used it earlier without irritation. 

So, in terms of concern, Nair goes one step in advance than other products. They suggest you test before applying it to remove the hair. If you see the best result, you can go ahead. 

4. Nair pack Hair Remover cream  

Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream With Green Tea Sensitive Formula 1.70

Like other hair removal creams, Nair is certainly the best hair removal cream for private parts. The exceptional applications technology delivers an easy method to get rid of unwanted hair without touching it. 

Even it makes it easy for you to reach in clanging areas. It can be infused with revitalizing 100% natural ingredients like green tea for smooth results.

Nair Hair Remover Bikini Cream With Green Tea
  • Gel cream
  • Green tea formula
  • Remoal times 5-10 minutes
  • Dematoligist tested

What makes it good

Safe & Comfortable

Remember that this hair remover is safe and feels comfortable applying without any irritation, burn, or inflammation. You can stay worry-free about damage or crack the skin. 

If you feel any exasperation after use, take out the cream and rinse the area with cold water. And you can rely on it to apply because it is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Easy to apply


If you are even a beginner, you can use it easily. Just take off the cover and apply the right cream measurement with the right thickness and layer. Don’t rub it. Wait for 5-minutes. Gently clean the products with hair using a damp cloth. Rinse with lukewarm water.  

Pros :

  • Avoid ingrown hairs
  • Save from nicks, cuts, and bumps
  • Works on delicate areas
  • Long-lasting results
  • Dispose of bikini bumps


  • It might not work for men

Why Suit it

Nair is a sensitive skin hair removal cream that is formulated with natural ingredients. The natural extracts are aloe vera, green tea, and baby oils that are essential to soothe and save your sensitive skin. 


Don’t apply it on your face or around your nose, eye, or ears! Keep it out of your children.

5. Neon Hair Removal Cream

Neomen Hair Removal Cream

The NEOMEN hair remover cream is the most popular hair removal cream out there. It is the best organic hair removal cream for private parts. This hair removal cream is also skin-friendly, flawless, and even pain-free for males and females. 

This cream pack contains goodness and safer ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It is perfect for sensitive skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Neomen Hair Removal Cream
  • Cream formula
  • For men & women
  • Removing time 5 minutes
  • For sensitive skin

What makes it good

Faster and quick

NEOMEN is the best natural hair removal cream for private parts, is easy to operate, and effectively removes the hair within five minutes.

Safe to use

The cream has been tested by an expert dermatologist. There has no chance of scratches or bumps on the skin. It removes the hair from the root and gets the result for one or two weeks.


It is portable and very reasonable in price. It is ideal for underarms, bikini, arms, and legs. But it is not recommended to use on the face.     

Pros :

  • Effective on coarse and thick hair
  • Faster and easier to use
  • Works well on back, chest, arms, and legs
  • Smooth skin for a few days
  • Clean looking


  • Some men aren’t like it for their allergic issues

Why Suit it

The hair removal cream contains a safe formula with natural ingredients which keep your skin hydrated. Please test at first whether it is allergic or not for your skin.    


Enjoy a safe, effective, smooth, gentle, and longer-lasting hair removal cream on NEOMEN. It is ideal for the back, leg, bikini line, underarm. 

6. Veet Hair Removal Cream for Private Parts

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Private Parts

Our first choice is leg and body gel-cream hair remover for sensitive skin by Veet. It is one of the most popular creams overall the world. It contains silk and upgraded technology with a natural formula. 

You must love it because it removes the hair in five minutes without any difficulty. This cream moisturizes your skin and leaves it soft and relaxing. 

What’s more? Let’s see!

 Hair Removal Cream
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Never mess
  • Removal Time: 5 minutes
  • Sensitive skin

What makes it good 

Responsive Formula

It contains all ingredients to keep the skin soft and smooth after removing hair. The natural ingredients are Aloe Vera, and vitamin E helps in soothing your sensitive skin, avoiding any irritation. And vitamin is an antioxidant that needs to repair the skin or prevent from damaging.

Amazing smell

You also can’t be disappointed by its smell. It comes with the delightful aroma of vanilla and passion fruit that is good for a satisfying and indulging experience. This type of amazing fragrance makes a wonderful feeling. 

Pros :

  • Convenient package
  • Soothing smell
  • Pain-free
  • Cheaper than wax
  • Easy to use
  • Overall satisfied


  • It might not suit thicker hair

Why Suit it

If you have no allergic issues using it within 24 hours, Veet cream is suitable and perfect for you. For justifying is it suit or not for you, check the package instruction before applying. This is also good for its ideal formula that is better for any skin type. 


If you know how to use removal cream from the past, it is good. But when you take it the first time to apply, read the instruction properly or ask an expert who can help you well. Since the private parts are extremely sensitive, you should not apply the most important amount. Be careful for the first time!  

7. Veet 3-pack Hair Removal Cream For Men

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Our last choice is Veet gel cream for normal and sensitive skin. This hair removal cream is ideal for men only, and it is the first choice for any man in the world.

It is also dermatologist-tested, works faster, and removes the hair from roots easily. It offers double smoother skin after removing hair than other methods.    

Veet Gel Cream
  • Size: Pack-3gist
  • Removal Time: 5-10 Minutes
  • Suite for Men
  • Ideal for sensitive & normal skin
  • The ideal for multi-area usage

What makes it good

Safe & comfortable

The spatula helps you apply the cream even in a curved area easily and removes the hair from any parts quickly. It is safe to use and feels comfortable protected from cutting or scratching the skin.


This gel-cream lets you use different types of skin whatever your skin is sensitive or normal. Just follow the instruction manual before use and apply fluently for better results. 

Pros :

  • Remove hair easily
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Pain and damage-free
  • Very reasonable
  • Contains natural ingredients


  • Some users claim that they feel redness after personal usage, but not for all

Why Suit it

This cream offers you always fantastic results. It stays for a long time than shaving with a razor. For comfortable use and get the soft and smooth skin, you can use this del cream easily that works so faster.  


Men can use this removal hair cream against the treated hair instead of the risk of cutting or nick. It is perfect for removing the hair from the chest, arms, underarms, shoulders, and legs.

How to use hair removal cream on Private parts

It’s not difficult if you know how to use hair removal cream on your private parts. Here has shown in short.

Apply removal cream

Apply the removal cream liberally to the treated parts. You can apply the cream using your hand to coat the hair in a thick layer completely. Bear in mind, don’t rub this cream.

Wait for 5-minutes

Leave it for at least 5 minutes or a maximum of 10-minutes. The pain-free cream eliminates the hair below the skin surface.

Remove the cream

Try to get rid of the unwanted hair even in a bikini or small area with a soft cloth. If your hair doesn’t come out simply, leave the cream for some minutes but not more than 10-minutes. 

Wash the skin & enjoy

Wash the private area with clean water and a dry pat. All complete! Enjoy the whole day with soft, smooth, silky, and hairless skin. 

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How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Cream For Private Parts

There are 7 facts to find out the best hair removal cream for private parts.

Type skin & hair

Line up hair and skin type to the brand of cream that you get. Most hair remover works well with different skin and hair types. Sometimes you will see that your skin doesn’t react well if you have sensitive skin. So, we suggest picking one which is made of natural ingredients for sensitive skin. 


Quality ingredients make your skin super smooth even after hair removal. Most significant ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera help more rather than harm the skin. They keep the skin healthy, silky, hydrated and nourished.

Men Vs. women

For most parts, the specific removal cream for sex doesn’t matter. Men and women can use the same removal cream. Some creams are light and floral scents designed for women. Some creams are targets only for men. So, pay attention to if your hair removal cream is constructed for males and females. 


Know the brand and use the cream confidently. Some brand has years of experience, study, and loyal following to back up their products. In this way, you can know the quality the brand maintains. The most popular brands are Veet, Nair, Nad’s pave the way in the cosmetic world, and they are also relied on.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is called natural and highly qualified ingredient. We want to call out aloe vera is the most vital ingredient for any sensitive skin. 

Aloe vera delivers the best protection against redness, irritation, bumpy, and damaged skin. It nourishes and hydrates the skin in the most sensitive treated areas. 

How faster the cream works

Most of the hair removal cream works very faster. Many of them take only a few minutes, approximately 5 to 10 minutes. It mainly depends on the ingredients based on your skin types, length, and texture of the hair with cream’s formula.


Price is a consideration. Some lower price cream works very well than more expensive brands. But most of the hair removal creams are affordable price. So, if you have a specific price to spend, you can pick any quality brand cream easily. There does no doubt about finding out effective and easy-to-use products quickly.   

Final Thought!

The best hair removal cream for private parts for males or females is that best friend. They are easily and effectively eliminate the hair without irritation, damage, or redness. Some of them work better than the razor to get rid of unwanted hair from your private area.

They leave nicks or bump rarely. Plus, they work quickly like just apply, wait, and rinse off. You can be out of the shower sufficient time to enjoy a new hair-free moment.

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